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The vastly more democratic name-changing thread

BusterKBusterK Negativity is Boring Cynicism is Cowardice Registered User regular
edited October 2007 in Social Entropy++
Some of you may remember this thread
Wherein our fearless leader changed many people's names to hilarious results
I enjoyed this so much I wanted to see more of it
And since CT only reveals his brilliance once every bliue moon
I figured I'd turn to you bright young things
They won't be binding but so what?
Here's a few to get things started and you can always request for yourself

Knob- Badonkadonk
Potatoe- QuailMan
Jordyn- PurpleNurple
Keith- Grrrrrr
LOL!- :P
ThatDudeOverThere- TheConstantMasterbater
Vivixienne- Vajajay
The Geek- Moe Lester

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