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    Corporal CarlCorporal Carl Registered User regular
    edited December 2008
    I recently bought this game, and I noticed that during the Christmas period on the European PSN store you can get the combined set 2 + 3 expansion (with trophy support) for a lessened price.

    I like the game :P It is a while different kind of game than Magic however; I really had to unlearn the habit of killing when I was able to kill; it is far more effective to keep the enemies around at 1 HP so that you can kill them in a check-situation.

    Of course, with the trophy support, I'm trying to get those, but you need to play the computer on Normal difficulty. I have a pool of Set 1, 2 and 3 cards to choose from, and I'm doing alright in beating the decks "in a normal way".

    However, some of the trophy challenges are not that straightforward ("win without killing any opponent's creatures" and "win in 10 turns" still sound quite impossible to me), but that's the challenge :P

    I am basically making an anti-deck against each deck of the computer (so if he's playing water with lots of Dodge attemtps, I go looking for anti-dodge cards).

    I also managed to make a deck that is a bit more versatile, but as soon as he dares to summon "a big gun" then I'm in a whole world of trouble.

    I haven' t tried playing online yet; I'm first practicing against the computer.

    I like it (especially now that the British pound virtually equals the Euro), so I was able to get a copy cheaply :winky:

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    KanikKanik Registered User regular
    edited April 2009
    So who's still playing this?!

    After a year of telling myself "I should get that game" I finally caved in and managed to get it for $14. My main reason for getting the game was missing the smell of TCG cards. The smell...fresh from a booster...it's so amazing. I'm even storing my cards in tupperwear when not playing to prolong the effect.

    I really enjoy the game, it brings a smile on my face when I'm losing then just manage to somehow win. My only problem though is that the only cards I have is what came with the game - which are all very basic. The computer is basically unstoppable if it uses certain cards with Dodge or Perfect Dodge...and my only card with a magic attack has an attack of 1. It's pretty lame.

    I managed to buy 268 common/uncommon cards off ebay for $21. Hopefully that'll get me through with playing against the computer when they come in. I can't help but feel though that without Rares I won't stand a chance online, so I haven't even tried.

    A part of me also wants to play with printouts but another part of me feels that the game won't be nearly as fun afterwards. But between the cost of cards and the $20 expansions I'll buy, I feel as though I'll be paying a lot of money that could go elsewhere. =/

    Kanik on
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    AggroChanAggroChan __BANNED USERS regular
    edited April 2009
    I personally stopped playing due to the fact that it costs too much and it's a pain to set up in my living room.
    But the game's still great fun :D

    AggroChan on
    PSN + Zune :>
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    PeregrineFalconPeregrineFalcon Registered User regular
    edited April 2009
    Thread from beyond the grave! :shock:

    I still bust out my Set 1 stuff for amusement occasionally ... I haven't bothered buying any of the expansions. And I really should grab a stack of common/uncommons off eBay.

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    KanikKanik Registered User regular
    edited April 2009
    Haha, nothing says "amazing game!" more than a thread from '08!

    I have a tv-mate foldup table that I never used...now it sits in a corner with my cards and PSEYE. :)

    Trying to figure out what's more of a pain to set up for me though. Whipping out buzzards to play Buzz!, Dance Mat for DDR, dragging my drumset out for Rockband 2, dragging the table and setting up Eye, or opening up the curtains + turning on my lamp to play Sega Superstars/ Eyetoy: Kinetic.

    Crazy part is that I play all of those games regularly.

    Kanik on
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    greeblegreeble Registered User regular
    edited April 2009
    Eye of Judgment is great fun if you can find a friend to play with. My buddy who is into Magic the gathering, came for a visit in Dec 07. We played this a bunch. He liked it so much he bought a ps3 and Eye of Judgment when he went back to seattle. (He also liked the media features of the ps3)

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