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Who You Gonna Call? [Hint, its not your auntie ethel]

ZephosZephos Climbin in yo ski lifts, snatchin your people up.MichiganRegistered User regular
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thats right, the freaking GHOSTBUSTERS.

game informer this month has a cover story on the new game comming up, which has nothing to do with the one video that was floating around a while back. Apparently its a sequel in video game form to the first 2 movies, with the real voice talent doing them and whatnot.

there are screens in the mag featuring none other than slimer and the stay-puffed marshmallow man.

i didnt get a chance to flip through too much when i was at the store with them on the shelves, so i'm anxiously awaiting my copy, there was a side bar with info on the wii/ps2 version (no i'm not kidding)

this is the simple, yet badassedly to the point cover.

edit: whoah, my bad, waaaaaaaaaaaaay late on this one.

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