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A Tech Support Thing

DirtyDirtyVagrantDirtyDirtyVagrant Registered User regular
edited October 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
So I just picked up an installation kit for a broadband internet connection. Complete with modem and all that shit.

Now. I've installed the software, the modem, everything's secure and according to the company, my connection is active.

However, I'm getting what's called an "Initialization Error." The diagnostic thingy says that my computer is previously configured to be used with a router, and that's the reason.

Can I change my computer's IP address somehow? How? Will that fix it?

DirtyDirtyVagrant on


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    LoveIsUnityLoveIsUnity Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    Open up a command line and type in "ipconfig"

    Is your system showing up as having an ip address, subnet mask, etc...?

    LoveIsUnity on
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    eternalbleternalbl Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    What'd the kit include? Are you hooking up directly to the broadband modem or is there a router in the equation? If its a modem, are you hooking up to it with ethernet or USB? What software are you in when it gives you the 'initialization error'. I'm guessing this is XP? DSL or Cable? What provider? We need some details bro.

    edit: regarding your IP address, probably not, depending on how your ISP is setup.

    eternalbl on
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    ZifnabZifnab Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    Start::Run::type 'cmd', then ipconfig /release , then ipconfig /renew. If you're going to be able to dynamically renew your IP address, it's going to be there. Otherwise, you might have a static IP setup, which you can clear out like so:

    Go into your Local Area Connection's properties (Control Panel::Network Connections::Right Click on Local Area Connection::Properties::TCP/IP::Properties)
    Make sure both options are the "automatically" option
    Go into the Alternate Configuration tab
    Make sure the "Automatic" option is checked
    Make sure you don't have any weird proxies set up here:
    Control Panel::Internet Options::Connections::Lan Settings::Uncheck everything

    When you register your modem with a broadband company, you usually end up going through a proxy on their end to handle the registration, then the proxy data should get cleared. If it doesn't, this should fix it. You say that you called them and they said that your modem is active? That should mean that you are out of that proxied state and your modem is registered. From here, it's just a connection issue between your PC and the modem.

    If you're desperate, you can also try powering everything down (pc and modem), powering the modem back up, letting it complete its handshake, then powering the computer up. It's possible for there to be some sort of MAC address binding issue in the modem's config file, and this should clear it, but it's really, really unlikely and probably wouldn't give you an error.

    If you can supply a little more detail, I can probably help you out a little more. Just answer everything in eternalbl's post, please.

    Zifnab on
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