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How shooting really works.

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I'm an infantryman in the US Army. I've been to Iraq, shot people, and done other things that some people would consider bad. I'm the Alpha team leader in 1st plattoon 2nd squad in Aco 2-12 (recently redesignated from the 1-506th) and I usually hate politics. I've been reading penny-arcade for about 4 years now and it is my favorite online comic. I started reading about Jack Thomson recently and it got me curious as to who he really is. So I followed some links I found around here and came across the one to and what I read there really pissed me off. This man knows nothing about video games, shooting thing, and violence in general. I mention this because he was the one that accused Halo as teaching the Washington sniper on how to properly shoot a person. This is 100% bullshit, and I will explain why.

There are 4 basic essentials to shooting a rifle (or any weapon really). They are, in this order, steady position, sight alignment, breath control, and trigger squeeze. I will explain thse techniques and how a video game could NEVER properly train an individual to snipe someone.

1. Steady position is having the body lay or stand in as stable position as possible. You want your bones to support the weight of the weapon so to reduce muscle spasms as much as possible. Some games such as Splinter Cell and Socom simulate this by giving you a better shot picture by kneeling or going to the prone posistion. However, it doesn't have you align your body to the target or simulate the bone and muscular soreness of laying in a sniping position. Getting used to that takes time and practice.

2. Sight alignment is positioning both your body and weapon in the direction of the target. It is also sight picture, which (assuming the weapon is properly zeroed) having the front and rear sight posts aligned and on the target as well as focusing on the proper part of the target whil maintaning the sight picture which is one of the most difficlt parts because you have 3 things to keep aligned (front post, back post, and target) while kepping you muscles from spasming. I have never seen a game where the computer did not always at all times give you perfect sight alignment. Also, when running or walking and shooting at the same time, stabization is extremely reduced and therefor reduces your range to about 15 to 50 meters depending on a persons training.

3. The third step is breath control. Not only must you control your breathing to help againt muscle spasms, you must also find the proper place in your breath pattern to hold your breath and squeeze the trigger. This technique is also in Splinter cell, but it is not done properly.

4. The last technique is trigger squeeze. Without proper squeezing of a trigger, you can miss a target at 100 meters away by 1 to 5 meters even if you have a perfect sight picture. This is because of the tension between the weapon and a persons finger when applying pressure to the trigger. I have also never seen a game apply this to their code. Imaging if playing Halo 2 and when shooting at someone, you pulled the trigger to hard and hit your team mate behind him, similar concept.

As a war veteran and a leader in the Army and video game player, I can say that, in my opinion, video games do not make people violent. Some of the people I know sometimes do things that are very fucked up and have never played video games before. I like to think of myself as a nice person, and I play violent games all of the time (WOW, GTA, Halo 2, DMC, etc) and I always avoid trouble if possible and take care of my family and friends. The violence I experienced in Iraq was a result of training and a need to defend my friends in the Army and my country. I have never been trained on violence simulaters or recieved in violence enhancing training. So here is my personal opinion of Jack Thomson:

The man is a mutherfucking piece of shit asshole that thinks his shit doesn't stink and talks about things he doesn't understand because he wants feel important. Fuck you.

If you have any questions for me, please just post.

Thank you.


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    From one military member to another, I'd appreciate it if you took a more professional attitude and not froth at the mouth over something you saw or read on the internet. Thank you.

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    There's a thread for this

    Which makes me wonder, why do people post crap like this in the administration forum

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    This thread itself is an orgasm for Jack Thompson, "Oh my god! Gamers are teaching each other how to play video games! See what violent video games do to people!?!"

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    What the hell...

    Aww damn, I spilled my juice :(.

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