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I may have to sell my 360, how much?

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Two in the morning is a terrible time to have a curse... err, post a thread, and it may belong moreso in H/A, but they don't have as many tech oriented people as G&T has so please bear with me.

I have a pretty decent chunk of debt to my local community college that I have to repay before I can re-enroll. I've been considering moving and going to another school, but other situations might make it more attractive for me to stay and enroll here. That, and I just lost my job on Thursday, so money will be ever so tight for a while, depending on how long it takes me to find a new job.

Anyway, I've been flirting with the idea of selling my 360 and it's gear to make a dent in the bill. I was wondering if you homps could help me find a decent ballpark price to ask for. I have a:

360 Elite (purchase date 8/27/07)
HD-DVD Drive (purchase date 12/06/07)
HDMI to DVi adaptor
VGA Adaptor
64MB memory card
Wood Grain faceplate

Ridge Racer 6
King Kong
Quake IV
Dead Rising
Lost Planet
Ultimate Alliance/Forza 2 Bundle
Orange Box
King Kong (HD-DVD)
And I may be getting ahold of the Gears of War Collector's Edition

And on the Hard Drive I have

Sonic 2
And a couple of TV shows

All of the reciepts for the hardware are there, as well as the boxes. The buyer would also get the 5 free HD-DVDs from the player, since I haven't mailed that in yet. King Kong, Quake, and Ridge Racer have minor scratches, and the GoW outer plastic casing has a couple of small cat claw marks, but the other games are essentially flawless. There are a few 360s selling on Craigslist in my area, but they're usually just the system, or the system and a couple of games. I haven't seen any sales as large as what I have yet, and I haven't seen any HD-DVD addons being sold.

Please don't give any "Man don't sell your 360 man" posts, it's only one potential option I'm considering, depending on what it may go for on a person to person basis and a few other factors. I still have plenty of other consoles (and an absolutely epic backlog), so I won't go gameless if I have to offload the 360. I just may need the cash more than I need next gen visuals, and if I decide to get some schoolin' here, it'll be one less distraction/moneysink.

Thanks for any info you guys could provide.

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    SixfortyfiveSixfortyfive Registered User regular
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    If any of the individual games, hardware, or accessories would sell for a substantial amount on their own, sell them separately. You'll get more money than what you'd get selling them bundled together. Selling lots of hardware, games, accessories, HD-DVDs etc. together will net you less money because there is a lower chance that potential buyers will be interested in buying all of your items.

    To find a ballpark figure as to what you could expect from selling any of that stuff on eBay (or elsewhere), search completed listings for similar items and sort the results by price. See what sort of closing prices similar auctions end at.

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