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Internet Tech Question

IshtaarIshtaar Fun is underrated.Registered User regular
edited September 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
OK, so we have cable internet at the house, and we've been having connectivity issues. Essentially, the modem is not staying connected and will either disconnect altogether, or have hiccups long enough to disconnect from Vent & WoW. (OK, YES, I'm annoyed because I'm being disconnected from my addiction... >.>) So I'm currently trying to figure out if the cable company I go through is giving me the run-around, or if I need to go shopping for some new hardware...

Now we've had two techs come out to the house to check into the issue, the first said that this signal was a bit weak but they were upgrading the hardware in the area so it should get better... Fair enough, it did. However, we've been plagued with issues again over the past week... So I called their tech support this past Monday night; I went through the standard disconnect everything, plug the modem directly into a PC (It goes through a router), disconnect power, etc to troubleshoot and the modem would just not stay connected. (The power and receive lights stay on, but not send & online - Motorola Surfboard, I'd assume they're all pretty similar though) The tech offered to have someone come out to the house again today to look into it, and they did - I wasn't home at the time and they ended up telling my roommate that the signal is fine and we need a new router?

I call the local office, and they tell me that the signal is fine (yes, it is - *most* of the time, too bad I'm paying for *all* the time) and that the problem must be the router because they only see that it's been disconnected twice in the past month. In actuality, I can count a half dozen times in the past 3 days where we've lost connection from anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. So down to my questions:

First - Is there any plausibility to the "router being the culprit" theory? I would assume if I can't get the modem "online" when it's plugged into nothing other than the cable wire and power, it's the not getting enough signal, yes/no? It is properly wired - aka it gets the first signal coming into the house and all TV's come off a separate splitter.
Second - Is the cable company not seeing service interruptions on their end because the modem isn't dropping the downstream (receive) connection? I thought that "Online" was when the IP was established, but I don't know what happens when the signal dips... I'm so confused.

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  • flatlinegraphicsflatlinegraphics Registered User
    edited September 2007
    does it happen during peak hours? cable is notorious for that. everyone on your cable line shares the bandwidth, and it is typically waaaay over sold.

    the drops may only be you getting dropped down to like a 14.4 connection, which would be enough to drop you out of games, but not enough that you are actually losing the connection. also, the cable techs are jumped up cable installers and lie thru their teeth.

    flatlinegraphics on
  • UncleChetUncleChet N00b Lancaster, PARegistered User regular
    edited September 2007
    One thing to check is the splitter if applicable. I was having trouble with my cable dropping after I installed a splitter to record TV on my PC. If there's a splitter which there likely is running to your cable box, it could be loosing signal enough to cause an outtage. There is a 3.5 something (can't remember if it's ohm or db or what) and a 7 something line on my splitter. The internet has to be hooked up to the 3.5 one or the signal drops.

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