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Let's Play: Floor 13

TequilaDysonTequilaDyson Registered User regular
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Hello, my name is Teq. I've lurked for ages and ages, and finally was moved to make a Let's Play after having sat down with this game for a bit and enjoyed myself immensely. So I thought perhaps this would be a good first post and something fun to share.

From ze Wiki:

Floor 13 is a single-player computer game set in the United Kingdom, where the player is the director of a secret governmental agency involved in clandestine domestic operations. The headquarters is hidden on the thirteenth floor of a building in London Docklands, hence the title. The game was developed in 1988 by Virgin Interactive, a now-defunct division of the Virgin Group.

The player takes on the role of the Director General of the "Department of Agriculture and Fisheries", a non-existent Executive Agency that conceals a secret police which keeps the government popular — by any means necessary. Answering only to the Prime Minister himself, the Director General has the power to use wiretapping, surveillance, smear tactics and disinformation, burglary, kidnapping, torture, and assassination to keep the government popular with the people.

For this playthrough I believe I shall borrow the voice of Sir Francis Urquhart.


Signing one's life away has never been more tawdry, given a small room within a small building upon the thirteenth floor, tasked with keeping the Prime Minister in power and loved by the great unwashed masses. It is nearly enough to make one reflect upon one's life with what could be construed as regret. For eleven years I've served as the Chief Whip in His Majesty's government, with arguably the same task. Only now I am to do so behind closed doors. But we Urquharts have never been ones to shy from duty. In fact I nearly think that such is a situation that can conceivably be turned to one's benefit. My wife, and how I do love her, has counseled patience. And so it is with a mark of solemnity and pride that I accept this appointment to the... 'Department of Agriculture and Fisheries'.

Of course you could perhaps understand a measure of my surprise as I am confronted by my new secretary, Kitty. A lovely young thing, blonde, vibrant, with a fresh outlook upon life that could revitalize an old man. However she hands me a most interesting document and proceeds with my 'real' briefing. Apparently the D.A.F. is a cover for the most interesting efforts of His Majesty's government. I have been placed in charge of a right rummy bunch of young patriots and given what can only be considered a carte blanche in handling of the country's more... difficult issues.

If some choice members of the opposition knew I was being handed such responsibility they would most likely believe that this is too much power to hand any one person, that it would lead irrevocably to corruption and eventually self-aggrandizement. They very well might think that, I couldn't possibly comment.

However, upon reflection, I am forced to recognize the fact that I am most likely in a terribly tenuous position. How many previous individuals have held this role and amongst them how many have been allowed to, how shall we say, retire? To be so vulnerable and in such a position is not the Urquhart way, actions must be taken. The first of which, dear reader, is to create this journal. Seven copies taken and stored in select locales for release to the press upon my untimely death should certain criteria not be met. This shall be but my first step in safeguarding my position. I am afraid it shall not be the last.

My office. Not exactly what I am used to. Perfectly utilitarian, a touch plebian. I step through the door of my new place of work, pleasantly surprised to find that Kitty is amongst other things able to brew a perfect cup of coffee.


The previous Director General was a man of dubious taste. He even has one of those infernal pseudo perpetual motion toys upon the corner of the desk. Something shall have to be done. I shall have words with Kitty and have this seen to directly. Only now the work of the nation awaits. I pull the first reports from my inbox and begin to peruse them.

Well for a first day I must admit this is a tad bit disappointing. I have received naught save a note from the Comptroller of Agriculture and Fisheries simply wishing me welcome. Most likely it is more a veiled notice to inform me that I am being watched. Here only a few moments and already I am being distantly threatened. Yet with nothing pressing it does allow me to do a measure of digging into the archives of the department, which proves ultimately to be fruitless save for one small security intercept that was doubtlessly left for me to find.

A warning, but what is more a nearly damning slip of security protocol. My predecessor must have been horribly incompetent. I will have to take steps if this department is to improve. Strong, determined, unerring steps.

A glance at the polls and in moments my work is done for the day. I shall have to see about an increase in the flow of information to my office. Perhaps the previous director had a more hands-off approach. That is not my way. I spend the rest of my time in the office getting to know my staff. Kitty, in particular.

Such a fine young woman.

TequilaDyson on


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    TequilaDysonTequilaDyson Registered User regular
    edited December 2007

    Bah I say. Pearls before swine!


    TequilaDyson on
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    Zetetic ElenchZetetic Elench Registered User regular
    edited December 2007
    Floor 13 is horribly, horribly broken.

    And it is hilarious.

    Zetetic Elench on
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    Charles KinboteCharles Kinbote Registered User regular
    edited December 2007
    please in the name of god do not use thumbnails for every post

    Charles Kinbote on
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    KageraKagera Imitating the worst people. Since 2004Registered User regular
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    Let the Bush/CIA comparisons

    Kagera on
    My neck, my back, my FUPA and my crack.
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    Soviet WaffleSoviet Waffle Registered User regular
    edited December 2007
    please in the name of god do not use thumbnails for every post

    It'd be much nicer to just use a giant spoiler or just throw the images in there.

    This seems like it'll be enjoyable though, do continue!

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