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Desktop Replacements actual replacements?

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Hey all,

My 4.5 year old school-subsidized Dell laptop finally broke catastrophically (and leaving me with no computer) so I'm looking at replacements. Since I've graduated from school at this point, I can't go buy another cheap thing and am thus looking for a longer-term solution to feed my gaming habit (futile as that might be). Here is the thing -- I'm not someone who needs to cart their machine around everywhere, but I do need to travel from time to time on vacation and business trips. For about 300-320 days of the year the machine can sit at my desk at home, never moving. The other days I'll likely need to lug to a different stationary spot (such as my parents/grandparents houses or a hotel room). So the question is, do I invest in one of these "new" (to me) desk top replacements, or try and get a PC and a cheap laptop like an EeePC for travel?

The problem to me, is that I really have no idea what the noticeable performance difference in performance between laptop components and PC ones is these days, having no real access to modern versions of either. It seems it may actually be cheaper to get a high end replacement (Sager seems to have some nice models but I'm not really familiar with the brand) than a high end PC + EeePC once the cost of the monitor and cheap laptop are factored in, but what I can't tell is whether or not the high-end desktop replacement will outperform a $500-600 cheaper PC. It also seems like the new graphics cards for the laptop won't be out for a month or so, and since I now have 0 computer access outside of work, thats a while away to wait.

So any advice would be appreciated. I guess in terms of completeness I would like to keep the total cost around $3000 and definitely under $4000, and weight really isn't an issue (I do a lot of backpacking, so a 20lb laptop isn't a big deal), nor is battery life. Thanks a bunch!

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    wunderbarwunderbar What Have I Done? Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    I personally don't like the idea of desktop replacements. The video cards are underpowered even in the high end models, and what happens in 2 years when you would like to upgrade something? You cant.

    If you are a religous gamer, buy a desktop. Get a cheap laptop. EEE PC would be perfect for that.

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    CorvusCorvus . VancouverRegistered User regular
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    I recently purchased a laptop after months of research. I cannot reccomend Notebook Review highly enough, especially their forums. I learned a ton perusing their info on gaming, hardware, and so on.

    Personally, I don't think going for a multiple thousands of dollar, large screen desktop replacement style laptop is a great idea. They're generally heavy, run hot, and have shit battery life. And as has been pointed out, in 99.9% of situations you can never upgrade a laptop video card (there are a few rare models that can be upgraded, but their so rare as to be hardly worth mentioning).

    Primarily, my game playing is limited to City of Heroes, so I'm happy so far (only had it a few days) with my ASUS F3SA-A1 (ram upgraded to 2GB). Its relatively affordable, and all ASUS laptops now come with a free one year accidental damage warranty.

    For your purposes, I would get a desktop, and get a mid range notebook and limit yourself to non-bleeding edge gaming while on the road.

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