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M:TG/UFS in Seattle?

GoGoGodzillaGoGoGodzilla Registered User new member
edited December 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
I have a month or two of time in Seattle and assumed someone would know where one of these places would be. I have absolutely no fucking idea where the hell to go or what to do here. I just want to find a group of people to sit down and play card games with. I am 20 years old and really would not like to be hanging out with a group of 16 year olds D: so is there a place to play that has casual 'older people' playin? I used to be able to play most ccgs on the market and currently just want to play UFS or Magic prz. These last few years have been the most confusing of my life. I am not used to making friends outside of highschool/work.

TLDR: Find me a place to play UFS or Magic in Seattle but no real little kids prz.

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