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WTB Naruto in Japan PST

ZarcathZarcath Registered User regular
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I'm in Japan right now and I'm trying to find some Naruto stuff. Well color me surprised but it seems like Naruto isn't that big a deal over here. I've been all over Akihabara on three different days and other than usual Gashapon stuff, I haven't seen much/any Naruto stuff at all. I did find a place in Harajuku that was selling some of the main-stream Naruto stuff (t-shirts, figures, mugs, etc), but it wasn't a very large selection.

Does anyone know of any stores in the Tokyo area that I could find a treasure trove of Naruto stuff? The local import store back home has all kinds of Naruto stuff (at outrageous prices), that I'm just not seeing for sale here. Is there a Bandai shop I should be going to?

edit: this also includes Bleach merchandise.

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