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Creative Zen V Plus issues

davidbarrydavidbarry Registered User regular
I recently picked up a Creative Zen V Plus, and thus far have been really enjoying it (Aside from the installation pains). Today, for some unknown reason my computer stopped recognizing it. This is after using it earlier to transfer some podcasts over. I have no idea what could have changed, but I did notice that while listening to the podcast it would inexplicably stop playing, which was remedied by me pausing and unpausing the player.

I'm running Windows Xp, SP2. I get the little "blu bleeep" when i first connect it to my PC, and a dialog box asking me how I'd like to handle the new device (Show it's contents folder-style, opening in Creative media source, etc.) Unfortunately, it only appears to recognize it for that brief moment.

edit: And the actual mp3 player says that it is docked and charging. I've also done a "disk cleanup" through the mp3 player's own recovery functions, but that hasn't helped anything.

Edit2: I was just browsing the creative labs support forums. A moderator suggested to someone suffering from the same issue that they do a system restore on their PC and role it back a few days. Hmmm....not good.

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