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Laptop Won't Boot - I think

Arch Guru XXArch Guru XX Registered User regular
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So my work laptop has decided to not boot up all the way anymore (at least, that's how I look at it). I used it extensively during the day yesterday, left it on overnight with the screen shut, and when I attempted to use it today I found that the laptop will not reach the point where I can enter my login ID and password. The standard Lenovo Thinkpad splash screen comes up when I initially turn it on, and then I see a progress bar with the words 'Starting Windows' (or something to that effect) below the bar. The bar goes away, and then, blackness. A mouse pointer will appear (and respond to input) but that's as close as I can get to logging on to the computer. After some time in this state the computer will go to sleep. The only way to fully reboot is to pull out the batter and and the power cord, re-connect one of them and hit the power button, and then you get what I just described.

Ran an HDD diagnostic (provided by Lenovo), it found nothing. Tried booting into Safe Mode, repeatedly - the same thing as above happens - I get a black screen and a mouse arrow.

On the plus side, I've been able to pull the hard drive out and copy all of my important files to my home desktop. If our corporate support ends up wiping the drive (most likely) I'll still be able to recover everything.

Regardless, I'm baffled by the problem. It seems like maybe a startup file or process got corrupted, preventing the password screen from appearing - is that possible? I'm just guessing here. I don't think I've been to any particularly sketchy sites and I don't think I would have downloaded a virus or something, but I guess it's a possibility.

Computer stats: Windows Vista for Business, Core 2 Duo processor, 4gb RAM, 100gb HDD (made by Hitachi, if that matters). That's all I can really think of, but maybe it'll be useful to someone.

Any ideas what the problem is and how I can resolve it? I can get a new laptop from corporate if I need to, but fixing it myself will definitely be faster.

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    evilmrhenryevilmrhenry Registered User regular
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    Sounds like a corrupted file. I'd just try a repair installation of Windows. Do you have an install disk?

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