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    ArdorArdor Registered User regular
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    I've always enjoyed playing as Mikhal because you can go get Hayate so quickly in the game. It takes a little bit to get some good generals to join you, but Gigg, Santana and Ardor are close by along with Uryll. They make great generals (I'm not a big fan of Gigg, but he has dragon troops).

    I always used Hayate as much as possible, if only because he's one of the strongest (STR) generals in the game and his assassin's star can often rob a magician of power for an entire fight.

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    cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
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    Junon was the first campaign I ever played, so I've gotten spoiled on relying on Harpies. They really are good against practically everything that isn't ranged.

    My ideal group is her, a Samurai user, a Dragon user, a Mage user, and maybe Monk or Cavalry. I'll try to keep her brigade changed up, but I can't help but have a ruler around for the ride.

    Oh, and I won't be leaving Junon behind. She goes where the action is. More story segments that way.

    Leaving the ruler behind and letting the generals do all the work just seems dull to me.

    Ardor's in Reinhart's faction, isn't he? I didn't see him with Highland, offhand.

    I'll likely take Tradnor on afterwards.

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    ArdorArdor Registered User regular
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    cj iwakura wrote: »
    Junon was the first campaign I ever played, so I've gotten spoiled on relying on Harpies. They really are good against practically everything that isn't ranged.

    My ideal group is her, a Samurai user, a Dragon user, a Mage user, and maybe Monk or Cavalry. I'll try to keep her brigade changed up, but I can't help but have a ruler around for the ride.

    Oh, and I won't be leaving Junon behind. She goes where the action is. More story segments that way.

    Leaving the ruler behind and letting the generals do all the work just seems dull to me.

    Ardor's in Reinhart's faction, isn't he? I didn't see him with Highland, offhand.

    I'll likely take Tradnor on afterwards.

    Reinhart starts with some great generals. Uryll has dragons, ensnare and revive. Gigg has dragon troops as a dragon general, Santana has a boat load of MP usually with zombies, can also revive and Ardor has a bunch of MP as a magic knight with calvary, making him decently useful as well.

    Junon is powerful, no doubt. The one thing I didn't like about Junon is that some of the better generals will never join your side. I think Gigg and Uryll may be two that will never join Junon. Potentially Santana as well. I can't remember if Hayate will join anyone provided you have Mikhal on your side yet.

    I think with Mikhal, I could never get Gunner to join me, but I didn't think he was very good in the first place. I don't recall having issues recruiting anyone else.

    I think the one thing I thought cool about either Goldark or Reinhart is that one of them could get the guy with the Eclisis sword to join (I forget his name now).

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    cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
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    Ardor wrote: »
    I think the one thing I thought cool about either Goldark or Reinhart is that one of them could get the guy with the Eclisis sword to join (I forget his name now).

    Zanon. He has a different outcome with almost everyone.
    Sometimes he kills Yuri, sometimes he doesn't, sometimes everyone dies, sometimes only he does, and sometimes all four join up. I think it was with Reinhart or Goldark that that happens. Maybe Mikhal.

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    cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
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    Part 7.1: The Quickening
    Highland is on the ropes, but we still have some loose ends to tie up before we can bring the war to Wein's doorstep.

    First, domestic issues.

    As always, this week is kicked off with the generals doing their searching rounds of the castles under Tristan's rule.



    In addition to the pictured Wicked Claw, we also picked up an Astea's Ring.

    We'll put them to use soon enough.

    Our current standings:



    And our visitors are still on the way.

    Rather than have them damage our castle, let's send them a welcoming committee.



    Got to keep the underlings busy somehow.


    Not quite a decimating force, but they should get the job done.

    Laine's magic paired with her mage brigade is more than enough for a measly ten samurai.


    Never hurts to give the weaker soldier class a little back-up.


    Unfortunately, before our mages can finish the job, Raitt makes a run for it.

    On to the second ninja...

    We'll be using Nyvkall against him.


    And his Guile skills, particularly.


    Odds also aren't in Slythis' favor.


    Should be a close match.



    Just close enough.

    Last, and definitely least, their leader.



    Sonic Wave works wonders, after all(same attack strength as Sonic Boom, with three times the range).




    One captured, two got away.

    Let's use our contingency plan.



    From bad to worse for the enemy.



    With that, those neutrals are out of our way.

    Now, on to more pressing matters: decimating Highland.


    This will be our assault brigade: a little of every class imaginable.


    And their destination: the strongest castle in Highland.


    While Junon's on her way, we do a little troop reassignment, to keep the outlying castles well guarded.


    120 Cavalry strong. It'll be a tough fight, but it can be won.


    It looks like we have an obstacle.


    Junon: I am the ruler of Tristan, Junon.

    Dragon: You are the heir to the noble line of Tristan, eh?

    Nuriko: Junon, exercise caution against this one. Dragonmen wield extraordinary power.
    Even fiends of the wild live in fear of them. Do not let your guard down.

    Dragon: That's right, Junon, I AM dangerous. In fact, I have eaten humans for sport alone. Perhaps now is the time to pay for my sins. The time to battle comes to me yet again.

    Guess he's not much of a diplomat.


    Not very well protected, either(this is good: Dragon troops can kill almost anything in their path).


    On the downside, we have to gamble it all: Junon has to fight Vangal herself.


    Vangal: I will demonstrate the power of dragon men!

    I think she's up to the task.


    With a little support, of course.


    Time to put this to the test.


    Junon: Draw your last breath!


    Meteor Storm is best suited to clearing the field of troops, but it does a healthy amount of damage to a general, also.


    The swarm of Harpies easily take care of the rest.

    Vangal: Aahg! Even with this many wounds,


    Junon: If so, I will put up my sword. If you are no longer a threat to my people, I see no reason to kill a fellow creature.

    Vangal: I don't want your sympathy! Kill me, now!

    Junon: I'm not showing you sympathy, dragonman. It is just that there is enough bloodshed in Legendra.

    Vangal: Is... is that the way you humans think? King of Tristan, we may meet again someday. Until we do, I will give your words thought... I hope I will discover what it means to live in Legendra.

    For now, the threat's been pacified, but this won't be the last we see of him, or the Dragonmen.

    The battle left Junon at less than full strength(and we afford have that), so she goes back to base for a little resupply.



    And Highland's sending us a welcoming committee.


    We'll give them a warm greeting soon enough.

    While they're making their way to us, we'll send a general over to inspect that broken castle off to the west.


    May as well put the spare time to use.

    Before we can see the results, Domestic Affairs...

    For victory in battle, Ayrios, Laine, Gilette, Rog, and Junon are each given an extra ten soldiers at their command.


    Their leader and one of his Samurai joins; the others still refuse.


    The searching goes much better: Atakin, a soldier general, and Rufas, a beast general, are both recruited from the castle hunting process.

    Also, Laine finds a Bravery Coin, and Cinna happens upon a Beast Claw.

    We find Fern in another castle, but she refuses to join.

    For once, three Fortify attempts(to increase the castle's size and troop capacity) were made; all failed.

    Guess we should stick to searching.


    Some of the items are put to good use.

    The Bravery Coin goes to Junon (strength up), Astea's Ring to Teiris(Command increase), and our new beast general gets the Beast Claw, since he's the only one we have that can use it.

    Once the affairs are resolved, it's back to the undiscovered castle...


    Nuriko: If we repair it, we can use it immediately. Let's give it a try.


    With that, Magicka Castle is ours.

    As for the Highland brigade(if they can be called that)...



    They're a little outclassed.


    This should make good practice for Teiris.


    For what she lacks in troop strength...


    She makes up with in magical decimation.

    Unfortunately, it scares Neil away(with good reason).


    Gustav can deal with the rest.


    I think he's got the wrong target in mind for that kind of duel.


    The odds are even enough, but since Gustav has a new skill for us to try out...



    Good news: Priests have almost no stamina for enduring physical attacks.


    Bad news: they can revive lost soldiers to balance that out.


    Fortunately for us, she knows when she's beat.


    That doesn't mean she's getting away.


    No contest.


    The Skull Children are sneaking up again, on a castle that is not at all prepared for a fight with them(one general).


    This will be the last time.


    When they march on us again, there'll be a large enough force waiting to tear them up.
    And they will keep coming; the Skull Children never stay in a castle. They're always on the move.


    Once we send this group to Magicka, every castle bordering our territory is ready for an attack of any kind.

    And after that, we move to decimate Highland.

    To be continued

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    Steel AngelSteel Angel Registered User regular
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    So to this day, I still don't know exactly what the stats a general has actually do. It's not in the manual and what few FAQs there are of the game gloss over it. Any insight here?

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    Big Dookie wrote: »
    I found that tilting it doesn't work very well, and once I started jerking it, I got much better results.

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    SixfortyfiveSixfortyfive Registered User regular
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    So to this day, I still don't know exactly what the stats a general has actually do. It's not in the manual and what few FAQs there are of the game gloss over it. Any insight here?
    STR (strength) - dictates how much he or she can withstand from enemy hits and performance in duels
    INT (intellegence) - dictates the power of that general's magic spells (>70 also allows that general to search/fortify)
    CMD (command) - dictates the effectiveness of that general's subordinate troops

    There are also invisible stats that can only be seen via debug mode, like Defense and Loyalty.

    If a stat is blue or yellow, then that means that the item that general is holding is boosting that stat.

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    poasting something foolishly foolish.
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    cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
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    Part 8: Highland & The Devil's Luck

    We have the Skull Children fast approaching our Palemoon turf, and a little to the south, Junon and co. are finally prepared to assault Highland.


    Same death brigade, same destination.


    While we're waiting, let's send an expedition to meet that bored-looking neutral.


    A small group should do the trick.


    Meet Bastion.


    Bastion:I think I'll go over and see if I can sign up.

    This division ain't happening, that's for sure.

    C'ya, suckers!

    I assure you, you'll grow to hate him.

    He joins up easily enough, all the same.


    For now.


    Our guests have arrived. Let's not be rude.


    Neither of them are a particular challenge, but let's be cautious.



    Paine: Special Formation! Pillage and burn!

    They have a small force, so we'll move in fast.


    But not without a little support fire.


    That brings down his morale.


    Paine's squad tries to sneak up on Ayrios using Raid...


    Doesn't mean a thing without a commander.


    Unfortunately, death is only a minor setback for these guys.

    I had planned on using Rufas and his 10 beasts to soften up Agonni, but...


    He seems to disagree with our strategy.

    If a general thinks the odds are stacked against him, he'll voice his dissent.

    We could, of course, send him off to die regardless, but Junon is compassionate.

    For the most part.


    Since we let Rufas back down, this removes him from battle, same as a retreat.


    So we'll put Piper on the field instead.


    Agonni: Special Formation. For Madruk's Glory!

    I guess we know whose side they're on.


    His army'll be long gone before they can even scratch ours.



    Just to be sure.


    They're not quite enough to completely take down Agonni, so...


    Piper can finish him personally.


    Agonni: How... can this be? I was... immortal...

    Regrettably, he still is.


    I think an angel icon is less than accurate in this case, but whatever; they're gone for now.

    Back to Highland...


    They waited for us.


    Monks can wipe out a good amount of their Cavalry, so we'll have our Topazian start us off.



    They're coming to us, which couldn't be better.


    Lone tries to take our defenses down a notch...


    But it won't help.


    Not nearly enough, at least.


    Wisely, he high tails it.


    We'll use Cavalry VS. Cavalry this time.



    Another offensive formation...


    We'll try the same.


    A good start. Let's have Gustav follow up.


    It won't hurt their front line, but it'll give their commander a serious headache.


    I think we can move in for the kill now.


    Of course, I might have overreacted...


    Turns out Gustav has the durability of a toddler.


    Diablo holds up much better.


    I'm not risking the loss of a fifth of our force, so we're backing down from this one. The result of bad strategy on my part.


    Fortunately, Gustav's unharmed, for the most part.

    Dayn can polish off the rest.


    A little insurance.


    And he's done.


    For good.


    No more risks; we'll decimate the third wave.



    They're marching to their deaths.


    All the same, we'll stay on the defensive this time, and wipe them out to the last man before advancing.



    Just a little closer...


    And their front line is totaled.


    Their leader won't be doing too well after this, either.


    Now we can finish it.


    A second dose.


    Maybe too much?


    I guess so.


    Leader VS leader, mano a... well, you know.


    This is bound to be another slaughter of Highlanders, but let's give Junon's formation some flavor(and a boost in attack strength).


    All the same, we'll wait for them.


    In the meanwhile, Junon brings the rain.


    And how.


    The birdies can handle the rest.


    Smart move.

    Even though both of the survivors got away, Scar gets a new ability to his disposal from a level up; Cross Flash.

    First, we'll hunt down the escapees...


    Then put the new skill to use.

    Lone: Even if I am alone, I shall secure the victory!


    Target practice on the loner.



    That's one down; and unlike his dead companions, he just gets captured. Maybe he had some luck left, after all.


    Got to put her to use eventually.


    Not that it's much of a test.


    Ogredd tries to run, but he gets captured anyway. Kind of hard to escape a brigade of elves.


    And now, Wein is ours for the taking.


    Once we recoup our losses, of course.



    Muriko: Majesty, something approaches from the skies.

    Yet another interruption happens.


    Junon: I have noticed. It is the Dragonman!

    Should've known this was dragon country.


    Dragonman: Hrmph. It is only you pitiful humans. Perhaps I shall make a snack of you before I kill Vangal.


    Can't we just say we've never met him?


    Guess not.


    Ouch. Not good odds.

    A full squad of Dragons could easily take out our entire group, if luck goes badly.

    Let's just make sure we pick the right leader, and...



    Why her?


    Junon: Your vigilance is commendable. Do your best.

    Teiris: Well then, I'm going.

    ...fine, her funeral.


    No really. She's dead.


    Teiris: Defense Formation! Try not to get hurt!

    Those guys...


    Against these guys.

    Tough call.


    The archers get wiped out in seconds, tops.


    I can't believe that you could be so stupid.

    Maybe she'll learn her lesson in the afterlife.


    Or the hospital. She lucked out.
    (It's very rare for a general to actually die in battle, especially one of the Dragon Force.)


    Let's send a professional this time.


    The Monks make a dent in the Dragon brigade, but not enough.

    Worse, Dayn's special attacks do almost no damage to their leader. He's extra resilient.

    Still, he manages to take out the rest of the force, and bring it to a duel.


    Dayn does a lot of damage, but not quite enough.


    Let's hope it's at least enough for Junon to finish the job.


    It takes a while, but numbers win out...


    And the demon dragon goes down.

    Dragonman: You're doing so well. I won't eat you until after I kill Vangal!


    Zado: Do not forget that name.

    Muriko: Lord Junon, I believe that this dragonman... is the same one who was in that cave.

    Junon: Well, he seems to have been followed, then. Send soldiers to search the cave again.

    Zado doesn't appear to be giving up, so rather than fight that beast again...


    He can keep the castle, for now.

    A week's time should be enough to plan its recapture.

    Well, even if it wasn't ours to begin with.

    And, at the close of the week...


    Muriko: He's just standing at the gate, asking to see the king.

    Junon: Vangal? I bet it's the one I met in the cave. Yes... Alright. I'll see him. Bring him in.

    Muriko: But Majesty... you want him to come in here? What if he... does something?

    Junon: Don't worry, Muriko. This one knows politeness. If he wanted to hurt me, he would attack me while I sleep. So, send him in.

    Muriko: Yes, Majesty.

    Junon: Oh, and Muriko...

    Muriko: Yes, Majesty?

    Junon: Make sure he wipes his feet.

    Muriko: .....

    Junon: Ah, you are Vangal, right?


    Junon: ...who were thought to be only myth, are living in this land.

    Vangal: We dragonmen are not able to come into your world easily. Goddess Astea's protection still protects you somewhat. The dragonmen live in the dimension made inside the Ruinledge Mountains by goddess Astea's design. We manage the demolition of the stars along with the gods. When it is time, they smash the star to pieces, and we turn them back into dust. We are the ultimate life form.

    At least, that is what the dragonman tells himself.

    Junon: The ultimate lifeform, designed only to destroy life?

    Vangal: You see, there is my problem. Other life knows how to create while dragonmen know only destruction and killing. I began to think, as living things, we are incomplete. My doubt grew more and more. Finally, I found a rift in the seal, and escaped that place.

    Junon: Hmm. Is that why one of your kind named Zado is after you?

    Vangal: Zado is probably the strongest and most evil amongst us all.


    Vangal: No, no. He is too dangerous for humans. Be safe, be safe.

    Junon: You insist on battling Zado alone, risking your life... so others will not get hurt. That is noble. That is human. If I deserted you, I wouldn't be worthy to be a knight.

    Vangal: Ah... thank you. Vangal will return this good to you someday, brave king.

    With our new ally in tow, it's back to domestic affairs...


    For double duty, Ayrios is given one, Dayn two(really, he earned it), Piper one, and Vangal... well, considering he only has ten dragons to start with...


    It'd be silly not to hook him up a little, so we bring his Dragon leading capacity to thirty.


    Lone and Ogredd both join up.

    The rest, no dice. Nina, one of Wein's commanders, especially won't change her tune.


    Even though she was an idiot, she was a brave idiot(and we'll be needing her), so we use Astea's Herb to bring Teiris back to full health.

    We do some fortification on the side, bringing Magicka up three levels, Gasparl up two, and Claystal...

    Laine: A big 1. Yay.

    As for the searching...


    That will come in extra handy.


    Last, and not least, this guy joins up.

    When affairs conclude, we'll be kicking Zado out of our turf, and Wein out of his.

    Next time: The Fall of Highland (I mean it!)

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    <3 this LP

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    cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
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    Part 9: Ebony And Ivory


    Our new general is armed and ready to take out a certain demonic dragon, and so are we.


    We just need to do some refueling, per se, and we'll be on our way.

    Let's see what's happening in world news while we wait.


    Tradnor is practically in control of ground zero, since we've got Topaz down to a skeleton crew.

    Fandaria is trying to move against them, but they haven't had much luck so far.


    To the southwest, Izumo is running Bozack into the ground.

    Still, even down to only two castles, Gongos still has a force to be reckoned with.


    But that's Mikhal's problem. We have our own conquests to undertake.


    Since she isn't much good for anything else...


    Teiris can be our housesitter.


    First, we'll chase out the infestation. We brought anti-dragon repellent this time.


    Looks like we're not the only ones who want a piece of Zado's hide.


    Or maybe the Highlanders just want a shot at us.

    Either way, we'll humor them soon enough.


    He goes down first.


    Zado: Your affiliation with the Dragon Force betrays you.
    I cannot allow you to live! Uhh-uhh!

    Junon: What?!

    Zado: These are the orders I was given -


    Zado: Do you honestly believe I would tell YOU? HA!
    That knowledge would be wasted on your ears.
    I'll soon be devouring your delicious flesh.

    He's welcome to try, considering he couldn't pull that off even when we didn't have a dragon posse at our disposal.

    Vangal: Zado! You must repent for your crimes!
    Think about what life means to you, and to everyone else!

    Zado: Hrmph, enough of the silly double speak, old one!
    You shall be the first flesh I taste today. <smack>


    Safe to say weight loss isn't a new year's resolution for this guy.


    Vangal's required to fight Zado, so let's put him to the test.


    Vangal: Well now, I didn't expect this.
    You followed me.

    Zado: I've been looking for you, old man. You're a betrayer who escaped from the netherworld. Your legend ends here. From now on, Zado will be the strongest dragonman!

    Vangal: Idiot! Being the strongest is not going to bring you honor. Killing each other will only escalate the damage done.

    Zado: It's because of the killing that I like this. People who I didn't like have all been slain. Even those related to them I killed and ate their flesh. Vangal, your meat will be my next meal!

    Vangal: My old life is no longer dear to me, but... You'll also die, Zado.
    We are alike, you and I. We both must make up for our crimes.

    Zado: Hrmph! Keep your nonsense to yourself.




    Doing anything less than staying on the defensive against 100v30 odds would be suicide.


    We'll wait for them.


    We get some solid early shots in.


    And with Vangal's help, our army wins out.


    Zado and Vangal exchange a little crossfire while our troops head over to feed him some claw.


    Unfortunately, we don't get time to put Vangal's bonus MP to use whittling down Zado's MP further, so the result is a little closer than I'd like.


    And luck, it turns out, was on the demon's side.


    Thankfully, Zado still doesn't get his snack.


    So we'll finish what Vangal started.


    I bet he won't have such an easy time with our Harpies this time.


    It's him we're after, so we won't waste time.


    In fact, Scar helps speed along the process.


    Before long, the only ones doing the feasting are on our side.


    You're right; Vangal should've done it. I'm not picky about the means.

    Zado: Why... why was I bested?
    I'm the best dragonman alive! Why... How...uhhng!


    And even though he's halfway across the continent...

    Ortega: Holy pitbulls! He was a tough opponent!

    I guess he was watching via satellite.


    Vangal's hospitalization has left our reclaimed castle a little short-handed, so let's bring over some backup.


    She can be useful after all. (For cannon fodder)


    And a solid death squad.


    They don't make it in time for Highland's attack, but that's okay; we've got this covered.


    The odds seem even, but their soldiers are both outnumbered and, especially, outclassed.


    Don't bring a Priestess to a fist fight.


    Dayn is hurting, but even with low HP, that still puts him at more than a match for a priestess(a general class with little to no resilience).


    Sounds good to me.


    Let's not waste time.


    We'd have no problem breaking their line, except...


    She goes on the defensive, painfully.


    We decimate her backup, but she takes out a good amount of Dayn's force in the process.


    Still, the outcome was assured.


    One more for the collection.


    Next, some Cavalry to liquidate Rock's Soldier posse.


    They want to rush us...


    So we'll rush them.


    They can try to hold the line all they want.


    They're still done for.


    Gustav contributes, but...


    Pesky thieves.


    Scar's back to the field to deal with the Hyrulia-...I mean Highlander.


    An interesting strategy, but he'll need that formation against what we're sending.


    We can afford to rush them since we have the superior troop class, but with anything equal or less to the class of the defenders, attacking a Protect formation head on is suicide.


    Just to be sure, let's shake them up a little.


    Probably did a number on his confidence, too.




    Too little, too late.


    And for the Highland Commander(Galam being one of Wein's Four), we'll finish him off in style.


    If he's got a unique sprite, you know he'll get all the unique lines.


    Galam opts for Raid, mostly defensive, so we'll send our Harpies to tear him and his bodyguards apart.


    Not without contributing a little firepower.


    No sunblock in the world'll guard from that.


    And thanks to the head start, our Harpies take the lead.


    Galam sends over a neat trick of his own against Junon, as well as his Raid squadron.


    Both are dealt with.


    And then, he is. A knightly retreat.


    Two out of four's not nearly enough, so let's go finish the matched set.


    They helped start it, so they can finish it easily enough.


    Gustav barely broke a sweat finishing off Rock, so it's down to the Tristan and Highland commanders to settle things.

    Galam's lucky he even has a formation.


    Gustav barely needs his to finish the job.


    So much for the welcoming committee.


    Wein's all by his lonesome, so once we're built up again, we strike.


    Unfortunately, word seems to be out, so all the spare Highlanders(and their fearsome armies of 10 soldiers each) are coming to his aid.


    Doesn't seem like we'll get to stop them in time, either.

    Still, the extra troops will come in handy, especially the ones awarded to Junon.


    The people love dark knights.


    This brings Junon to a fearsome command of 70 Harpies.


    As we can see, Dayn already has a ridiculous command of Monks at his command, and we can't have him outclassing Junon, so in a shocking abuse of authority, we revoke his award and give it to Gilrain(one of our new mage generals, who needs it far more). Gustav and Scar get their earned rewards, and Scar's extra goes to Rufas, bringing our new(yet still unused) Beast general's limit to 30.


    And with this item-based correction, let's never have to worry about commanding Archers ever again.

    On the recruitment field, no captives join, and Galam asks that we kill him instead of keeping him imprisoned. Denied.

    Searching yields a Jeweled Rod(+Attack) and an Arrow Crest.
    Also, a Priestess named Enya is found three separate times, and refuses to join for each of them.

    Stubborn new age artists.

    The Rod goes to Piper, just because, and that Arrow Crest won't ever be touched by our group if I can help it.

    On the bright side, Magicka is brought up six levels, bringing the new fort to a solid appearance.

    So, back to the field...


    The generic messenger! Must be good news.

    Messenger: In Magicka Castle, there are reports of a ghost. The troops hear a female sobbing...

    She must not like our repair work.

    Junon: A female ghost? Certainly you jest! It must be their imagination.

    Messenger: But Majesty, I have heard the ghostly sounds myself!

    Junon: You are a pitiful excuse for a man. I shall train you to block out imaginary sounds.

    Messenger: What? Oh, excuse me, Majesty. I have important matters to attend to...

    Back to the shadows with you, o NPC.


    Let's get rid of those pesky Archers one and for all. Teiris can only command 10 Dragons at first, but it's a start, and way better than 60 Archers.


    Paine and Agonni are back, from outer space...

    And thanks to their less-than-ideal trajectory, Leon's going to wipe them out for us.


    Unfortunately, it's a little crowded, so we send Rufas to the northwest and Magicka.


    And Wein's got himself a little posse now.

    Granted, the combined rosters of those four generals are less than one of ours, but can't blame him for trying.


    We'll make one key change in lieu of Vangal's absence, adding a certain maniacal sorceress that's bound to make someone out there ecstatic.

    She's a solid general, so it works in everyone's favor.

    Well, Teiris is probably annoyed, but who cares?

    Time for Highland to die.


    Nothing going on in town, so we slaughter the townspeople and move on.

    Not really, but it's enough to know that Junon could if she felt like it. Maybe next Tuesday.


    We're here on business.


    (Common misconception; regal blonde-haired monarchs are in abundant supply in the country.)

    Junon: Prepare to die, Wein, for your end is very near!

    Wein: Wait, Junon! I won't fight against you!


    Junon: An alliance? Don't make light of me, you weasel!
    I have already made that proposal to you once. And what did I get in return? A slap in the face! Tristan is well aware an alliance is what's needed to stop the empire of Fandaria's advance!

    Wein: What? Are you saying you sent messengers to Highland, to discuss an alliance? This is news to me, Junon.

    Junon: Don't play me for the fool, Wein! You know too well!
    Only days after messengers were sent to your kingdom, they were turned to me... as corpses!

    Wein: What!? Highland is unaware of this, I tell you!

    Junon: Don't make excuses to me, king of treachery! Tristan will not allow further deception on your part. I have the honor of my kingdom to uphold!

    Wein: I won't yield to you, Junon, no matter what you believe!

    Junon: Resign yourself to it, Wein. I challenge you to combat on the field of honor!


    Turns out it didn't matter who we brought, or who Wein had handy.


    Good thing he won't be ruler for long.


    We won't waste time waiting for them. The advantage is ours, so we're going right in.


    We've had a lack of dramatic mid-field clashes thus far, anyway.


    The moment of truth.


    Wein: As your evil tide rises, my righteous storm comes!

    That's cheating!


    It does some damage to the troops, but doesn't scratch Junon, and most of Wein's are gone by this point from the Harpy clash.


    Let's show him how magic is really supposed to be used.


    Some of Wein's guards make it through. Junon has it all under control.


    Wein, not so much.


    And now for the time-honored tradition: P.O.W. execution.



    The peace talks are short-lived, and ineffective.


    Wein: ...You bear the Crest, Junon! You know!

    Junon: I can't believe that the man who killed my messenger is one of the Warriors of the Star Dragon.

    Wein: No, Junon, you misunderstand. I killed no emissary from your country. Trust me.

    Junon: The fact remains: the couriers I sent to Highland in peace were murdered and sent back to me in a box.

    Wein: Then... someone outside is plotting to lead us into destroying each other!

    Junon: Someone set us up? But who? Have you any evidence?

    Wein: For now all I have is my pride as a knight. A knight would never stoop to such an act of guile.

    Junon: The pride of a knight. Very well, I'll believe you for the present.
    But it is not dispelled entirely. Not yet. If in the future, I find evidence that you cheat me...

    Wein: If that happens, I will give myself over to you... to be dealt with as you see fit. I swear by my sword.

    Junon: I will not forget your words. For a time, let us declare an armistice with Highland.

    Wein: I appreciate your wisdom, Junon.

    Despite the disappointing resolution (all out conquering > agreement), we get something out of the deal.


    Junon has learned her final skill, and the Knight ability to end them all. It unleashes a field of Sonic death.


    At least we got Highland's base out of the deal. (Even though it annoys their NPCs to no end.)


    In the meantime, sending a small group to fill a gap in castle maintenance(even though we'll just abandon it next time the Skull Children show up).


    Or we'll just let them die, no big loss.

    This week, on As The Domestic Affairs turn...


    Muriko: Now that the union with King Wein is complete, we will set free all Highland military personnel.


    The positives: Junon gains another 10 Harpies, Bastion discovers a Spirit Crest(to command Zombies(!)), and Cinna finds a Soldier Crest.


    The dungeons are so quiet nowadays. We'll have to go recruit more captives.

    And with Highland taken, our current progress:


    Back to the field, however briefly...


    For now, we'll give them back Highland Castle, mostly because they won't leave us alone otherwise.
    (With the truce in effect, their armies can't attack, but they can(and will) constantly pester us, even though nothing comes of it.)

    Highland isn't quite out of the picture, but they've been pacified.

    So, we must move on.


    Topaz is on the ropes, and we can easily take them out, or go neutralize Tradnor before they become any stronger.

    The choice is yours.

    Next time: Christmas At Ground Zero

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    Zen VulgarityZen Vulgarity What a lovely day for tea Secret British ThreadRegistered User regular
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    Zombie army!



    Zen Vulgarity on
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    cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
    edited January 2008
    Zombie army!



    Just who should I give the Spirit Crest to? O_o None of my main posse has a troop class I'd feel comfortable losing in favor of the living dead, though I'm open to suggestion.

    Also, I'd prefer to get this to the next page before another update. This one has way too much 56k slaughter crammed into it.

    What the heck, give me a few and I'll post a list of the generals at my disposal.

    cj iwakura on
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    Steel AngelSteel Angel Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    I'd give it to someone limited to mages, archers, or soldiers.

    Then I'd go take some of Tradnor so you can try to get another zombie general. Possibly a dragon general or two as well. <3 Santana and Uryll.

    Also, I notice you've brought Rock out of the prison. He was always a whiny jerk for me, but I never took much time to learn the intricacies of loyalty outside of awards and faith coins. That and I usually had plenty of ninja by the time I attacked Highland in my games.

    Steel Angel on
    Big Dookie wrote: »
    I found that tilting it doesn't work very well, and once I started jerking it, I got much better results.

    Steam Profile
    3DS: 3454-0268-5595 Battle.net: SteelAngel#1772
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    ArdorArdor Registered User regular
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    I always aimed at grabbing generals with decent MP and giving the other captives to other kingdoms so I could level them up. Uryll and Santana make good generals due to troops, resurrect and MP as Steel Angel pointed out.

    I usually found it too much work to keep a ton of generals and try to level them up a bit. They tend to fall behind the other factions quickly.

    Ardor on
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    Zen VulgarityZen Vulgarity What a lovely day for tea Secret British ThreadRegistered User regular
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    Yeah. I usually stuck to around 12 generals at any given point in time.

    But give the zombeh army to a strong magic user and therefore get rid of a crappy mage/archer army.

    Zen Vulgarity on
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    ArdorArdor Registered User regular
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    I never liked Archers, I could live with any other troop type.

    I always enjoyed getting generals with abilities like meteor storm or holy shield because of how much troop damage they can cause.

    Or using sonic blast when the enemy is using the breach formation. That's always good for a laugh.

    Ardor on
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    cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
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    I love Sonic Blast. Turns almost any army into dust.

    Especially awesome at Junon's disposal, though it technically makes Meteor Storm useless(which is a cool spell to look at, but not nearly as effective as Sonic Blast).

    I would've given the Spirit Crest to Teiris, but she's already down the path of Dragons.

    My front line as of now are:

    Highland Castle (Junon, Scar, Gustav, Dayn, Laine)

    Travan (Teiris, Ayrios, Rock, Piper, Rog)

    Magicka (Ayrios, Ogredd, Lone, Myria, Bastion, Slate, Gilette, Rufas)

    and Gasparl(next to Topaz): Cinna, Gulen, Milishea, Kidd, and Stegalt.

    Maybe I'll give Zombies to Piper. I'll probably keep her on the main line, and Laine's doing just fine with her Mage posse.

    I'm usually good with Mages; it's Archers I despise. I think they're only any good against Harpies, and like that's a problem in a Tristan campaign.
    Also, I notice you've brought Rock out of the prison. He was always a whiny jerk for me, but I never took much time to learn the intricacies of loyalty outside of awards and faith coins. That and I usually had plenty of ninja by the time I attacked Highland in my games.

    Most of the thieves(based on talking with them) are this close to leaving, so I probably won't have them around for long(especially you-know-who), but I'm something of a pack rat when it comes to recruiting.

    I'm going to regret it in the late game, like always.

    At this point, I'll probably go after Topaz, because letting them get any more castles would just add to the frustration of taking out Leon. Then Tradnor. (And looking at their current status, that could take a while.)

    cj iwakura on
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    SixfortyfiveSixfortyfive Registered User regular
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    No matter how grumpy your subordinates are, I don't think they'll ever leave you if they don't lose a battle. Bastion and plot-driven events are the exceptions, of course. The more they win and the more items that are bestowed upon them (awards and faith coins in particular), the higher their loyalty value rises.

    Rock is pretty much useless anyway, though.

    Meteor Storm is preferable over Sonic Blast if the officer uses shooters (Mages/Archers). The long magic sequence allows them to get off several more shots.

    I never use crests anymore. Takes away a lot of the already miniscule challenge for me. The only battle that consistently gives me trouble anymore is Harseld (PS2 version extra boss), and that's only for certain monarchs.

    Sixfortyfive on
    poasting something foolishly foolish.
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    cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
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    Funny, I just did a test run of a week or two(I wanted to see what's up with this 'Ghost' at Magicka; I don't recall the Messenger mentioning her in the past[nothing yet]), and Dayn up and left.

    And he's been doing nothing but winning.

    cj iwakura on
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    ImpersonatorImpersonator Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    This thread is amazing cj, I loved playing the hell out of dragon force on sega saturn, I remember that I'd usually go with Wein or Gongos, I loved them :D

    Impersonator on
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    Zen VulgarityZen Vulgarity What a lovely day for tea Secret British ThreadRegistered User regular
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    hey, next page.

    make with that poasting, CJ!

    Zen Vulgarity on
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    tgbobtgbob Registered User regular
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    Shit, a Dragon Force Let's Play. Time to dust off the Saturn and have another go at beating it with Bozack.
    Oh and just wondering, who gets kidnapped by Ryskim if you're Junon? Leon?

    tgbob on
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    cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
    edited January 2008
    I'd actually planned on updating tomorrow, but I could get a head start.

    From what I've seen, there's going to be quite a bit going on besides taking out the fanatics.
    tgbob wrote: »
    Shit, a Dragon Force Let's Play. Time to dust off the Saturn and have another go at beating it with Bozack.
    Oh and just wondering, who gets kidnapped by Ryskim if you're Junon? Leon?
    I forget, really. Maybe Teiris.

    And Bozack's campaign is awesome.

    cj iwakura on
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    cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
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    Part 10: Zombies For Everyone
    Before we head northwest to finish our war with Topaz(they started it, really), let's finish our sight-seeing of the Highland region first.


    That tower looks worth visiting.

    In the meantime, some other current affairs.

    What's Fandaria been up to all this time?


    Solidifying their forces, mostly. The one castle leading to their territory is eight generals strong(including Gaul and Scythe). We probably won't be messing with them any time soon.


    The treaty with Highland's blocked off our southwestern access, so our only means to Bozack and Izumo is through Tradnor at the moment.

    Junon's entourage arrives at the castle, and the host decides to greet us.


    Not a very colorful welcome.

    Creature: If you are truly courageous, come to me alone.


    Muriko: But recently, their activity has subsided.

    Messenger: Actually, I heard that the attacks decreased when a mysterious figure came to live in this tower.

    I knew we kept him around for a reason.

    For lack of anything better to do, let's oblige... whatever it is.


    First, we'll leave the rest of Junon's force off at the castle to the southeast.


    Then head right back.


    And no, Wein's forces still haven't give up.

    Some treaty.


    But didn't he...


    Junon: And if so, why did you not attack me immediately?


    Creature: I am Vlad, leader of the Immortal Tribe. The monster tribes have been causing trouble near here, so I have been eliminating them, one by one. I just finished the task.

    Junon: Vlad, if you fight for peace, please hear me. Our cause is one and the same... peace! Frest came to me, and...

    Vlad: Wait! Before I listen to your tale, I must test your skill to see if you are worthy.


    Vlad: Then perhaps I'll listen to your tale.

    Always has to be done the hard way with these people.


    Charming fellow.


    Nice scenery, at least. Rent must be expensive.


    Fortunately, Vlad has lots of tenants.


    Our forces are even, but Zombies pack a dangerous punch, so we'll play it safe.


    Maybe he knows he has the upper hand, so Vlad sends the whole legion at us.


    Bad odds. Only one way to deal with a swarm of undead.


    Mass extermination.


    Let's hope they do.


    It's a good start, but...


    I hate when they do that.


    I really hate when they do that.


    Our forces almost get pincer attacked by the zombie swarm, so a little redirection of forces gets them a better position for countering the rush.


    Rather than waste more time whittling down each other's forces, we each go for the jugular.



    Neither ruler backs down.


    All or nothing.


    Be my guest.


    One lucky shot on Vlad's part, and we'd have been looking at a different result screen.


    Vlad: You may do with me as you wish.

    Get the stake!


    Or not.


    A well-earned level increase.


    And we go back north to restock, and continue plans against Topaz.


    None of our main force is here, but we still have a solid collection of (ex-Highland) forces at our disposal.


    Let's get rid of the ones we don't need...


    Call it a vacation.


    And bring over the wrecking crew.


    Can't go to war with a half tank.


    The only castle standing between us and Topaz Central:


    Solid force. We won't use anything less to attack it.


    Once we get Junon's strength back, at least.


    Wein's assault squad don't know when to quit, and continue to get sent packing.


    Let's settle some business before making with the conquering.


    Our empire could use a vampire mascot...

    (That's what Gustav's here for.)

    Vlad: Why?

    Junon: Your eyes don't hold the hate for human beings as some do. But it is humans who try to kill all monsters, regardless. They only fear what is different from them.
    And so, I see in you the capacity for good. I ask, then, will you aid my quest for justice?


    Junon: Not all monsters are enemies of human kind. ...nor should all humans be enemies of monsters. Monsters and humans are both living and thinking creatures.
    And either who desire peace should be allowed it. If so, it doesn't matter if we're human or monster. And I would gladly welcome your company.

    Vlad: Monsters as friends? You have strange opinions for a human. I like that. Very well, I shall assist you. Together we may be able to find peace for this continent. But, I have one request.

    Junon: Request?

    Vlad: I am chasing an old enemy called Ryskim. If we meet Ryskim, then send me to fight. A very important item was stolen from me by him. I must retrieve it.

    Junon: I see. You have my word. If we meet him, you shall be allowed to fight.

    And die. Sorry, was that out loud?


    Right on time. He'll come in handy.


    Another smart captive gets tired of the daily torturing.

    I mean pampering.


    And by popular request, let's spread the Z-Virus.


    After this, we'll give Topaz a taste of the Umbrella Treatment.

    Next time: The Mad Lion Strikes

    cj iwakura on
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    cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
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    Part 11: Fandaria Rising
    Our current status:


    Vangal's out of the hospital and back on the field, but now, our present 'base' is a little crowded as a result.


    When the castle's at max, the extra generals have to wait outside, so to speak.

    Before adjusting the accomodations for our new guest, let's replenish the lost guard.


    Vlad's here now, and his zombie legion are still wiped out from getting creamed by Junon.


    All better.

    Now, to make our move against Topaz.


    A good mix of killers and beginners who need the experience.


    First them, then the capital.

    And now, Vangal's allowed in. Whether or not he wiped his feet, who knows.


    He's also been run dry, so...


    Now the castle's solid.


    And here comes the housewarming committee.


    Run away! Go back to Arcadia or something.


    That works too.


    First, we'll do some housewarming of our own.


    Good turnout.


    Ayrios can start us off.


    They're playing it Offensive...


    We go all out.


    But not without support fire.


    That should lessen the competition.


    And how.


    Copy cat.


    We're not fazed.


    He's not so lucky.


    His fears were well founded.


    Immortal: let's put his name to the test.


    Sneaky bunch.


    We'll respond more directly.


    Zombies win out over Soldiers, even if they will get the first hit for being on the defensive.


    Well, there goes our advantage...


    Let's regain the lead.



    Unfortunately, that spell does no damage to the general, but it does good damage to his army.


    The Raid party manages to get some solid hits on Vlad...


    But he endures.


    Ruix here doesn't even try. And we didn't even get to make use of Resurrect.


    Not the best odds in the world, but he's the only one of the five that Teiris has a chance of standing up to.

    She's got to earn her keep somehow. We can't show favoritism just because of that Dragon Crest thing.


    It's a safe bet they won't be on the march.


    Hopefully we'll get there in one piece.


    That tiny squad could use some backup.


    A little spring cleaning.


    The dragons do some solid damage, but even against puny archers, the enemy's odds win out.


    Mostly thanks to their leader.


    Guess it's up to her.


    She can still do it!


    Situation: bleak.


    She endures long enough to deal with the rest of the squad, but...


    Yeah, not happening.


    We'll finish him off without spilling elven blood.

    At least, not hers.


    Let's send a professional.


    That's more like it.


    That's why they call her queen.


    This one might be overkill, but after that last ugly battle, we could use the insurance.


    Some extra armor for fending off the magic users.


    Doesn't do much good against that kind of trickery, though.


    I doubt she'll be blocking this.


    Not even close.


    And her army's done for.


    One corpse, two chickens.


    Laine can have a challenge, this time.



    A nice war of attrition.


    The crossfire's a nice start, but we should kick it up a notch.


    Her army gets wiped out, but before long, she does in the rest of Laine's mages, too.


    I'm not seeing a good trend with these Topazians.


    But another piece of their turf's now ours.


    And a lot of level-ups along with it.



    Good to have.


    The escapees are making a bee-line towards Topaz Castle, to back up Leon.

    We can't have that.

    And I'd considered letting them go, too.


    This should do the trick.


    No one ever accused Spirit Users of being the brightest stars in the sky.


    This'll be over soon.


    Not a very pleasant backdrop, especially for us northern folk.


    This time, he'll finish her.


    I hope she was taking notes.


    This almost isn't worth the time.




    And Ayrios can finish off the rest.


    She puts up a fight, and probably gives some Harpies a very bad day...


    But between some Sonic intervention and a swarm of very ticked off birds, the end result's a given.


    All captured, so no more corpses, yet.


    Much better.


    Oh, they're coming straight for us? Bold.

    Rather than having the Skull Children lower Magicka's hard-earned castle levels, we'll send a group out to deal with them.


    Against a squad of, oh, 40 soldiers?


    I think they've got this.


    Without a scratch.


    Something extra for Vangal, too.


    Seems like Tradnor's getting nervous about our approach on their turf...

    They won't have to wait long: they're next.

    But before we can finish Topaz, it's that time again...


    For domestic affairs, not daytime TV.


    Junon: What is it?

    Muriko: They say that the Fandaria empire has overrun Highland!

    Well, that was nice of Goldark. They were getting on my nerves.


    First things first; beefing up the guard.

    We're probably going to need it.

    Plenty of awards to give, so the given upgrades for the week were:
    Vlad: + 10 Zombies
    Laine: + 10 Mages
    Vangal: + 10 Dragons
    Lone: + 10 Cavalry
    Ayrios: + 10 Harpies
    Gustav: + 10 Cavalry
    Teiris: + 10 Dragons (for effort)

    And last and not least:


    In addition, discoveries:
    -Bravery Coin, Spirit Crest, and Honor Crest.

    In captive news:
    Reykall, Phylla, and Slythis all join. Expect our newfound castle to become even more crowded.

    However, upon return to the world map, it becomes apparent that Highland's change of occupation offers a newfound problem.


    Goldark's come to visit.

    I think they'll be more generous with Highland's territory than Wein was, don't you?

    Next time: Wein The Fallen; Leon The Stubborn

    cj iwakura on
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    Zen VulgarityZen Vulgarity What a lovely day for tea Secret British ThreadRegistered User regular
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    Zen Vulgarity on
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    cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
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    This one is somewhat long, both to make up for the lapse, and because a lot has happened.

    Part 12: Disloyalty and Dishonor

    To be specific, it isn't Goldark himself that's come calling, just the generals under Wein's command, newly converted to his.


    Meaning they aren't much of a threat. (Wein's four commanders are nowhere to be found.)


    Considering the castle they've decided to attack, they're pretty much committing suicide.


    In the meanwhile, we'll do some recovery.


    But as Goldark's posse arrives...


    A dissenter voices his opinion.

    Bastion: I don't think sticking around here is good for my health.

    I'm outta here! So long!

    And just like that, Bastion has left us, and signed up with Goldark.

    I promised you'd come to hate him.

    We can deal with that slacker later.


    First, these guys.


    No real threats to be found, and we've got no shortage of options, so Rock's turn is up.


    They'll get a few early shots in, but not many.


    The quicker we shut down the mages, the better.



    Doesn't take us long to get there...


    ...or to stop their leader from attempting any priestly tricks.

    Of course, this scares her off.



    Sorry, no zombie army yet for Piper. Soon.


    The odds are reversed, in more ways than one.


    Except we've got a bit more firepower.


    They won't be reaching us like we did them.


    Okay, the similarities are there.


    Doesn't make the outcome any different.


    Time to move in for the kill.


    Just to give them a head start.


    And while the winds rage, the mages get plenty of free hits.


    That's one similarity I could've done without.


    These two seem to have some history...


    While not explicitly stated, Hilga was in Scar's band of thieves, before he joined up with Tristan(after Scythe badly depleted their ranks).


    She doesn't have much of a posse, either.


    Scar isn't so misfortunate.


    And Hilga was kind enough to send them in Breach. That's like asking for wholesale slaughter.


    Though her Thief Dagger does a bit of damage to the center line, they still won't get far.


    And now we'll finish it off.


    She's still got something of a guard, but not for long.


    However, as seems to be the case with thieves...


    They love to hit and run.

    They all got away, but the XP is still ours.


    Rise up, zombie mistress.


    Always nice to have a dragon handy.

    While we're quick to send a force after the escaped Fandarians... first, we run into Bastion again, who used to be with us, and now is with Goldark.


    ...and now, he's with us again.

    Bastion: think I'll go over and see if I can sign up! This division ain't happening, that's for sure.
    C'ya, suckers!

    Well, I guess that's one way to market an effective campaign.


    We put him out of harm's way, but the bad news is, he slowed us down just long enough to give them a free getaway.

    Was that deliberate? Who knows.

    Unfortunately, the trio's easily going to make it back to Highland Castle, with a full resupply of troops waiting for them, so these three won't be enough.


    We're running behind, but we'll still go after them. Just with a nuke instead of a grenade.


    There's not much of a force there to back them up, but I like the enemy to stay disadvantaged.


    That's more like it.


    They see us coming! I think.

    For whatever the reason, Hilga's group suddenly high-tailed it over to Highland, which means it'll take us a little while to catch up.


    So, let's deal with some other business during the wait.


    A bit of resupply here...


    The assembly of a Topaz-crushing task force there.


    Leon's been patient. We should go say hi.


    Their commander packs a large force, but his remaining generals are more like a skeleton crew.

    It won't be long before Junon's entourage arrives at Topaz, but Scar's reaches their goal first.


    And now, with our devout followers at hand, we can finally...



    That's it, they can keep him.


    If only it weren't.


    We haven't put Rufas to much use yet, so he can start us off.

    Maybe he'll have better luck.


    Claws do leave a sting.


    Beasts are kind of at a disadvantage, class-wise, but we can get around that with some choice tactics.


    That means his abilities won't help much at first.


    But he's quick on the rebound.


    Blinding ferocity.


    And a very annoying trend continues.


    They meet again...

    ...with the same result as last time.


    And worse, we haven't captured any of them yet. All clean getaways.


    She'll change the tide, right?




    But Piper's got some fire to unleash.


    This won't end well. (For them)


    Either this was a weak version, or she's just using dragon fire-proof robes.


    Then again, she is a defensive sort.

    Enya: I will not be tricked into laying down my life...

    And before even she can get finished off, she runs off with her crew.

    I'm not liking Fandaria very much so far, if this is any indication.


    Scar's followed the example of Junon, which is good.


    And they will not get away this time.


    They're all out of soldiers, and down to half life, at best. They're all we need.


    More specifically, that's all we need.

    Scar: Quake with fear!

    With fire power like that, and a few choice contributions by Piper...


    The stalemate ends.


    Bastion 'of Fandaria' runs off to go keep some empty castle. Let him. We'll kill him later.

    Or better yet, recruit him, and banish him to Palemoon. Somewhere underground.

    Either way, he's out of our hair for now.


    It's time for the real war.

    Leon: I will bring Goldark to his knees with no outside help!

    Not very open to communication, this guy.


    Unlike some factions, we're not going anywhere.


    As you can see, odds aren't in Leon's favor at all.

    I'll spare you most of the details. We wipe out most of his faction without breaking a sweat.

    But for sake of an interlude, here's some of the slaughter that transpires:


    Gator can be our example.

    His force isn't completely pathetic, but a poor choice of troop movement seals his fate.


    Dinner time.


    Awm nom nom nom.


    We won't just finish off his army though; this defeat's going to be an utter one.


    Complete with a roast.

    Gator: ...mama... is... that you...???

    And diced-up monk, my favorite.


    Then, there were two.


    He's stubborn to a fault, but he's got guts to take on a dark knight bare-handed.


    Leon's probably used to getting said results.


    Not this time.


    Let's part the red sea.


    After an attack like that...


    Only a handful are left.


    That would be a respectable effort...


    If our soldiers didn't have wings.


    The lord of the monks is surrounded in no time at all.

    To his credit, he puts up a good fight. Leon's a tough brawler.


    He even throws out a shot or two.


    It's no help against these odds.


    Was that too much? I never know.


    And Topaz is ours.


    Upgrades for everyone!

    Well, mostly Junon.

    Before we can receive an update on our victory, we'll go check up on our Highland force.


    They'll be rewarded later, but for now, they could badly use the replenishment.


    We'll also send out a small squad to take the empty castle off to the west(north of Bastion's; we don't want it yet).


    Couldn't hurt to give them some company.


    Maybe some backup, if we can persuade them well enough.


    It'll give us a good starting point for taking on the southwest later, or as a point of defense if they move against us first.

    After claiming our new turf(Goldark only has one general to each of the last Highland castles, so we can capture them at our leisure), the week comes to an end.


    Garyus: I mean, going about this the way a thief would?

    (Who let them out?)


    Leon: With this war, it's not easy for two kings to meet openly. I thought the situation called for a little innovation... Like forcing a meeting in the enemy's bedroom!


    Garyus: There's nothing like a surprise attack at dawn. It looks like the king is in his chamber. Shh... quietly...


    Garyus: I have no choice... Give me a minute... This is something I learned a long time ago...
    Alright, it's open, Leon.

    Leon: Here we go, get ready...


    Leon: What th...? Oops, a lady!

    Junon: Attacking at first light, huh? You dirty bastards! Come on!!

    Leon: Now, now, wait just a minute... you don't---

    Junon: It's too late for words!!


    Junon: The Crest of the Star Dragon is flashing!

    Leon: Crest of the Star Dragon?

    Muriko: King Junon? Your majesty? What is it?

    Junon: No, it is nothing important. By the way, it seems more Soldiers have been spotted. We are getting closer to a complete Dragon Force. The Crest is living proof that you are a Warrior who has been chosen to do battle against the evil god Madruk.

    Leon: Isn't Madruk the evil God who battled against Harsgalt and the goddess Astea in mythical times? I have heard of him in old legends known to Topaz elders.


    Junon: ...as the Eight Warriors of the Dragon Force.

    Leon: Even Harsgalt, the Star Dragon himself, AND Astea could only manage to knock Madruk out for a time. Granted, they knocked him out for 300 years, but still...
    You expect me to tackle this devil of destruction? ...hmm....

    It's a lot more challenging than Goldark, isn't it?


    Some hours later...

    Can't a dark knight get her beauty sleep?

    Junon: Wein? I'll admit it's sudden, but you needn't be surprised.

    Messenger: You do not understand. He is badly wounded. His guards are also hurt. Some are critical.

    Muriko: They need treatment right away then. Take them to the chapel, not here.
    And gather every priest in the castle. We'll be there shortly.

    Junon: .....

    Muriko: Lord Wein is asleep now. He will recover with the proper treatment over time.

    Junon: We have no choice but to care for him here. Rudger, Galam... what has happened? Let me hear it.


    Galam: Believe it or not, he was all by himself.

    Nina: He announced that he would give his empire to us...


    Junon: First of all, there's no match between Wein and Goldark when it comes to sword technique, am I right? Goldark's merit is his ability to gather talented generals and make the best use of their combatative potential.
    But single combat? Come now! He does not know himself!

    Rudger: We tried to stop him, but...

    Link: Wein's older brother said, 'If I win now, it is an early end to war. Even if I lose, Highland has lost nothing. Everyone else will be fine. So, the risk is more than acceptable.'

    Nina: The dueling was done in all fairness... Unfortunately, we lost, then...

    Galam: Without warning, Gaul and Scythe struck. Indeed, our sovereign was seized and held hostage... so we were ambushed and could only defend ourselves.
    It was the nightmare of all nightmares!

    Link: Thanks to a valiant effort on the part of Nolun, we were able to effect a rescue of King Wein, at least.

    Junon: And where is Nolun?


    Wein: ...No... it was not Goldark's plan..... That was Gaul and Scythe acting alone...

    Rudger: Lord Wein is awake! Hey!

    Junon: How pitiful! Wein... huh. The people around you are suffering... because you are just a spoiled brat!

    Muriko: Junon, really, you are being quite harsh.

    Wein: No, it's all right, Muriko. It is true.


    Junon: I'll do my best to assist you, if that's...

    Wein: If you want to take your revenge on Goldark... I was thinking you might borrow some of my men.
    I want you to allow Rudger and the others to join your army.

    Junon: What? What are you doing, Wein? Is this some sort of strategy?

    Wein: I think.. I have lost my... my ability to lead.... If only I had listened to the others... I let them all down. I am not the type of person who can guide...

    Junon: Stop acting like a child, Wein! I am not your mother! So what if you lose once or twice! The important thing is to win in the end. Stick to it!

    Wein: But I have let so many soldiers and officers die! Highland's history of great leaders has ended in my generation!

    Junon: You fool! I can't believe I lost against such a coward! Think about it, Wein! If you give up now, what is going to happen with Madruk? How about the people of Legendra? There's going to be much more blood spilled there!
    And what about Rudger and the others who've followed you... they put their faith and trust in you! What will become of them?

    Rudger: I only have one king, your highness.

    Galam: I have no intention of giving my oath of loyalty to another.

    Nina: We will fight harder than ever before. Please be strong.

    Wein: Thank you everyone. I was wrong. Even a king has his measure of doubt. We must fight for Legendra! Follow me to victory!!

    Link: Alright! That's our Wein!


    Junon: But if it happens again, I'll beat it out of you! I've had enough baby-sitting for one day.

    You can say that again.


    We've got a force to be reckoned with; enough to take Fandaria and practically all of Legendra by storm.

    We'll get to know our new recruits soon enough.

    Also, there's quite a few honors to bestow:
    Honor Roll:

    But all in good time.


    With half the continent under Junon's fist, no one's going to be rushing us.

    Next time: The Boy Wizard

    Also, I'll be updating some of Part 1 within a day or so, with a more thorough retelling of the dialogue.

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    Steel AngelSteel Angel Registered User regular
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    Started up a game of this myself last week for my strategy fix while my main computer is awaiting parts. Glad i still have my old RAM cart, the Saturn internal battery has died again. I have a spare in the basement, but that's a mess due to needing to evacuate stuff from a room during a leak.

    I'm playing through as Junon so that I can finally actually finish a campaign of hers. I have a ridiculous number of officers fielding zombies and harpies due to finding various crests. Getting ahold of a damn samurai was tough though. Raitt has proven quite useful for all the mages I had to fight which would have otherwise done bad things to my bird and undead legions.

    I also noticed that you snagged Myria at some point in your game. If she's from Fandaria like I remember, that's a long way for her to have traveled. I've seen some ridiculous officer/captive swapping between Fandaria, Izumo, Bozack, and Tradnor in my game. Fandaria and Bozack seem to have stolen lots of samurai and ninja officers from Izumo and Topaz.

    Steel Angel on
    Big Dookie wrote: »
    I found that tilting it doesn't work very well, and once I started jerking it, I got much better results.

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    3DS: 3454-0268-5595 Battle.net: SteelAngel#1772
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    RaslinRaslin Registered User regular
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    Thread is awesome

    needs more power metal though

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    I cant url good so add me on steam anyways steamcommunity.com/id/Raslin

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    cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
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    I need a RAM cart so bad. Dragon Force takes up a ridiculous amount of memory (~286 compared to, say, NiGHTS' 60).

    I've only relied on the internal battery(replaced it for the first time a few months ago; should've done it way sooner).

    I'll probably get that combo cart Playasia has, sooner or later, mostly to replace the junky ST-KEY adapter I've had for years.

    And I think I got Myria from Topaz, which isn't that bad a migration.

    cj iwakura on
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    Steel AngelSteel Angel Registered User regular
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    cj iwakura wrote: »
    And I think I got Myria from Topaz, which isn't that bad a migration.

    That's not a huge distance then. I think Fandaria has most of its starting generals now in Bozack and Izumo and instead defends its front with ex-Tradnor generals in my game. Given how bad Topaz has been in terms of taking territory, Fandaria most likely struck at Tradnor and pushed Topaz out of the way both legs of the trip.

    On a side note, I recruited Bastion with Cinna alone so I'm pretty sure Cinna is a she and not just a really pretty he.

    Steel Angel on
    Big Dookie wrote: »
    I found that tilting it doesn't work very well, and once I started jerking it, I got much better results.

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    Zen VulgarityZen Vulgarity What a lovely day for tea Secret British ThreadRegistered User regular
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    Thanks for keeping this updated!

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    cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
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    I have an update in the works, but a few events took place that I didn't expect, so there'll be a delay in Tristan's conquest of Tradnor.

    While I put it together, here's the retelling of the opening chapter that I promised earlier.

    Not only because I don't think the original version did the sequence justice, but also because events in it are going to be important later.

    Revised Prologue - The War Council

    Cinna: Majesty, at long last: Goldark has declared war against all kingdoms.
    It will only be a matter of time before they attack us, though we have been expecting this.
    Still, it comes all too soon.

    Ayrios: Now that war has come, we ALL feel a little frightened. What price glory...


    Junon: He died fighting Goldark, as you well know. The time for my revenge has finally come!

    Muriko: The messengers sent to propose our union with King Wein were dispatched some days ago. We are due to hear from them very soon now.

    Anyway, the news from Fandaria goes like this...
    Goldark had been confined to a tower. Then somehow, he killed his own brother and took over rule of the Empire, and has now declared total war against all kingdoms.

    Scar: I believe this has something to do with Gaul and Scythe.
    Those two are unnatural... spawned from hell itself!

    Ayrios: Now that I come to think of it... Scar was saying that Scythe owed him, didn't he?

    Scar: Yes, he said she owed him big time!

    You want to hear my story again, don't you? ...okay.

    A long time ago, I was running with a band of thieves.
    This gang I was leading was completely destroyed by Scythe alone.

    Well, not exactly alone, no.


    Scar:...by the evil horde of beasts Scythe summoned forth.

    I alone survived that nightmarish battle. Whoever has the power to call that kind of high-level beast can not possibly be human.

    Cinna: They must have tricked Goldark to gain his trust. Even if the whole empire of Fandaria is overrun with beasts, we just can not lose!

    Messenger: Emergency!! Junon! We just received word that the messengers we sent out... have all been killed!

    Junon: What!! WEIN!!! He is not worthy to hold the title of King! On my honor, I shall slay that wretched man!

    Muriko: Please, calm yourself, Majesty. Please.

    Junon: Alright. I'm alright. Commanders of Tristan, prepare for war.
    I shall be out for a while.

    Ayrios: Majesty, where are you going?

    Junon: I am paying a visit to my father's grave.


    Junon: I will settle the old scores for you, father.
    I shall defeat Goldark and make sure to place his head here on your grave as an offering to you.


    Junon: Oh father... How I wish you were here to guide me! .....
    I vow to protect Tristan from Goldark's ambition as you did.
    I shall wear this mask and haunt the battlefields as the Black Mask of Death!
    They will fear me as they have no other woman before.


    Coming up: The Undead Return

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    cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
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    Part 13 - Constant Warring
    Before we return to the warpath, there's still awarding to be done:



    In total:
    Scar to 70
    Rock to 40
    Lone to 60
    Vangal to 50
    Vlad to 60
    Myria to 50
    Piper - +2 = 40 zombies
    Rufas - to 40

    Dayn already has 70 Monks, so we used his award for a more charitable purpose.

    Namely bringing Piper's zombie capacity twenty higher instead of ten, so she can actually have a decent legion of them.
    (We'll be making use of them later.)

    For now, let's do some recruiting.


    So many to choose from. Let's hear what the captives think.


    A wise choice.


    We can wait; back to the cells with Katis.

    End result:

    Left to rot:

    With that taken care of, it couldn't hurt to also keep up on how our actual generals are doing.


    Dayn's not so pleased. Could be because of his not getting another ten soldiers. Either way, it's a sign he's planning on abandoning Tristan, which is bad news.

    We'll deal with that problem soon.


    Wein and his commanders won't be joining up for another week, so we'll have to get to know them later.

    What's our elven dominator up to?



    Sorry I asked.



    Well,they don't call her the Black Knight of Masked Charity.

    How about the ninjas?


    Slate: ...things are settled and calm here, your grace.

    Can't please them all, I guess.

    If any of them.

    After the traditional weekly search, we find the following:
    Death Claw @ Ogrekeep
    Faith Corn @ Topaz
    Thunder Axe @ Topaz
    Goddess Tear @ Claystal

    We'll be putting some of that to immediate use.


    This'll prevent him from ever putting our 70 monks to use with anyone else.

    Must be a nice coin.


    Gustav could use all the leadership skills he can get.
    (The Command stat determines effectiveness of troops in combat.)

    No need for the Thunder Axe, yet(mostly beasts and a few Monks can use it), so it can stay in the vault for now.

    Gasparl and Magicka Castles both gained some levels from a little fortification.

    And with that, it's back to the fields.


    With all our new recruits, (former) Topaz Castle's gotten a little crowded.


    We'll send the recent arrivals elsewhere.


    The castle we keep abandoning at the first sight of a Skull Children march seems good enough.


    Now Topaz is solid, except that a good half of its generals have no troops, so, we'll be taking some time to resupply.


    Also resupplying some of our new recruits that were being held captive elsewhere.

    What else is going on in the world?


    Fandaria's still playing musical chairs, like usual.


    Tradnor's fortifying their front lines, while Bozack and Fandaria keep moving in on their turf.


    This isn't a castle either group should have an easy time capturing.


    Fandaria sent a small squad...


    And Bozack sent a pitiful one.

    As if that weren't enough...


    Tradnor just sent in this little darling to back them up.


    In other words, I have no earthly idea how this happened.

    But, neither attacker keeps a victory for long.



    Must've been a fluke. Worse(for us), Tradnor captured two of Fandaria's assault force in the process.


    And Izumo's poised to take away the castle Bozack attacked from, since it only had one general protecting it.


    Karma bites. The lone Bozack general is gone, and since she was one of Gongos' four commanders, that probably means she was hospitalized.

    Unfortunately, we don't get to watch current affairs for long.


    Madruk's crew aren't very patient.


    We're still not entirely ready, but it doesn't matter against these two clowns.


    Duran and Vangal send them packing to the grave, yet again.


    And Duran gets a bonus out of the deal.

    Now that the crew's more together, it's time to get moving.


    Fandaria has a castle to the west with a single general, so that's the best target at the moment.


    I like her style, so Shaia can be in charge.


    West we must.

    Junon's posse is barely on the move, when...


    Perfect timing.


    Demon: Your castle has been abandoned to you!


    Ryskim: Hm hm hm... now we must turn our attention to Vlad.
    That traitor is the last barrier standing before us. When I find that miserable worm, it will be his end!


    Too bad he took the wrong castle.


    Still, this makes taking out the pest infestation more annoying, since we'll have to backtrack east to get rid of him.


    On the bright side, he didn't bring much help.

    But, back to the easy target:


    It must be invasion season, because Bozack decided they want a piece of Tristan, too.


    They're going after a castle that's less than prepared to welcome guests.


    There's time for a little resupply, thankfully.


    Not a full set, but it should be enough for this:


    I guess they used up their real army going after Tradnor.


    The fight won't be a pushover, but Bozack sure won't get a victory out of it.


    May as well soften him up first.


    Let's hope she's the truthful one.


    Since they're up against mages, the samurai are naturally moving in for the kill.


    Not very defensive, but it should help us do some extra damage before they arrive.



    I knew we should've brought a gatling gun.


    And that doesn't help our odds any.


    Even without the shuriken, a front line of mages doesn't have much chance against a sword brigade.


    Our only course of action is obvious after a few moments:


    Better that than hospitalized.


    The fight's just started.


    They said it all.


    We can afford to be more direct this time.


    Still not the best class to fight samurai with, but with superior numbers, they'll do.


    And the scale tilts the other way.


    He could've at least let us get him in the red. Spoil sport.


    They should be enough to chase him down.

    But before we have time for that...


    We owe the Mad Lion a little payback.


    He's outnumbered in terms of generals, but he has a solid army, so we'll take him out in force.


    Our harpies would probably win in the long run, but it never hurts to bring insurance.


    The great equalizer.



    They didn't seem to take it so well.


    Kumonn's a sore loser, so he and his frog take a cheap shot(which does little to no good).


    Down to just the harpies, and away they go.

    The end result is a little predictable at this point.


    Whether it's by sheer numbers on our part, or real bad luck on his, it does him no good.


    Tradnor was apparently waiting for a real opponent, and so...



    Reinhart's sending us a welcoming committee.


    Meanwhile, down south, the ninja proved too quick to catch. (Blame Myria.)


    It's a good time to regroup.


    We'll also back them up, for when(not if) Bozack comes back.

    But first, time for a long-awaited reassignment:


    We retire the mages...


    And bring in the corpses.


    The transition is complete.

    Best of all, they're easy to replace.

    Still, while caught up with all that rearranging, one major oversight:


    The generals Ryskim chased out are deadset on reclaiming their castle.

    One at a time.

    They're made to retreat without hesitation.

    Meanwhile, Fandaria and Tradnor are at it again...


    While Reinhart's ambassadors are still coming right for us.


    Let's not wear out our welcome.


    I hope Shaia liked being a leader for all, oh, twenty minutes of her reign.


    I guess she'll get a little extra time.

    Junon has issues of her own to deal with.


    Must be the garlic rations.


    Some help he was.


    Junon: Make sure you defeat him. I still need your help.
    You may ask our friends for help, of course.

    Vlad: Thank you, Junon. I appreciate it.

    Some time later...

    Muriko: Regarding the Shadow Tower we were told about...

    Junon: Yes? What did you find out?

    Muriko: It's located on the north shore of Lake Topaz, which is northwest of Topaz's main fortress complex.




    Well, she's the boss.

    Junon: But, we must go.

    Muriko: I'm afraid so. But let's not leave without a plan.
    We've got to secure the area as we go, or we'll be trapped.

    Junon: Yes, I see. Call a strategy meeting with the generals.

    Muriko: Yes, majesty.


    Highland's monarch is back in the building, as are Rudger, Galam, Nina, and Link.
    Junon + 1 (Popular Support increase)

    Honor Roll

    And, current status:


    We're getting there.

    Once we get rid of yet another batch of intruders, we'll look into this castle business, and then show Reinhart not to pick fights with adults.

    Next time: The Wisdom Tower

    cj iwakura on
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    Zen VulgarityZen Vulgarity What a lovely day for tea Secret British ThreadRegistered User regular
    edited March 2008
    Great update mang.

    Zen Vulgarity on
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    TeriferinTeriferin Registered User regular
    edited March 2008
    These are such great reads. Keep it up!

    Teriferin on
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    cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
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    I haven't had the opportunity to update for a while, and this isn't much to make up for lost time, but it'll get there. Mostly dialogue taking place, so this one's a bit less image heavy.

    Part 14 - Swords For Dinner
    Year: 1 Month: 7 : Week 1

    Our fortifications have been neglected, so the first course of action is to start building up our defenses.

    After looting them, of course.


    Topaz yields a Magic Crest; and nothing else. Good sign to try our luck elsewhere.


    Palemoon offers a nice, shiny ring.


    Meanwhile, closer to home...


    The Elves are cleaning house.


    In duplicate.

    With the searching done, we'll use Fortify on the weakest castle.



    So much for that idea.

    New recruits?


    Can't ever have too many generic Spirit Users.


    I'm not sure what to make of that, but even if it's to kill Junon, we get a samurai-ninja out of the deal.

    For awards:
    Vlad + 10 = 70
    Vangal + 10 = 60
    Teiris + 10 = 40 (Dragons)

    I can't remember if they earned them or not, but it keeps things balanced.

    With that, it's back to the warpath.