Little Wars: the wargame by H.G. Wells & other olde tabletop-games

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Browsing around I came across this review of a table top wargame designed by H.G. Wells, published in 1913, called Little Wars.

It's pretty bare-bones as far as wargames go, but it has some great historical significance and a good name behind it. Since its copyright has expired, you can download the full game text legally for free. Might be fun to impress your friends with. It does require some cannon toys that can fire sufficiently weighted projectiles to knock figures over if you want to play it properly.

Now in order to make this thread something more than replies of 'oh right, that's interesting', let's make it a repository of stories about old tabletop games of note. Did your grandpa play tabletop games? Know some old games that stood the test of time? Tell us about it.

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