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Yet another help me find an HDTV thread

Mace1370Mace1370 Registered User regular
I'm looking for an HDTV for my room. The ideal size I want is 32" (nothing bigger), but I would probably be ok with going a little smaller.

My budget is between $300-$500, but since I am also buying a 360 I want to minimize the cost of my HDTV has much as possible. Is it possible to get a TV this size for that budget?

If it helps, I will be sitting about 6 feet away from the TV.

Mace1370 on


  • BasticleBasticle Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    6 feet? I'd recommend something closer to 26 or 28 inches. You can probably find a good 26" LCD tv under $500 but its only going to be 1080i if thats something you care about.

    Basticle on
  • Mace1370Mace1370 Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    I don't really care about 1080p. 720p is actually plenty for me :).

    Mace1370 on
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