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Why PS3 20GB over 60GB for same price?

KuroyamaKuroyama Registered User regular
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Some questions for you guys in the states...

I bought my 60GB on 11/11 here in Japan and have enjoyed it (with the exception of Gundam: Target in Sight) since day one in no small part due to F1 racing, and Resistance. I do enjoy my Tiger Woods 08, but EA still hasnt fixed the game face thing... It must be nice to be able to sell broken games with impunity.

Anyway... how much do used PS3s go for in the US? You can find them here in Japan for about 42,000 yen which is about $400.

So heres what I DONT GET... Most of my friends who dont have PS3 are planning to buy the new non-backwards-compatible one for 40,000 yen, which is about $15(US) cheaper than the used 60GB model. To a man, everybody is waiting for this new 20GB, but nobody wants the 60GB with greater functionality, and same casing...

I dont understand this. ....oh, I might be wrong but we dont get 5 BluRays here in Japan...just a PS3 in a box. Thats not a bad deal...its just not as sweet as in the US.

Although...Blu Ray costs twice as much here in Japan. Keep that in mind if anyone tries spouting Japanese sales figures to you. I dont know what the deal is. Subtitles (localization) doesnt cost that much. Makes more sense to buy from the US. Even with shipping you still come out ahead.

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  • Unco-ordinatedUnco-ordinated NZRegistered User regular
    edited October 2007
    I should point out that the non-backwards compatible PS3 is the 40GB SKU, not the 20GB. The 20GB model's backwards compatibility is just as good as the 60GB's (so around the 99% mark).

    As for why they want it, maybe they just don't want to buy a used console. Personally, the one time I've bought a used system, it was a piece of crap and kept on freezing (my N64). It could also have something to do with the white 40GB PS3, Dynasty Warriors 6 and Ratchet & Clank all being released on the same day.

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  • PikaPuffPikaPuff Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    It's not a good idea to mix used/new with model differences. Just talk about one thing at a time. Either talk about 60gb vs 40gb, OR talk about new price vs used price. Having used 60gb vs new 40gb isn't a fair comparison.

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  • Dirty DrawersDirty Drawers Lord of the undie world Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    I don't have good luck buying used items. That's why I always buy new. They may be missing backwards compatability (which I myself have RARELY put to use), but I'm more comfortable knowing my device has a full warranty no questions asked.

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  • Dharma BumDharma Bum Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    It's kind of tough to hunt down used consoles where I live, so I usually just go with whatever SKU is most affordable for me. But I'm also really hesitant to buy used consoles, both because of stories I've heard on the internet and my personal experiences with them. I bought my first 360 "refurbished," and the thing died the first time I tried to load up a rare Dalek porn DVD. I also bought my first Gamecube used, and didn't find out that some kid had put pudding inside it until I got home.

    I'm guessing price and dependability are probably the biggest factors. Maybe some people just get lost in marketing hype, but probably not very many. The internet produces a lot of educated consumers.

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  • StupornautStupornaut Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    I suppose this is as good a place as any to ask: if I want to buy a PS3 someday (read: "I have fallen prey once again to the gloss and promise of a Gran Turismo/Metal Gear title"), how long could I wait before it turns out to be difficult/impossible to find a new console with the original hardware BC (or at least BC that actually works reliably for the vast majority of titles)?

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