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[IC] Into the Black (the Malcontent)

HylianbunnyHylianbunny Registered User regular
edited November 2007 in Critical Failures
On-route to Ariel

The Malcontent's engine hums quietly this night...well, night seems an odd term, Frenchy muses. It's always night in space, after all. Despite a few glitches, the job that Anaing had for Mal's crew went (relatively) smoothly; a few members of the Ariel were still alive, their captain having turned traitor. Plus, tell the truth, the supplies that the Ariel was able to spare for Mal're going to come in handy, that's for sure.

It's still going to be a few days travel before the Malcontent reaches Ariel, however, and most of the crew doesn't have much to do. Malone can only pay so much attention to piloting, after all, and the Ariel is functioning, if somewhat crippled, so most of their crew is still on board.

The crew's meal only just finished, Frenchy and Malone stuck dealing with the dishes; Breach needed to check up on Rosanna, after all, and Twitch...well, Twitch found some excuse to get out of it. Rutting engineers. The lights in the dining room flicker a bit; a little unusual, but shouldn't be a big deal.

Twitch can make an Intelligence / Mechanical Engineering check, to start us off.
Individuals of Note

Rosanna - The supposed fed, currently staying in Breach's room due to an injury (and, well, due to the fact that Twitch nearly bashed her brains in once already Better safe than sorry.).

Jiang - Ariel's pilot, and currently acting as captain. He's currently on the Ariel, limping along and following the Malcontent.

Jem - hired gun of Ariel. He's currently on the Ariel as well, trying to get some semblance of order back into the place.

Liza - passenger of Ariel. The Malcontent is currently more accommodating for passengers, so she's staying in one of the guest rooms there.

Unidentified Prisoner - The man who shot Twitch before getting beat up pretty well himself. He hasn't woken up much since being stuck in the medical bay, and even when he does refuses to speak to anyone, and generally needs to be sedated again. Still a bit of a mess, to be polite.

Hylianbunny on


  • HylianbunnyHylianbunny Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    A couple minutes of tinkering with the logs gives Twitch an idea of what's up with Mal; looks like the power glitch was just a mishap, everything looks fine. Good thing he decided to check, though; couple of the heatsinks are nothing but feh wu. Should be okay for a bit, but that would explain why it was feeling a little warmer on the ship...

    Hylianbunny on
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