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Chicken Little: Ace in Action and underrated gems?

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan Registered User regular
edited October 2007 in Games and Technology
So - I've recently started renting more games and giving titles a chance that I might not normally pick up. One of the games I decided to give a shot was the Wii version of Chicken Little Ace in Action and I have to say it was excellent.

It has:
* Three different types of levels (on foot, in tank, in spaceship)
* Great controls (standard Wii - run with nunchuck, aim with Wiimote)
* Adam Motherfucking West voiceovers
* Pretty nice graphics

Basically a clone of Ratchet and Clank, but a really good one.

So then I figured, hell, let's try the DS game too! It's freaking great as well! The on foot levels control like Smash TV (run with left hand, aim with right) - I'm an admitted whore for that control scheme. The tank levels are ok - not great, and the flight levels are kind of throwaway, but overall a great game with very nice 3d for the DS.

Anybody else give either of this games a whirl? I have to admit I was rather surprised at just how fun and polished they were (and both are $19.99 right now).

Any other "shovelware" titles you've played recently that blew away your expectations?

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    FireWeaselFireWeasel Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    I don't know if Raw Danger 2 fits the qualification of "shovelware" though I suspect it probably comes close. That being said, it was crude fun, especially if you overlooked its not inconsiderable flaws.

    It had a nice sense of epic scale in some segments, let you play this disaster scenario from alternating viewpoints which provide you with deeper knowledge of a hidden conspiracy (of course), and had some downright hilarious dialogue options at times. Given, its graphics were fairly hideous, controls were wonky, and the "keep warm!" mechanic was little more than an annoyance.

    Still, good times nonetheless, and cheapcheapcheap.

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