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putting mp3s on meh xbox360

mastmanmastman Registered User regular
Can I just put mp3s onto a cd and put it in there and it'll copy? dvd? I burnt a real cd the first time and figured that would take forever to get all mine there.

I can boot up to windows xp on my macbook. Can I push them over that way?

ByalIX8.png Kusanku
mastman on


  • Moe FwackyMoe Fwacky Right Here, Right Now Drives a BuickModerator mod
    edited November 2007
    I'm pretty sure you can't. The best I can recommend is to use a PC (or windows-running mac) to stream the music over to your 360. This obviously works better if you have a desktop, or even better with a dedicated media server.

    Moe Fwacky on

  • LegacyLegacy Stuck Somewhere In Cyberspace The Grid(Seattle)Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited November 2007
    Yeah. Have to burn them all to regular CDs and then rip them to the 360.

    I wish there was a better way also. But I've learned how to deal with using my PC to stream.

    Legacy on
    Can we get the chemicals in. 'Cause anything's better than this.
  • FreddyDFreddyD Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    You can also plug an mp3 player in the usb port and directly access music on it.

    FreddyD on
  • EchoEcho ski-bap ba-dapModerator mod
    edited November 2007
    Yeah, I have an 80 gig USB disk in my backpack that gets used for this. Haven't bothered hacking together streaming yet.

    Echo on
  • mastmanmastman Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    Legacy wrote: »
    Yeah. Have to burn them all to regular CDs and then rip them to the 360.

    ughh, that's so stupid.

    thanks for the replies

    mastman on
    ByalIX8.png Kusanku
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