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Trouble Accessing Webpages

spamratspamrat Registered User regular
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I've recently been having problems where sometimes Firefox will keep trying to load a webpage and just times out. I'm not quite sure what the problem might be, and I've already called my ISP's technical support and they have no idea either.

Normally I have just been able to leave my internet connection on, and it would always work just fine. However, for about the past week, after a random amount of time (seems to be mostly after I'm not trying to access any webpages) it will not access any webpage, yet it will still work just fine for Trillian and other misc. applications/games.

I've tried restarting Firefox to fix it to no avail. I've just been disconnecting and then reconnecting, which seems to work most of the time. There are also times where I've decided to wait after reaching a good stopping point in whatever online game I'm playing at the time, and tried to access various webpages and it would work again.

I'm not sure if this may be Firefox or something related with my service through Sprint's PCS Vision using an aircard for my desktop. Any thoughts or suggestions about what may be the cause and/or solution to this problem would be appreciated.

Note: I haven't tried using IE during the same situation, but I shall during the next time that this happens.

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