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Laptop DOA - bringing back the dead.

SonarSonar Registered User regular
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So being the gamer/geek that I am everyone assumes I can fix whatever they break and send it my way. I've got a toshiba laptop that has been dropped in my lap for fixing. The XP key is helpfully pasted to the bottom of the lap top, but there are no disks provided...

We're dealing witha Satellite M55-S3262 if that means anything.

Symptoms include:

Device will not boot on any setting, safe mode, Dos Prompt. Haven't tried boot from disk, as I'm not at home.

Device attempts to boot then immediatly reboots.


For a laptop is this salvagable? My current plan is to boot it with a disk (which I will have to make I guess, thank goodness I've got the key.) do a system scan with virusware, pull the data off the drive and then reformat.

Sound good?

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    Uncle LongUncle Long Registered User regular
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    If you can boot from disk, then things aren't all bad. I'd say you hook the HD up to another computer and pull the data off of there as soon as you can before mucking with much of anything else with it. This will also help you see if there is a problem with the hard drive itself.

    If you can reformat then bully for you.

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    blincolnblincoln Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    If it's getting to the point where you can press F8 to select the startup mode, I've had that be both software and hardware problems. The hardware problem was with the motherboard. Your plan to pull the data off the drive and format is a good one. You might also consider downloading an Ubuntu live/install CD, booting from it and using the built-in memory test option to see if it is potentially a hardware issue.

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