CAN->US trip: A VGamer buyers guide



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    Holy shit, guys.

    I just phoned Canada customs.

    They told me that all computer entertainment items such as PCs, consoles and the games/software thereof are DUTY AND TAX-FREE regardless of where they are made.

    AS LONG AS you are within your exemption limit ($400 for 48 hours or $750 for 7 days).

    If you exceed your limit, then you have to pay the taxes of your province on the amount you went over.


    Now I don't have to risk putting it in my luggage or shipping it, or any of that crazy stuff.

    Now I have to decide what game to get. JUST ONE.

    Side topic: what ONE game should I get? I LOVE GRAW2, RB6 Vegas, Stranglehold...I want Assassin's Creed for sure...and Orange Box.

    Any other suggestions?

    Dude, everything is duty/tax free if it's within your exemption limit, except liquor and tabacco (and maybe some other obscure shit)

    For a day trip you're only looking at $50 limit tho...

    Also, when you come back you can bring 1 40oz bottle of liquor, 1 bottle of wine, or 1 case of beer tax free. Why is this important? Case of beer here = $40. Case of beer in the states = $18


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    Bamelin wrote: »
    Honestly customs is just the Canadian government's way of making sure you pay the extra high prices that are being charged up here ... fuck that.

    Well, not quite. It's more the Canadian government's way of taxing you when you decide to buy out of province. Otherwise, why would anyone buy products in Canada if it's cheaper over the border?

    Regardless of how high the prices are in Canada, they want you to pay the high taxes in Canada to support the social services they "offer." Let's not debate the benefits or disadvantages of Canada's social system, but I'm just saying customs ensures you still pay tax when you buy out of country.

    I wouldn't recommend smuggling shit over either. They're pretty ridiculous nowadays. Back in the day people got away with shoving shit in their pants and what not, but now they'll pull you over if you blink funny. Unlike police, customs officials have the authority to search without any grounds of suspicion. They can tear your car to ribbons because they say you might have drugs in there and when they find dick all, leave you alone with a car to re-assemble.

    Go actually look at the duty you are paying on things that you need to declare. Most of the time it's not worth the risk of having your shit seized.

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