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Zune Issue! Please help??

4M3THYST4M3THYST Registered User regular

I don't personally own a Zune, so my account of this issue may not be as descriptive as it could be... but a co-worker of mine is at her wits end with a new Zune she got a few days ago (gotta love Black Friday shopping!). She's scoured technical help sites for the zune and turned up empty-handed. So, I knew there was no shortage of tech-savvy people here and was hoping somebody could help us figure this thing out:

When the "Play/Pause" button is held down for 3 solid seconds the Zune appears to power down (as it's apparently suppossed to when this button is held).

However, the only way the Zune is suppossed to come back on is for this button to be held another 3 seconds. Unfortunately any button (control pad, ok, back, and play/pause) when pressed for a fraction of a second seems to power it back on.

When it powers on, the menu screen which originally had small font on it now has GIANT font that expands larger than the screen....???

She has tried powering it off and and engaging the slider that locks it, which seems to keep it from coming on and displaying the menu screen..... however, it still drains the battery as if it is staying on???

Through her research of the Technical support site for the Zune she found that you cannot power it down while it is hooked up to the computer or any power source..... but in her case, it is not.

Any thoughts on this? Like I said, my knowledge of the Zune is all second hand, so if the above description was lacking anything that could help in a diagnosis please let me know!



  • DHS OdiumDHS Odium Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    I answered this question in G&T.

    DHS Odium on
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  • fogeymanfogeyman Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    Holding play/pause puts the Zune in "sleep mode". Any button should wake it up--you need to use the hold slider to prevent that. Even then, you'll lose battery, but you should lose VERY little. I've left my (Zune 30) on hold for days and hardly lost any battery life. If your coworker is losing more, then something is wrong and I can't help you there.

    There's a way to turn the Zune off completely, but I don't know how. Check the other Zune thread--I'm guessing that's where DHS Odium posted an answer.

    As for the font thing, I don't know. Has she tried wiping her Zune clean and starting from scratch (reinstalling the firmware and stuff)?

    fogeyman on
  • GihgehlsGihgehls Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    It sounds like she updated it and now she is seeing the new firmware.

    Gihgehls on
  • fogeymanfogeyman Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    Chances are she started with the new firmware. I suggested deleting the firmware completely, and everything else on it, and then reinstall the firmware.

    fogeyman on
  • FaceballMcDougalFaceballMcDougal Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    Ya I don't see what is so odd about this. The screen goes off, the hard drive parks... this is basically 'off' and it draws so little power that it's not even worth mentioning.

    Also... the bit about the font size... ya... sounds like she didn't know the firmware update changed the interface.

    FaceballMcDougal on
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