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Is my PC dead?

TheOne(AndOnly)TheOne(AndOnly) regular
edited November 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
Except for today my PC has been running fine, and last night I turned it off without any problems, but today when I went to turn it on all that I heard was the power supply fan turn on. Is there any thing I can do to get it to work, or is it really dead?

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    Pop open the case and see if any other fans are spinning. If you have access to another power supply, try putting that one in, to determine if your power supply, or other (more expensive) parts are toast.

    Kyzen on
  • AtomBombAtomBomb regular
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    Sorry if you've already done this, but try unplugging the computer and plugging it back in.

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    If neither of those methods work, it might be worth your time to try a different power cord. My mom's PC once wouldn't get past the bootsplash screen (it's an eMachine) and even tech support had no idea what it was doing. For some reason I had the bright idea to try the cord that actually came with the computer (we had just kept using an old one) and it fixed it right up.

    Silvoculous on
  • TheOne(AndOnly)TheOne(AndOnly) regular
    edited November 2007
    I tried switching cords and that didn't work, and I don't have another power supply. Well, I guess I know where Christmas money is going.

    TheOne(AndOnly) on
    BNet USEast: Lampley | PKBlack FC:1850-1035-3335 | LoL PATheOneAndOnly
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    Worse case scnerio, take everything out of the case, then put things back one piece at a time until you find the week link. Barebones you need a motherboard, a powersupply, ram, and a video card. Remove everything else and get these items to work in conjunction. You are looking for the mobo to post (show a boot prompt) then tell you theres no hard drive. Eliminate each possibility before moving on to the next.

    A couple of hints:

    Bad ram will generally stop a boot but the screen will at least come on.

    A bad HD will generally die a slow death as opposed to dying abruptly

    A bad OS install will normally try to post and boot but fail.

    A bad partition on a hard drive will do the same as a bad OS install.

    A bad mobo will be a lifeless lump.

    A bad proc will generally cause a scream or a beep code from the mobo.

    Without more info, it sounds like a bad power supply or mobo.

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