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Is my Wireless NIC card broked!?

Sci-Fi WasabiSci-Fi Wasabi Registered User regular
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Ok here is the deal. I have a NetGear WGR614 Wireless Router, A Comcast cable modem plugged into it, and a desktop computer in the next room with a newly installed Airlink101 Wireless PCI Adapter plugged into it.

From what you can already figure, I would like to connect my desktop to the wireless router. When I click on the (disconnected) wireless network icon, it gives me the option to either set up a new network or connect to an existing one. I already have a network set up, and I can confirm through both my PSP, DS, and 360 that it is fully connected and running fine.

However, when asking Windows XP to see what networks are in range, it doesn't come up with anything.

I would love to use the included software that came with the PCI adapter, but no matter how many re-installs I do, it crashes every time I try to click on it, and I have tried downloading it straight from the companies website to no avail.

This is pretty frustrating because every device in the house can connect but my computer.

Any suggestions?

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