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Child's Play physical drop-off?

nearlysobernearlysober Registered User regular
Hey not sure where else to post this question... the Child's Play website only really has contacts for media or stories it seems.

I ordered 2 Wii games from two days ago and after paying out the butt for 2-day shipping... it still hadn't left the warehouse. Needless to say... I was unhappy... so I attempted to cancel the order and ordered the two Wii games from since they actually get things to you in the amount of time they say they will.

Well my 2 Wii games (from Amazon) are enroute to my door... and this morning, 3 days after placing my order and 1 full day after attempting to cancel it... told me they can't cuz they've been shipped.

So rather than deal with all the pain of filling out forms and returning the games when & if they actually arrive before Christmas... I figured I'd just donate the games to Child's Play... but I've only ever made online donations before... not physical drop offs.

Should I give the games directly to Seattle's Children Hospital on behalf of Child's Play... or drop them off with one of Child's Play's organizers or in the mail slot at the PA offices (I live pretty close to them I think).

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