Take TV -- User friendly viewing?

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So I saw an ad for Take TV and visited their site ... I have to admit it looks pretty slick and easy to use. Also only costs 150 bucks.

If I'm understanding the site right, you are basically sticking up to 5 hours of programming (from your PC) on a USB like key and then plugging this key directly into your TV to watch.

It seems like a really simple solution for those people not savvy enough to set up a proper media centre.

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    That is pretty nifty. Like you said, for someone who isn't very knowledgeable about setting up a media center, this is a cool tool.

    If you've got a Wii, and an internet connection, you can always try out Orb. It's free, and it allows you to stream stuff off of your computer through the Internet to any other source that can connect to the site. I used it at work to listen to my 5GB of music.

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