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We are setting the new kids up for failure.

JasconiusJasconius sword criminalmad onlineRegistered User regular
We put the Monkey Den on top so all the new subscribers instinctivly go there to be shot down rapidly by a series of cliche SE++ replies.

Reccomended action

Move the Monkey Den to the bottom

Post the rules in the registration agreement as well

Jasconius on


  • FierceDeity666FierceDeity666 Registered User regular
    edited October 2005
    it's darwinian. by wasting them here, they don't become knee jerks and princess peaces and narrators.

    FierceDeity666 on
  • FalloutFallout GIRL'S DAY WAS PRETTY GOOD WHILE THEY LASTEDRegistered User regular
    edited October 2005
    Gee Jasconius this has never been suggested before

    Fallout on
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