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So Smash Brothers Is Going To Be A Pretty Fun Game (READ THE FIRST POST)

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OP by Cloudman. A few points

Don't be a dick! I'm sick of all the flaming, insults and bullshit that goes on in this thread. Enough tournament vs casual bullshit, keep it civil or keep it elsewhere. It's only a sodding game. If someone is being an ass, report them. Do not engage.

This isn't a chat thread. This thread is about Smash Brothers. Some idiot hijacked it to be about X Men at some point. On topic forum. On Topic thread. The topic is smash brothers.

No further warnings after this point, people flaming and being tossers in this thread will be seen as doing it deliberately to annoy me and probably banned because so help me I am in no mood.


Update - 10/26/07
King DeDeDe: Special Moves

Up Special Move: Super DeDeDe Jump
Look! That's a serious jump!

And he lands HARD!

King Dedede’s great jump is his speciality! But he doesn’t have much freedom while jumping, and his vulnerability when he lands is pretty significant.
That said, if things look bad, just tap down on the Control Stick.

You can flip over and cancel it in mid-air.

However, if you try to cancel just before landing, you’ll make a fool of yourself, and you’ll be vulnerable for even longer, so watch out.

Side Special Move: Waddle Dee Toss
Just throw them out there.

He pulls out Waddle Dees from who knows where and throws them. The Waddle Dees then waddle around afterwards.

Occasionally a Waddle Doo appears...

...and Gordo too.

Down Special Move: Jet Hammer

This time, King Dedede’s hammer is actually mechanised. The head’s rotation is powered by a motor.
And it can do this.

Whoa! What is this?!?

If you hold down the Control Stick and the special-move button simultaneously, you can charge up his hammer. And you can unleash it in one blow!

The power of the jet multiplies the destructive force!

You can even walk around with it charged up, but you can’t save the charge by pressing the shield button. Also, if you charge it up too much, it will increase your own damage, so be careful.
E for All - New Gaming Event

Our first gameplay video posted courtesy of Faustum. Another gameplay video, also courtesy of Faustum.


Joshua368 found a fuckton of videos, most of which are recent.

Zec posted an adventure mode preview showing off Donkey and Diddy Kong.

StriderEdge posted an adventure mode preview showing off Kirby and Peach.

Cloudeagle posts yet another adventure mode preview showing off Pit and Mario.

Faustum posts a final adventure mode preview called Worlds Collide featuring Wario

InvisibleInk posted this interesting article: Nintendo World Reports Impressions of the E for All demo

Ultrachrist found an Official E for All Firsthand Impressions Thread put together by SmashBoards

Four Ways To Play:
Note: Each method is fully customizable so that you can map all of the controller functions yourself.


Known Returning Characters:
mario_s.jpg link_s.jpg kirby_s.jpg

pikachu_s.jpg fox_s.jpg samus_s.jpg

zelda_s.jpg bowser_s.jpg donkeykong_s.jpg

yoshi_s.jpg peach_s.jpg iceclimbers_s.jpg

New Characters:
pit_s.jpg wario_s.jpg zerosuit_samus_s.jpg

ike_s.jpg pokemon_trainer_s.jpg diddykong_s.jpg

metaknight_s.jpg snake_s.jpg lucas_s.jpg

sonic_s.jpg kingdedede_s.jpg

The Missing:
Missing characters from SSB and SSBM

Captain Falcon

Game and Watch
Young Link
Dr. Mario

Interesting Fact: All of these characters have one thing in common: They were all hidden characters in their respective games. None of the returning characters so far were locked when you first started up the two games.

Final Smashes:
Mario - Mario Finale
Link - Triforce Slash
Pikachu - Volt Tackle
Samus - Zero Laser
Bowser - Giga Bowser Transformation
Donkey Kong - Konga Beat
Yoshi - Super Dragon
Pit - Palutena's Army
Diddy - Rocketbarrel Barrage
Pokemon Trainer - Triple Finish
Fox - Landmaster
Kirby - Cook Kirby
Peach - Peach Blossom

New Toys:
Crates and Barrels: What better to start with than basics. These item containers have been revamped to support the themes of certain levels.

Assist Trophy: This is the Pokeball of the Nintendo Universe. Any kind of cameo you could think of comes from within...

Known Assist trophies:
Hammer Bros.


Samurai Goroh

Dr. Wright

Knuckle Joe




Mr. Resetti



Little Mac
Pokeball: An all-time favorite which still randomly gives you a pokemon to cause massive destruction with.

Known Pokemon:






Gooey Bomb: The Gooey Bomb acts as a sticky Remote Mine. While stuck to a character, it can be passed back after making contact with another player.

Cracker Launcher: This projectile launcher isn't as racist as it sounds. It might be more recognizable as a 'Roman Candle'. We saw it briefly in the short clip from Min-E3.

Banana Peel: Because Cliche's work.

Bumper: A return from the 64, relatable to Melee's Flipper item. A new twist leaves this possible to plant mid-air.

Pitfall: The item from Animal Crossing. Surprisingly, it caries its ability from Animal Crossing over very well. Simply making characters fall thru holes or thru platforms.

Smoke Ball: An original item, soley based on obscurity. This item deals no damage, but rather actually just blinds the player from the screen.

Franklin Badge: Debuting from the Mother Series (Earthbound), this relates to Fox's Reflector, like the Screw Attack Ball relates to Samus' Screw Attack. Basically, it reflects projectiles.

Spicy Curry: When a Fire Flower just can't suit your flaming needs.

Golden Hammer: A coat of paint works wonders.

Announced Stages:
Battlefield (Smash Bros.):
Delfino Plaza (Mario Sunshine):
Yoshi's Island (Yoshi's Island):
Lylat Cruise (Starfox):
Bridge to Eldin (Legend of Zelda):
Smashville (Animal Crossing):
Rumble Falls (Donkey Kong):
Skyworld (Kid Icarus):
Castle Seige (Fire Emblem):
WarioWare Ince. (WarioWare)
Pokemon Stadium 2 (Pokemon)
Battleship Halberd (Kirby)
Shadow Moses Island (Metal Gear Solid)
New Pork City (Earthbound)

Such Pretty Music:

Series Represented:
So far, we've been given a list of series that have been represented, but as we get this list, its come to us out of order. We currently have gaps as shown:

1. Smash Brothers
2. Donkey Kong
3. StarFox
4. Kirby
5. F-Zero
6. Metroid
7. EarthBound/Mother
8. Pokemon
9. Zelda
10. Mario
11. Yoshi
12. Fire Emblem
13. ???
14. Ice Climbers
15. Animal Crossing
16. Wario
17. Metal Gear
18. Kid Icarus
19. ???
20. Sonic the Hedgehog
21. Nintendo DS

*21 Is the highest number we're aware of, it in no way indicates that it is the final number

Another Interesting Fact: By smash tradition, there has never been a stage from a game without a character from that series representing this. That and an interview on the subject lead many to believe that an Animal Crossing character is all but confirmed.

However the Pictochat stage has thrown a monkey wrench into this theory! This is because Sakurai is insane.

Discussion (Read: Bitchings)
These are some things to expect in regards to the updates. The type of updated listed, and the expected discussion that can follow.

Music update - Next day spent argueing about MIDI files vs Orchestrated.

Item update - Someone inevitably pisses off the competitve players with the "Why no items" arguement. Other than that, everyone is generally happy.

B Moves update - People are generally meh about this towards returning characters, pretty happy about it towards new characters.

Final Smash update - 1 of 2 updates that have universal appeal. Except Diddy apparently.

New/Old Character update - Pretty cool to see old characters revamped. Pretty awesome to see brand new characters.

Stage update - Next day spent arguing about gimmick levels vs. Battlefield/Final Destination.

Tutorial update - Boring tutorials, but spectacular mode discussions.

Movie update - Dicks cumming, all of them, simultaneously, with super mushroom power-ups.

Super Secret Tourney Stuff
(PM Nickle if you're in. Let's see if we can get this up to 128. Include your state (or Large Canadian State), please.)

1. Nickle IL
2. Guek WA
3. BlueBlue MS
4. Speakeasy CA
5. TempleWolf MN
6. quovadis13 ON, CA
7. cloudeagle OK
8. Joshua368 SC
9. Djiem Canada somewhere, I think
11. Redfenix
12. Mntorankusu KY
13. Ronen NY
14. Phanman
15. Pata
16. shyguy NY
17. Sharp10r NC
18. LordNibbler NY
19. ruiisu FL
20. Behemoth WA
21. Bulbasaur ON, CA
22. MetaHybrid ON, CA
23. willmannyeatthat MA
24. ArcSyn NJ
25. Munkus Beaver
26. Shabutie CA
27. Brue CA
28. Arcibi KY
29. Squashua FL
30. urahonky OH
31. Aydr WA
32. Faustum TX
33. Fishguy NM
34. Khavall PA
35. Improvolone FL
36. Goatmon CA
37. Niceguyeddie616 MA
38. Reigner PA
39. Gino WI
40. Zealous One CA
41. Woot427 IL
42. Monsty ND
43. Gunwarrior (Maybe) CA
44. Taramoor WA
45. Captain Crunch BC, CA
46. Gorilla Salad TX
47. Snork CT/PA
48. Jrosey WA
49. Tehcoolryan CA
50. Atheraal
51. Toothy KY
53. Zimarooski TX
54. Yalborap
55. Jarhog
56. Rehab NE
57. Rollout MTL, QC, CA
58. Gravija IL
59. Aioua WA
60. Hylianbunny ON, CA
61. SkyGheNe CT
62. BahamutZERO CA
63. Vann Diras IN
64. No Great Name East Coast
65. AshtonDragon NL, CA
66. Bibble TN
67. InivisibleInk OR
68. aaronsedge AR
69. Mushroom Pie
70. Greg343 KS
71. Corp.Shephard NC
72. Kupi NC
73. Kor NM
74. TehSpectre
75. JustinChar99 FL
76. Godfather TX
77. Zen Vulgarity FL
78. Manetheren AL
79. mts CA
80. RedMageDarion ME
81. Tachyon CO
82. Zampano NH
83. Zek NJ
84. Inquisitor CA
85. Manaleak34 WA
86. Cloudman MO
87. mr_ekim CA
88. Ruins MD
89. ChopperDave
90. Qorzm CA
91. CaspianX CA
92. Fig-D CA
93. Spoof
94. Mtvcdm WI
95. Dusda OR
96. Geod VA
97. Red Gear NY

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  • agoajagoaj Top Tier One FearRegistered User regular
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    Is the update prediction contest still going on?

    agoaj on
  • FaustumFaustum __BANNED USERS regular
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    agoaj wrote: »
    Is the update prediction contest still going on?

    No, and it hasn't been for a while.

    Cheers to the new thread.

    Faustum on
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  • KungFuKungFu Registered User regular
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    Confirmed for Brawl!


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  • Joshua368Joshua368 Registered User regular
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    Hmmm... although I admit that it went terribly off-topic a lot, I don't think it got too uncivil in the casual/hardcore arguments. A few jerks here and there I suppose though, but for the most part it was on par with the rest of the discussions on these forums. But you're the boss I suppose. Hopefully this won't scare off all discussions... meh.

    Dang, weekends still suck. I predict some kind of boring item tomorrow. Seems like it's time for one of those.

    Joshua368 on
  • Munkus BeaverMunkus Beaver You don't have to attend every argument you are invited to. Philosophy: Stoicism. Politics: Democratic SocialistRegistered User, ClubPA regular
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    agoaj wrote: »
    Is the update prediction contest still going on?

    In a true form, no. There is no prize. But it's still tradition to try and guess what update will be done tonight.

    That said, I'm guessing a final smash.

    Munkus Beaver on
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  • CervetusCervetus Registered User regular
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    This title just made me think about how much it would suck if this game wasn't good; I've already put countless hours into it and it's not even out for another quarter of a year.

    But it's a small concern, because it will be good.

    Cervetus on
  • Speed RacerSpeed Racer Scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratchRegistered User regular
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    Joshua368 wrote: »
    Hmmm... although I admit that it went terribly off-topic a lot, I don't think it got too uncivil in the casual/hardcore arguments. A few jerks here and there I suppose though, but for the most part it was on par with the rest of the discussions on these forums.
    While I agree that a dick or two aside, we were perfectly civil in the last thread, you can't deny that the argument has gotten pretty ugly in the past. And anyway, we've gone over it like fifty times already, and it's probably for the best that we find new topics to discuss.

    Such as how hard I am going to kick all y'all's asses in February.

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  • ArcibiArcibi Registered User regular
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    Good to see it's back

    I was almost going through withdrawal symptoms for a minute there

    So, how about those bros and the extent to which they smash

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  • Randall_FlaggRandall_Flagg Registered User regular
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    so I hear this game will be pretty baller

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  • Speed RacerSpeed Racer Scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratchRegistered User regular
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    so I hear this game will be pretty baller

    I dunno man, it doesn't look too good to me. I mean, when's the last time that Sonic was in a good game?

    Speed Racer on
  • NarianNarian Registered User regular
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    It's going to be a new stage tonight I can almost feel it.

    Narian on
  • YardGnomeYardGnome Registered User regular
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    so I hear this game will be pretty baller

    I dunno man, it doesn't look too good to me. I mean, when's the last time that Sonic was in a good game?
    duh sonic 2k6 lawl

    YardGnome on
  • ArcibiArcibi Registered User regular
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    Narian wrote: »
    It's going to be a new stage tonight I can almost feel it.

    I don't know man

    I get the feeling there's going to be some confirmation about this whole Krystal thing soon

    Arcibi on
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  • MetaHybridMetaHybrid Taste defeat!Registered User regular
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    I'm going to guess a Song update from the Fire Emblem series.

    People have said before that you might be able to start off as ZSS. The Codec conversation Snake has about her makes me think even more that you can. I mean, it's not like they would have the conversation turn up in the middle of battle right? Although I could be wrong about how the conversations are done.

    MetaHybrid on
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  • EnwolfEnwolf Registered User regular
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    King DeDeDe eh.

    That makes me happy.

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  • XagarathXagarath Registered User regular
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    Midna confirmed.
    A man can dream

    Xagarath on
  • EnwolfEnwolf Registered User regular
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    Xagarath wrote: »
    Midna confirmed.
    A man can dream

    Well I mean, it would be awesome right.

    Enwolf on
  • compomancompoman __BANNED USERS regular
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    wow thank you for summing up everything i've been trying to find out all over the internet :) epic thanks.

    compoman on
  • ChenChen Registered User regular
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    Site is still missing Captain Falcon, so I'm gonna guess he's the next update. More lovely I suppose would be playable Ridley, but it's still a long way.

    Chen on
  • Dr.FunkensteinDr.Funkenstein Registered User regular
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    DeDeDe's Final Smash is my prediction.

    Dr.Funkenstein on
  • emnmnmeemnmnme Registered User regular
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    You know what would be great? Posable trophies. With the Wiimote, I'd imagine posing arms and legs on trophy figures would be a snap.

    emnmnme on
  • ZekZek Registered User regular
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    at this point i think it's pretty obvious that captain falcon got cut

    monday's update: newcomer, mr. ead


    Zek on
  • ChenChen Registered User regular
    edited October 2007



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  • ArcibiArcibi Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    In all seriousness there's no way Capt. Falcon got cut, the F-Zero icon on the Dojo is even the Falcon insignia

    I wouldn't mind another playable character from F-Zero though

    Probably Pico or Black Shadow

    Arcibi on
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    This wouldn’t be a Smash thread without confusion over random terms coined by the community. So, in the interest of avoiding constant explanations and re-explanations of stuff like wavedashing and l-cancelling (and hopefully, the stupid arguments that come along with them), I present once again…


    Disclaimer: All of these terms (unless noted) apply to SSBM. Very few have been confirmed for SSBB, and some may very well be removed in the transition.


    Description: Coined for the “wavy” puff of air that follows successful use, the wavedash is an advanced technique which allows a player to move forwards or backwards without any frame lag.

    Normally, a character can only walk or run after a small but noticeable “begin movement” animation; if they land from a jump, they will also execute an even longer “landing” animation. Wavedashing removes both of these animations, allowing the player greater control over a character and leaving him less open to being attacked while moving.

    How to: To perform a Wavedash, short hop (lightly tap X/Y), then immediately airdodge (hit L/R while holding desired direction on control stick) into the ground at an angle. Each character has different timing based on his jump’s animations/duration. For the most noticeable results, select Luigi, who is known for his long wavedash.

    Common Uses:

    -“Sliding” into an attack (one can, for example, run towards an opponent, then wavedash just before reaching him to use a normal A attack rather than the typical dashing attack)
    -“Sliding” into a throw; aka ‘Wavethrowing’
    -“Sliding” into a shield (allows you to close distance while keeping your guard up)
    -“Sliding” into a smash attack, allowing you to begin many smashes' "wind-up" animation while out of an opponents reach; aka ‘Wavesmashing’
    -Landing from a jump without any lag; aka ‘Wavelanding’
    -Creating space
    -Sliding off a stage into an edge grab



    A technique used to reduce the recovery time of aerial attacks. When in the middle of an attack animation, press L (or R, or even Z) as soon as you touch the ground (FYI: you have a 6-frame window in which to pull this off). The result is that the lag of the air attack will be cut in half. Practice with Link’s Dair or Bowser’s Bair to see the full effects.

    Extremely important part of higher level SSBM play; LC allows players to chain aerials into other attacks for obscenely effective combos.

    DOES NOT WORK FOR B MOVES. Some B moves are auto-cancelled when they hit the ground (like Fox/Falco's laser, Samus's missile). The rest, i.e. Peach's Peach Bomber, have the same delay when they hit the ground, with or without the L-button.

    How/why does this work?: You may find that, within the course of a match, you will be put into the rather common situation of needing to put your shield up as soon as you land from a jump.

    But what if you were doing an aerial when you landed, and still needed that shield? Well, you’d need to wait until the ENTIRE animation ended before you could do that. The Smash team foresaw this and thought it would annoy some people and discourage use of aerials. So, as a sort of preemptive measure, they made it so that a player inputting a shield command (i.e. the L-button) would have his aerial attack animations cut in half, so that the shield could come out more quickly.

    So what would happen if the player decided to simply tap the L-button, but let go of it before the shield came out? This, my friends, is the L-cancel!

    This also explains the relatively short window you have to perform an L-cancel. If you do it too early, you’ll still be airborne, and the game will see no reason to shorten your attack animation (you are not on the ground or close enough to the ground, so you can’t put up your shield). But if you do it too late, you’ll put up a shield instead. The key is to hit that sweetspot that triggers the animation-halving without putting up your shield.

    Z-Canceling (ZC): The original SSB’s version of the LC. Rather than cutting the animation in half, it removes it altogether! Often thought of as a glitch in programming (it is thought that this is an accidental side effect from the “teching” code). However, as Sakurai intentionally held over ZC, but “nerfed” it for SSBM by changing it into LC, most of the community believes that LC is a deliberate game mechanic.


    Short Hop, Fast Fall, L-Cancel (SHFFL)

    Exactly what it sounds like. You short hop (tap jump button lightly), fast fall (jam the control stick downwards to increase your fall speed), use any aerial attack, then L-cancel it. Considered to be the most important technique to master in both SSB games.

    Did you know?: Lowering a shield requires a short animation, and you cannot attack until this animation has finished. Shieldgrabbing, while quick, also has an animation with slight frame lag. An expert can often attack you, then jump or wavedash away before you can drop you shield and execute a counterattack.

    However, you can jump out of a shield with 0 frame lag! This means that the most efficient way to counterattack an opponent is often to SHFFL. Not even the quickest player will be able to get his shield up, dodge, or wavedash away from you then - it's literally impossible.


    Directional Influence (DI)

    General: Unlike the original SSB – where players had little to no control over where their characters moved once airborne – SSBM allows the player to subtly affect his trajectory in very real ways. Can be combined with CC to ridiculous effect.

    There are three methods of DI, which can be stacked together for greater results:

    Control Stick DI: Chances are, you do this without even realizing it. Simply hold the control stick in a given direction, and you character will be “influenced” in that way. This can be easily tested when thrown upwards. Have a friend throw you upwards, and don't hold the control stick in any direction. Your character should be hucked straight up. Now, hold the control stick down and to the left while/after he throws you. You’ll find that your character will be thrown both lower, and slightly away from your opponent.

    Control stick DI can be used, in this way, to escape combos and chain throws. But it can also be used to decrease the distance you fly when pounded offstage with a smash attack (or a solid throw, as the case may be). The next time you’re flying off-stage, hold the control stick towards the stage and up – DIing perpendicularly increases the effect – and you will fly less far!

    “Smash” DI (SDI): Like Control Stick DI, but harder to execute. Within a frame or two of being hit with an attack, smash the C-Stick in any direction to instantly move a short distance in that direction before flying. This reduces your momentum and thus the distance that you fly.

    This can be tested most easily against Samus’s fully charged power cannon, as that has the longest window for you to hit the C-Stick (you might notice that, when you are hit by the attack, your character seems to freeze for half a second before flying away – this is your window).

    “Automatic Smash” DI (ASDI): Like Smash DI, but easier.

    Basically, hold the C-stick in any direction. Whenever you are hit, the game will register which direction you are holding the C-stick, and automatically execute a weak SDI for you. Not as effective as normal SDI, but MUCH easier to consistently pull off.

    Can occasionally be performed twice if you QUICKLY roll the C-stick in a crescent motion while hit.

    Video (w/ a few CC+DI):

    Crouch Canceling (CC)

    When crouched, your character has a much higher hit and hitstun resistence. At low enough %s, you can take a hit that would normally knock you back and/or stun you, and still be open to counterattack. At high %s, this reduces the distance a knockback attack will send you flying. Does NOT lower the damage you take.

    CCing is most often used against dash attacks. Normally, a dash attack will send your player flying, but with a CC, chances are you’ll still be standing and ready to counterattack and/or set up a combo. Some people call the counter attack (if you counter with your downward tilt attack) a "CCC" (Crouch Cancel Counter).

    It is worth noting that if you have a very high percentage when CCing, you will do a grounded somersault which makes you very vulnerable to a follow-up attack.

    CC can be combined with downwards DI (see above video) to absurd effect, but this of course requires coordination and foresight that most humans don’t have.


    The name given for instant recovery techniques. When you are sent flying from an attack, if you hit L or R before hitting the ground or the wall (or ceiling), you will recover instantly. On the ground, you will stand up; on a wall you will completely lose momentum and fall straight down. If you hold your control stick to the side as you tech on the ground, you will recover into a rolling dodge. If you hold up as you walltech, you will jump off of the wall.

    Ledge Teching: An advanced, rather situational variation on teching. When you are hit near a ledge (e.g, hit by an edge guarder while recovering or hanging), quickly press L/R. This will allow your character to tech the ledge of the stage similar to how a character can tech a normal wall. Pressing away from the stage allows your character to tech and wall jump at the same time. For easiest practice/demonstration, have a friend edge guard your character using Marth’s Forward Smash.


    Double Jump Cancel (DJC)

    This can only be performed by characters whose second jump first moves down, then up (e.g. Ness, Mewtwo, Peach, Yoshi). By quickly tapping the jump button twice (essentially, short-hopping twice), these characters can actually land on the ground with the beginning of their second jump, “canceling” any animation with 0 frame lag.

    This is usually used as a sort of SHFFL+ (as, unlike L-cancelling, DJC completely removes landing animation). For example, a Ness player can jump, do an aerial on the way up, then DJC onto the ground with no lag. This can be devastating when strung together correctly (and, indeed, is one of the reasons Ness WAS great in SSB but not so much in SSBM: his aerials could be DJC’d in SSB for massive combos, but sent people flying and out of his reach in SSBM).


    ChopperDave on
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  • JimothyJimothy Not in front of the fox he's with the owlRegistered User regular
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    We haven't had an item of any kind in a week or so, have we? We haven't had a music update in a while either.

    But I'm still hoping for a character of some sort.

    Jimothy on
  • ChopperDaveChopperDave Registered User regular
    edited October 2007

    Disclaimer: All of these terms (unless noted) apply to SSBM. Very few have been confirmed for SSBB, and some may very well be removed in the transition.
    OTHER TERMS (shamelessly stolen from Smashboards)

    Aerial Abbreviations:
    Bair - Back Air
    Dair - Down Air
    Fair - Forward Air
    Nair - Neutral Air
    Uair - Up Air

    Air Dodge: A dodge executed in the air. Press R or L, and a direction if you want to move as you dodge. You cannot air dodge during a tumble. The mechanics of this may have been changed for Brawl.

    Air Recovery: When someone sends you flying from an attack, you can tap back and forth on the joystick to recover faster in the air, without needing to use up one of your jumps.

    Auto-Float: Auto-floating is holding down during your first jump in order to start floating at any desired height (This only works for Peach).

    Bomb Jumping: Samus can actually jump using her Bombs to propel her. She cannot stay in the air indefinitely, but it is very useful as a recovery. After being knocked off the stage, lay a bomb, fall a little, lay another bomb (causing you to stall long enough for the first bomb to explode over your character), then push the control stick in the direction you wish to go, then repeat the process. Samus can also grapple the stage when she gets close enough.

    Link also has the ability to bomb jump, but it is not quite as effective and much more difficult to pull off. The gist is that once you’re off the edge, pull a bomb out, throw it, and proceed to up B, if you do it correctly then the bomb will blow up on you and you will be able to perform another up B move.

    C-Stick - General: The C-stick can be used to automatically use an uncharged smash attack on the ground, and an aerial when airborne. When holding an item, using the C-stick will huck the item at full speed in the chosen direction.

    The C-Stick does not perform a smash attack any faster then pressing a direction and A. Therefore, outside of finger movement, they are the same speed. Aerial Attacks are commonly performed using the C-Stick, especially the Dair. You can charge the C-Stick by pressing the C-stick and Z at the same time. The C-stick actually makes certain moves that are previously impossible, possible. Example: Floating backwards with Peach and performing her Fair.

    Chain Grabbing/Throwing: Characters such as Sheik, Marth, Ice Climber's, and Mario (there are others too) can chain throw. This is just throwing the opponent at a given direction in order to catch them again. The process is then repeated many times, but some characters can escape chain throws at certain (higher) percentages. Some characters have pseudo chain grabs

    Dash Attack Cancel: If you dash attack and immediately hit Z, you will start your dash attack animation, but instead you will grab. This is only useful if your dash attack makes you lunge forward greatly, like with Sheik, with some characters it is longer than a dash grab, with others it is shorter.

    Dashing vs. Walking: If you lightly hold the joystick, your character will walk slowly. If you tap the joystick, you will run (dash). While walking, you can still perform any attack, but while dashing you can only do the dash attack by pressing A, grab by pressing Z, or if you get advanced you can roll the joystick up and hit A to do an upwards smash attack out of the dash. To smash attack out of a walk, use the C-stick.

    Dash Canceling: The dash can be canceled by holding down on the control stick.

    Dash Dancing (DD): Tapping the joystick back and forth quickly to keep turning around in the opening dash animation, used as a fake-out tactic because you can dash in either direction at any time.

    Dash Grab: While dashing, you can hit Z to perform a grab, known as a dashgrab. No dashgrab looks the safe as a standing grab. This will give (most) grabs greater range, but ALL characters suffer more startup and cooldown frames. Good examples are Luigi, Doctor Mario and Mario.

    DeSyncing: The process through which you separate the attacks of each individual Ice Climber. It can be done in a variety of ways, most commonly with dodging or using your shield. It is one of the underlying techniques of an advanced Ice Climber’s player.

    Disjointed Hitbox: A disjointed hitbox is an area that an opponent can attack without having to worry about being hurt. Disjointed hitbox’s are often confused with rules of priority. To better understand how they work it’s best to tinker with Marth or Ness’s F-air.

    Doc’s Up-B Cancel: Doctor Mario can actually cancel his Up-B. After you press Up B (Up and slightly to the right/left preferably), to cancel it, quickly tap in the opposite control stick direction within 4 frames. If you perform it correctly Doctor Mario will perform the beginning of the attack but will never leave the ground. Potential uses depend on the knock back and stun the opponent receives.

    Dodge/Sidestep: To dodge, shield and press down on the control stick. You are not invincible for the entirety of the dodge, just the middle portion. Like rolling, dodging has startup and ending frames during which you are immobile and open to attack, how long these frames last depends on your character.

    Donkeycide: Using Donkey Kong’s unique ability to move after grabbing an opponent, players grapple another character, jump off stage opponent in tow, and send both the Donkey Kong and his opponent to their dooms. Also can be used with Bowser, which is sometimes called “Bowserside”. Humiliation technique.

    Edge/Ledge Guarding:he act of keeping your opponent from returning safely to the edge upon his recovery.

    Edge/Ledge Hogging: Holding onto the side of the edge so that your opponent may not grab on during his recovery, caused because only one character may be holding onto the edge at a given time.
    -Rolling has the longest invincibility frames while you still actually occupy the edge, therefore, time a roll just as your opponent performs his up-B to keep him from grabbing on and yourself from getting hit.
    -Wavedash while facing away from the edge to grab on quickly.
    -Short hop for those characters who have shorter wavedashes and quick fall speeds.
    -Autofloat back onto the edge for Peach.
    -Aim the Up B of Pichu or Pikachu toward and then into the edge (very difficult).
    -Use Young Link or Link’s Up B while standing next to the edge and then roll the control stick toward the edge (very difficult).

    Extended Grapple: Samus can extend her grapple by pressing back and forth (left and right) on the D-Pad and pressing the Z-button while her grapple is extended. If done successfully her grapple will be 2-3 times longer and have the ability to hone in on enemies by pressing the L button, to grab, you must press Z again as it lands on the enemy. The process of extending the grapple can leave you open, so it helps to jump into a grapple to make yourself less open. Also, the grapple resets each life.

    Fake Turnip Throw: This move is executed by Peach to fake opponents out. You can actually throw a turnip downwards as you’re landing from the air (preferably from an auto-cancel) and you will perform about half of the throwing animation frames, but still keep the turnip.

    Fast Falling: Pressing down at the peak of your jump to increase your fall speed, important for certain techniques like shuffling and short hop lasers.

    Float Canceling: While L-canceling is usually best to shorten the delay after performing an air attack, peach has the ability to Float Cancel her aerial’s. Float canceling is a pretty simple technique, basically do an attack while floating, then release the float, when you hit the ground after the attack you will have only four frames of recovery time, no matter what attack you performed.

    Frame: 1/60th of a second. SSBM runs at 60 frames per second, and when you execute an attack on the control stick it takes place the very next frame.

    Grab/Throw: Press Z, R and A, or L and A to attempt to grab your opponent. After you grab them you can attack them with A, and then throw them by tapping the joystick in the direction you want to throw them. Eventually, they can wriggle free (faster by pressing buttons and moving the joystick/c-stick) so you can't just attack them with A forever. A grab is the only move that is unaffected by shielding (although hitting L/R does reduce the time of the grab).

    Hitbox: The area that an attack covers and can deal damage.

    Hitlag and Freeze Frames: Each attack has a few frames of hit lag during which the attack connects (usually just one, but sometimes as high as 2-3). During this time your character is frozen in place, but DI can still be inputted. This property has lead to the practice of Smash DI.

    IASA (Interruptible As Soon As): All moves have IASA-frames. After performing a move, you can perform another move (and most often, a jump or a dash) before the first move actually ends. The best example of this is Marth's down tilt. If you perform it and try to jump, you have to wait for the full 49 frames until the move is over. However, if you perform it and try to follow up with any attack (smash or tilt), the down tilt will stop after 20 frames (its hit box will have come out) and go directly into that move. To do an IASA-cancel, you just have to attack after IASA frames of that move have begun but before the animation of the move ends.

    Infinites: Several characters have infinites, of which none are regularly banned at tournaments except as a means to stall.

    Wobbling: Named after the player who first used the technique to success in a tournament (not to the discoverer, the move has actually been around since 2004), wobbling is when the Ice Climbers grab an opponent and infinite using the forward tilt in a well timed repetition. It works against any character on any stage starting at a low percentage until the Ice Climbers player decides to end the infinite. The only stipulations are that the Ice Climbers must land a properly spaced grab and that both Ice Climbers must be present to perform the infinite.
    Shine Infinite: The shine infinite is performed by Fox in several different ways. Most common is to shine and wavedash repeatedly. This infinite ends when Fox runs out of room to perform it, although against some characters it is possible to reverse the infinite by wavedashing behind the character and starting the chain over again. The other variant requires a wall, where Fox will shine, wavedash downwards, and shine again. It is also possible to shine, jump, shine repeatedly, but requires the shine to come out very quickly after Fox leaves the ground (so that he may land, shine, and jump again). This iteration of the shine infinite takes less than 10 frames to perform (much quicker than using a wavedash).

    Initial Dash (ID): The initial dash animation may be quicker than running with certain characters and further than a wavedash. Different strategies, usually regarding mobility and fake outs, have since been used with this property.

    Item Grabbing: On the ground, you can pick up items by pressing A. In the air, you can pick up items by pressing Z. You can use the Z button to pick up items in the air and not have to wait and stop on top of the item to use A. You can grab hearts as they float to the ground. Very useful. Watch out item grabbing with the Links or Samus in the air. They will send out their grappling beam/hooks and if you are moving toward the edge you might fall off and be unable to recover.

    Item Catching: Same as item grabbing. When someone throws an item at you, you can catch it by pressing A right when it's about to hit you (on the ground) or Z (in the air). A safer way to air catch is to air dodge and press Z when the item is passing by. It will still catch the item even though you're dodging. I don't know if this works with ground dodging too.

    Juggling: A term for continually hitting your opponent up in the air so they don't get to land.

    Jump Canceled Up Smash: Every character can up smash from a dash, simply roll the control stick upwards and hit A after you dash.

    Jump Canceled Shines: Fox and Falco can cancel their jump by using their shine move, most commonly used when performing Fox’s shine infinite or when Fox/Falco wants to shine straight from a shielding position. Simply jump and quickly press down B. Technically you are jump canceling the shield into a shine, but this is how the term is usually referred.

    Jump Canceled Grabs: Jump canceled grabs are helpful for many characters whose lag from a standing grab is less than the lag from a dash grab. Simply dash, then press Y/X or up on the control stick before hitting Z to perform a jump canceled dash grab.

    Edge Hop: Edge hopping is purposely falling off of a edge (press away/down on the control stick), followed by jumping (hitting up/X/Y) onto the level. People usually use an attack on the way up to ensure they are not hit off of the level when landing. Most people press away from the edge since pressing down has the risk of fast falling. You can also edge hop into a waveland, a common practice when you know the opponent is planning attack and you wish to waveland into a shield.

    Kirbycide: The use of Kirby’s Copy ability to suck in an opponent while falling off-stage, and hold him in Kirby’s belly while both characters plummet to their doom. Better Kirby players have actually been able to spit out opponents under the stage, then recover without loss of life (especially humiliating).

    Luigi’s Ladder: To perform this trick you need two Luigi’s. Get close enough to each other so that your up B’s will hit, but will not hit with the fire part. Then, both players just continuously press Up B over and over and you will be able to climb into the air indefinitely. This tactic can be used as a stall in team tournaments and is usually banned.

    Metagame: The metagame refers to a number of different things. First, there can be a player versus player metagame, which two players who may have a significant skill gap overall happen to have close matches due to repetition of play (experience) and knowledge of the other person’s tactics. The second is the overall level a person plays at, usually referred to in a generality, like the high level metagame. Lastly the metagame, as a definition, is how a person thinks during a match, similar to the term mind games.

    Meteor Canceling: If you jump at the exact moment someone is Meteor Smashing you, you will recover quickly and jump and there will be a little flashy graphic. It only works on spikes deemed official "Meteor Smashes" by the game though.

    Meteor Smash: Many characters have a Meteor Smash. This is a smash that sends your opponent downward and is designated by the game as a special move. Meteor Smashes, while powerful, can be meteor recovered, which makes them less effective than spikes.

    Mind Games: One of the most misunderstood terms within the community. Mind games are first were used to describe a single trick used against an opponent, but have since come to describe how a player thinks during an entire match. The only real difference between the top level players in the country are their mind games, in other words, the level at which they think and predict their opponents. Mind games are essentially a synonym for the less used term metagaming.

    Missile Canceling: This is a Samus technique, but it is also much like Falco Short hop lasers. Before you land on the ground from jumping, fire a missile, the landing will cancel the missile animation and reduce normal missile firing lag. You can also cancel missiles with bombs.

    Moon Walking: Moon walking can be performed by many characters but the most effective moon walker is Captain Falcon. To moon walk, dash in a direction and quickly do a half circle rotation (during which you should be pressing down at some point).

    Needle Canceling: This is very similar to Samus’ Missile Canceling technique. The only difference is that this move uses Sheik and her ability to cancel her lag created by releasing her needles in the same fashion that Samus cancels her missile lag. You can also store needles in midair or on the ground by pressing L/R.

    Phantom Hit: Phantom hits occur when you barely hit the opponent. It's more like you should have missed but didn't, than you should have hit but didn't. The one on the receiving end will only receive half of the damage they normally should have received and will have no knock back.

    Pillaring: Two forms of this concept have arisen over the years. The first, its formal definition, involves a Falco player chipping away at an opponents’ shield by alternating between shuffled dairs and his shine attack. The second, more commonly used definition (but actually incorrect) is the actual shine to dair combo where the opponent receives damage.

    Pivoting/DA DASH: The easiest way to get a sense of this technique is to watch the dash dance of Marth or Sheik. You'll notice that there is a frame during the dash dance that the character seems to be standing upright. This is where the pivoting idea comes in. At that upright frame you may perform any move that you could otherwise perform from the standing position. This could actually be quicker than wavedashing backwards and into an attack with certain characters, where instead you dash back just a bit and pivot into an attack. To pull it off, dash one direction, then quickly tap the opposite direction and perform your attack. The attack has to be performed as your character is pivoting to change his direction.

    Power Shielding/Shield Reflecting: If you press the shield button all the way down within 3 frames of you being hit, you will block the attack without putting up your shield and be able to retaliate immediately. The computer does this frequently. If the attack is a projectile, you will reflect it back at your opponent and your shield will come up. With practice many players have been able to consistently power shield projectiles such as Falco’s lasers.

    Priority: If two attacks come out at the exact same time, they will clank, no matter if it's a jab against a jab, or a jab against a smash. Even if one of the moves is disjointed, they will both clank. The only thing priority is based upon on the ground is that certain attacks reach out much further than they look like they should reach out (due to there hit box). The same goes for aerial priority. If two aerials hit at the same time, the one with more priority will override the other. The lower prioritized person will suffer a hit while the higher prioritized person doesn't. But only if the higher prioritized isn't in range. Aerial priority is all about range. Let's take Peach's Bair against Captain Falcon's fair, for instance. The reach Captain Falcon's fair has is pretty much his knee itself. Peach's Bair's reach is her butt and then a large piece of air around it. In order to hit CF when he's fairing, you only have to hit his fair.

    In order to hit Peach while her bair is extended to its utmost ability, you have to hit her butt. But wait, Peach's bair has a great priority when it's fully out because the bair will hit quite a distance around her butt! So in order to hit Peach while she's Bairing, you have to make it so that the hitbox of your attack makes it inside of that big circle around her butt without your own hitbox making it inside of the circle. If both hitboxes make contact with attacking hitboxes, both will get hit.

    Reset: Canceling the opponent’s tumbling or stun animation by hitting them with an attack with relatively low knock back. A very easy to see example of this is down throwing with Fox or Falco and immediately jabbing them. If they do not tech, you will “reset” their position and be and be able to follow up with other hits, grabs, etc. There are two different reset states, one where you hit your opponent while they’re lying on the ground and another if they are standing or air borne (usually during a tumble).

    Rising Pound: JiggyPuff’s pound can give horizontal distance with almost no loss in vertical height. To perform it, do the pound, then slide the control stick upward, the effects are quite obvious if it is performed correctly.

    Roll: A moving dodge done by tapping the joystick to the left or right while pressing L or R. Newer players rely on it a bit too much, but it is still very useful at the higher levels, so don't always count it out.

    Sex Kick: The nickname given to the nair attack of some characters, this nickname has since become common place after several years of usage. It is defined as a kick that sticks out and still hits people even when the foot is no longer moving (Samus, Mario, Doc, Yoshi, etc). Some people use it as a term for all nair’s, although such a reference would be incorrect.

    Shieldhitstun: When you hit a shield with an attack, you will suffer shieldhitstun. During these frames, you can't do anything.

    Shielding – General: Every character can shield attacks, as such, shielding comes with a few unique properties that should be learned. Every character has a light and full shield that have different uses, and every character (except Yoshi) can jump out of their shield. Jumping out of the shield allows the shield to be canceled instantaneously, because of this, you can wavedash or up smash out of your shield. You can also pass through platform by lightly and slightly moving the control stick downwards while your shield is up (instead of dropping your shield then pressing down to move through the platform). You can move your shield around different parts of your body by slowly moving your control stick toward a given direction.

    Shielding – Light Shield: To light shield, gently hold down L/R or hold down Z. Light shielding covers more of your body and causes your character to slide away further from oncoming attacks. A disadvantage to light shielding is that you cannot powershield attacks. The light shield can also be used as a quick edge hog against different opponents (known as the light shield edge hog). This is particularly dominant in the Marth-Falco match up, to perform it, roll toward the ledge as Falco, put your light shield up and tilt the shield down and toward the returning Marth. Marth’s up B attack should then hit the inside of the shield, cause Falco to grab the ledge and edge hog Marth.

    Shielding – Full Shield: The full shield is smaller and darker than the light shield has a few advantages. You can powershield attacks using the full shield by timing the shield just as the oncoming attack/projectile is about to hit your character. The full shield has less knock back, meaning you may want to use if to perform an attack out of the shield right after the shield-stun from an attack wears off.

    Shield Toggling: You can toggle between the light and full shield by holding down L/R and A, then pressing Z repeatedly.

    Shield Stun: When hit by attacks while shielding, you will lag for a number of frames during which you can't do anything. The number of shield stun lag frames varies depending on which character hit you and with what attack, the lag is not based on who you are. This is different from shieldhitstun in that it is the person shielding, not the attacker, that receives the lag.

    Shield Grabbing: An essential technique that tends to separate experienced players from novices more than any other tactic. Because grabbing can be done by Shielding (L/R/Z) and hitting A, you can therefore grab the moment the shield-stun wears off of your character from the attack move. This is a major defensive move and eliminates a lot of options for your opponent if you can use it well.

    Shine/Reflector: Fox and Falco’s reflector is commonly referred to as the “shine” (has both noun and verb forms).

    Short Jumping/Hopping (SH): If you tap the jump button quickly, you will do a shorter jump than usual. Short hops actually come out faster than full jumps. This is very useful in quickening the pace and removing vulnerabilities in your character.

    Short Hop Blaster/Laser (SHB/SHL): A common way to tell a new Falco player from a skilled one is whether or not they SHB. This reduces the recovery time from firing a laser and is almost as fast as repeatedly pressing B while standing. The major difference between this and the standing blaster is mobility and recovery time (the time it takes Falco to put his blaster away).

    Super Wavedash: The Super Wavedash can only be performed by Samus, it is difficult to learn but once you get the timing it becomes easier. To perform it, Lay a bomb, then hold the controller in one direction, just as you land from the laying the bomb quickly press the control stick in the other direction. It's important to note the move has nothing to do with the bomb. Instead, it has to do with the morph-ball state, which you can only get to by laying a bomb. You must switch control stick directions between the 41st and 42nd frame of the bomb animation to pull it off correctly. For more information please view: The Samus Super Wavedash Sticky

    Tech Chasing: Some characters, such as Captain Falcon, are good at tech chasing. This is a common tactic during which the opponent follows your tech, proceeds to throw, then follows however you tech the throw.

    Triangle Jumping: Similar to wavedashing, except you dodge after you've actually jumped off the ground. This is very useful against characters like Marth in avoiding the attack (sword) while getting close enough in proximity in order to attack. It is also used as a fake out method for approaching.

    Tumble: After some attacks your character may enter a tumble, during which he cannot perform an A attack or jump. Tumbles must be wiggled out of before control of the character can be regained (although you can still up B out of a tumble).

    Turnip Canceling: Similar to Samus’ Missile Cancel, except this technique involves Peach canceling the lag from pulling out turnips. To do this, just pull out a turnip and while standing on a platform followed by immediately dropping through it as you begin to pull the turnip from the ground.

    Vidjo Drop: Because of Peach’s float she has the unique ability to utilize the IASA-factor (Interruptible As Soon As-Factor) in a special way, known as the Vidjo drop. Under normal conditions throwing or dropping a turnip requires the loss of floating for that jump. However, if you perform an aerial attack and time hitting A or Z at just the right moment, you can actually cancel that attack and toss or drop the turnip while maintaining your float. The Dair is the easiest to perform the Vidjo Drop with because the move has 6 ISAI frames, meaning you can drop or toss the turnip 6 frames before the animation actually ends and still be floating.

    Vidjocide: The use of Peach’s Vidjo Drop with a bob-omb or explosive canister instead of a turnip. Typically, the Peach will float in, use her Dair, and Vidjo drop the explosive onto the enemy. The Dair locks the opponent in place (if he attempts a dodge) or weakens the shield enough to create an opening (if he attempts to shield), and the bomb does the rest. Great fake-out technique against foes who get extremely defensive as soon as they see you holding an explosive. Only downside: the blast tends to catch the Peach, too (hence the –cide).

    Wall-Bombing: Peach has the ability to perform the Wall-Bomb by pressing Forward B while next to a wall. If you Smash Forward B then the Bomber will actually raise you up a tiny bit. Repeat the process and you can actually climb any wall in the game. This move could also be used as a stall, so forms of it are banned at most tournaments and it is only allowed as a recovery.

    Wall-Jumping: With certain (more agile) characters, you can jump toward a wall and then tap the joystick away from it to jump off of the wall. This doesn't use up any jumps and is useful for getting out of pits on certain stages.

    Wall of Pain (WoP): Jiggypuff’s general strategy is usually focused on the Wall of Pain. This is the repetition of Jiggles high priority air moves, such as her Bair.

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  • MiserableMirthMiserableMirth Registered User regular
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    So I've been wondering why this game got delayed. For awhile there, with all the updates, I figured that the heart of the game was finished, and they were just touching shit up. This is how I pictured it going down.

    "So, I think we have a great game Sakurai. Job well down."

    "No. More."


    "More. I said MORE!"

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  • ChopperDaveChopperDave Registered User regular
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    Dang. Can get the top post but I can't get em both :lol:

    Anyway, seriously people, don't argue about that shit. If it ever comes up just refer the poor sods to this page and let it go....

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    Arcibi wrote: »
    In all seriousness there's no way Capt. Falcon got cut, the F-Zero icon on the Dojo is even the Falcon insignia

    I wouldn't mind another playable character from F-Zero though

    Probably Pico or Black Shadow

    How about Jody Summer, she is one of the main character as well right? Would add another female character at the same time.

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    So I've been wondering why this game got delayed. For awhile there, with all the updates, I figured that the heart of the game was finished, and they were just touching shit up. This is how I pictured it going down.

    "So, I think we have a great game Sakurai. Job well down."

    "No. More."


    "More. I said MORE!"

    Either there were a few last minute characters/stages they wanted to squeeze in, they felt that they needed more time to ensure that balance was just right, or they figured that it would be smart not to make Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros. have to compete with one another.

    Possibly a combination of the above.

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    MetaHybrid wrote: »
    Arcibi wrote: »
    In all seriousness there's no way Capt. Falcon got cut, the F-Zero icon on the Dojo is even the Falcon insignia

    I wouldn't mind another playable character from F-Zero though

    Probably Pico or Black Shadow

    How about Jody Summer, she is one of the main character as well right? Would add another female character at the same time.


    Though Brawl also needs more villains in my opinion

    Black Shadow of course being the main villain, and Pico just being generally disliked by the other racers

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    I'm going to say Samus' b-moves again.

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    I was just about to tell Nickle to enter the tournament, since the new release date means I'll have the game right around release.

    Then I remembered that I can't bring my Wii online while at school, and I felt so disappointed.

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    Hell, I just take Kate Alen. The circuit's national anthem singer, if I recall. Very fun...

    "Captain Falcon, good ride today, your sixth-straight top-5 finish. What was it like out there?"
    "I got beat by the fucking national anthem girl! THE NATIONAL ANTHEM GIRL!"

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    I do somehow hope black falcon does get in, I'm not one for "every series and their villain" but I'd love to see another addition from F-zero (besides goroh being an assist)

    Also, it's either music or ganondorf.

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    Just in time for this week's first update. <3

    Hmmmm... stage?

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    I can't remember. What are some of the main girl characters from F-Zero? We should get one of them. A little less Super Sausage Brothers.

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    Whoa, that list of Smash Bros terms is freaking huge. Goes to show you how in-depth people can get about a game.

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    You know, I've always thought it kind of strange that they included Peach and Zelda and Samus in a game called Super Smash Brothers. What does that say about them?

    Obviously we need to call the game Super Smash Siblings.

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