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Aus game prices

ChaoticLustsChaoticLusts Registered User new member
edited October 2007 in Games and Technology
Don't want this to sound bitchy just thought I'd make the comment given the latest Penny Arcade post about Canadians being boned on game prices cause they have to pay $10 more... I'm in Australia, I'd love to just be paying $10 over the US down here go between $100Aus($88US) and $120Aus($106US) at EB....It's just a touch ridiculous, wasn't so bad about 5 years ago when the exchange rate was 50c to the dollar but it's become almost equal and the prices have gone up rather than down it's a little far as I'm aware it's worse in Europe too yes?

Though it's Aus no one gives a rats :P but yeah if you aren't in North America or Japan you basically get screwed on hardware and software pricing, its a little sad really

Still not like we can boycott the gaming companies...too damn addicted to gaming for that ^_^ I'll just go play some guitar hero while I morn my bank account :P

(hope that's not too ranty)

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  • bsjezzbsjezz Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    it really is the most compelling reason to buy a PS3 in PAL areas

    import games will come quicker and they'll be stacks cheaper. i just hope that people click onto the fact that they can do this, so that the local market has to reduce its prices to compete with imports

    it won't only benefit region-free console owners but it will spark up competition and do wonders for the local industry as a whole

    (it really is a terrible marketplace at the moment. in what horrid nightmare world is charging $114 for a pre-owned copy of Transformers considered appropriate?)

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