Account Randomly Going Inactive/Active

When I initially signed up, I got the data table error, and never got a confirmation email. I sent an email and got my account manually activated on 7/20 (Thanks, by the way.) I thought all was good, but...

Ever since then, the forum randomly won't let me sign in. It keeps telling me I've either got the password wrong, or the userID is inactive. So I try the password reset function, put in my info, and it tells me the username is inactive, and to e-mail an administrator. But then, I'll try again later and sign in no problem. I've succeeded and failed in logging in with both manual and with browser-remembered password, so I know I've got the password right. I also can't seem to stay signed in--going fifteen minutes or so without clicking on a forum link logs me out--which may just be wacky cookie action, but may also be related to the problem at hand. I was actually going to do an e-mail when the forum randomly decided to let me sign in, so I figured I'd post in case anyone else is having the same problem.

iammeiam on
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