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Men's haircuts?

CheezyCheezy Registered User regular
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I can never seem to articulate what I want from my barber and as such, it almost always turns out wrong. Does anyone know of any websites that have haircuts along with the accompanying technical details that I can browse?

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    RohaqRohaq UKRegistered User regular
    edited November 2007
    I usually just tell mine what I want: Short around the back and sides, about an inch or so on top, as I tend to use gel and spike it up.

    Hasn't seemed to have failed me yet.

    Other than that, pictures are your friend, try sites like this:

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    PheezerPheezer Registered User, ClubPA regular
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    Those sorts of sites are in short supply for men. You're probably best off saying something like "I want this part short and maybe thin out this area but I want it to kind of go like this over here" and use hand motions to describe and get them to tell you what they think they should do based on your requests and go from there.

    It's also important to note that a good stylist is a really valuable person to know. Maybe you grew up with the same barber your dad had but if you want a look that you've never seen your barber wear, and that you've never seen a client leave his shop wearing, you might need to look around for someone new. It's generally going to go much better for you if you can find someone whose taste in hair styles matches yours relatively closely, it means you'll have an easy time arriving at an agreement based on what yours will look like after s/he's done and you'll be more satisfied with your look more frequently.

    It took me about two years to find the stylist I go to now, just because everyone I was talking to either wanted to do really standard issue Ultracuts style hair cuts or they wanted to put pink chunks into my hair and let's face it I have an office job, so when I say I want something modern I mean a modern cut not retarded colouring all over the place, y'know?

    Sorry if this isn't what you were hoping for in advice.

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    Limp mooseLimp moose Registered User regular
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    short cuts for mens hair can be difficult to cut if the barber is not used to doing it. I will echo the drs. statement that finding a good barber can be very difficult.

    If you want a certain look that your current stylist cant seem to get right you may want to go somewhere else. I know it took me about 4 different shops before I found a barber that specialized in cutting fades. My hair has to be in navy regs and unless you like looking like you just got out of boot camp the base barbers are not where you want to go. But civilians do not know the military regs. So to find someone that did and knew how to fade the lines so it doesn't look like a high and tight took me awhile.

    Describing it never really helped. I ended up with a high and tight or a buzz cut almost every time. So my best advice would be to take a picture. And try a few new places out. There are lots of barbers out there. One is bound to get it right.

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    DakeyrasDakeyras Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    DrDizaster wrote: »
    Those sorts of sites are in short supply for men.

    There are a lot of magazines with pictures of men in em though. Find some manly haircut in magazines like Men's Health. Testosterone increase guaranteed.

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    NrthstarNrthstar Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    Magazines/Movies/Tv shows are the easiest ways to do this. That and the Doc is right, finding the right stylist is important. I've struggled with this for years. I like trying really random stuff, so after a few failed trips to the mall, I started cutting my own hair. This worked great at the time as I was working in a warehouse, and the style I generally tend towards are punk/hardcore. Now that I have an office job, I've lucked out and one of my friends cuts my hair now and since neither one of us have any fear, she's done some awesome bits on me.

    Walking into the place and just ask around, who's willing to do something more modern. If you see a stylist who has some more unique hair herself/himself, then start talking to that person. Bringing in pictures will help a lot, BUT the thing is your hair line/hair type will dictate the final result. Take a look at the target hair cut, and look to see if your own hair line resembles the style at all. Just a tip, so that way you won't end up with any surprises after all is said and done.

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