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Nokia N95

OdenOden Registered User regular
So I recently got a new Nokia N95 with Optus but the none of its internet capabilities work. Everytime I try and connect to either WAP, Optus Zoo, Optus Internet or my own wireless network it just says "Packet Data: Connection Not Allowed"

Is there someplace short of calling the Optus Technical support that I can go to fix this, because the first time I called them the guy was useless and told me to do it online which didn't work.

Apologies to anyone who isn't Australian and doesn't know what is Optus.

Oden on


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    mooshoeporkmooshoepork Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    You will have to call Optus, and ask for a supervisor. A friend had a similar problem and had to call optus. I take it you are on a plan? I doubt internet works on pre-paid. and woo Australia, where you from? :)

    mooshoepork on
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