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ATi/AMD's New GPU Line

HadjiQuestHadjiQuest Registered User regular
Did you folks see what AMD is doing to ATi?

It's kind of neat.

They're apparently going for the same niche of budget-enthusiast that they've been going with their processors. So, for their next like (HD 3000), it'll all be 55nm, support new shaders, Direct X 10.1, have a gig of memory, and cost less than $200.

Hot. Damn.

I feel like a douche now for buying a GeForce 8600GTS just a couple months ago.

There are some downsides, however. First of all, it's not the real successor to the R600. It's only an update of it. Second, it doesn't benchmark near the level of the 8800. But it obliterates the 8600 line and everything below it.

Check it out for yourselves.

Now, this has been around for a few weeks now, but in the holiday rush many of you may have missed it like I did. If this was discussed already, feel free to lock this topic, but if not, then what do you folks think about this?

This definitely cements my status as an AMD fanboy.

HadjiQuest on


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    JasconiusJasconius sword criminal mad onlineRegistered User regular
    edited November 2007
    In that article is says that the 256MB one is 179 and the 512 will be 20-30 more.

    So I don't see how the 1 gig model is under 200.

    Still a very good price assuming they aren't skimping somewhere else.

    Jasconius on
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    KhavallKhavall British ColumbiaRegistered User regular
    edited November 2007
    Didn't this happen like, a month ago?

    Anyways, from everything I've seen the 3870 comes pretty close to the 8800GTS for quite less money. They're still not up to the 8800GT though, so once the price of those comes down to not inflated over what it should be, it might not be so great.

    This is the first test I've seen with the 3850 so high... interesting.

    Khavall on
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    RandomEngyRandomEngy Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    Looks like the AMD cards are getting kicked around in the DX10 tests. Driver issue, maybe?

    RandomEngy on
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    SpoitSpoit *twitch twitch* Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    Looks basically like the same trend as the 2900XT, slightly cheaper than the comparable nVidia card with a 10-25% drop in performance, and can't handle DX10 or AA at all.

    Spoit on
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