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Vista Wireless Issue

BamaBama Registered User regular
edited October 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
I have a linksys WMP54G v4.1 wireless adapter and am running Vista. My wireless connection had periodic "lag" bursts. I first noticed it while playing TF2, but I can observe it just by having windows ping my router continuously. Every so often a packet will come back with a trip time of 1000-2000ms.

My googling has found instances in XP where people have had similar problems and resolved them by using the manufacturer's connection manager instead of Window's Wireless Zero Config tool. Unfortunately, no such manager exists for Vista.

I don't think it's the adapter itself, because I had the same problem with a known good adapter that is the same model (though version 4.0).

So, should I just give up and purchase another make/model adapter, or is this solvable?

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