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Street Fighter II (World Warrior) Character designs in other games!

LuckyCaptainRabbitKingLuckyCaptainRabbitKing Registered User new member
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Hello, all. I am an aspiring media scholar and I am interested in the influence of Street Fighter II (SF2), specifically the character designs. I'm writing this tread to ask for the help of this community in helping me create a list of characters in non-Street Fighter games that feature characters who look suspiciously like SF2 characters.

I am aware of the lawsuit over FIGHTER'S HISTORY (caps mine). Beyond this I know of a character in Streets of Rage 2, Zazma (I may need to check this name) who looks like a cross between Blanka and Vega from SF2.

I would appreciate any such sightings that you have of SF2 character designs in other games, not so much other aspects of the game (unless they are relevant) with links to information about the game or pictures of the characters if possible.

Thank you all in advance!

LuckyCaptainRabbitKing on


  • ScosglenScosglen Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    This feels like homework, but since I have a couple off the top of my head I'll throw you a bone.

    Ryu from Virtua Fighter and Ryu from SF2

    Paul Phoenix from Tekken and, depending on the outfit, Guile and/or Ken.

    You could make an argument for Ganryu from Tekken and E.Honda, but really there are many token sumo wrestlers among the various franchises.

    Scosglen on
  • whuppinswhuppins Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    This does kind of feel like homework, but it's such an awesome assignment that I'll help anyway. But seriously, didn't every single 1-on-1 fighter during the 16-bit era have a dude in a gi who threw fireballs?

    Art of Fighting was such a rip-off of SF2 that Capcom later created an entire character, Dan, to parody its heroes, Ryo and Robert.

    Edit: Also, World Heroes, same thing. The two main characters are Ryu and Ken, and Brocken looks like M. Bison (though he plays more like Dhalsim).

    whuppins on
  • LuckyCaptainRabbitKingLuckyCaptainRabbitKing Registered User new member
    edited October 2007
    Sorry for the homework, guys. Thanks for your posts! I'm currently compiling research on Japanese symbols that appear in the game and plagiarism across cultures and art forms. If you're interested I'll keep you guys further updated. Again, thanks for the posts, it is truly appreciated.

    LuckyCaptainRabbitKing on
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