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Memory Card for new camera

CrovaxanCrovaxan Registered User regular
Alright so my mother got me this for Christmas

Now i need to buy a memory card for it. It uses pro duo's and takes video. after reading up on some sites it says 2GB is 25min of movies or 600 pictures at full resolution. I don't know how much movies i'll make so i was thinking at least a 2GB and maybe a 4GB if i can afford it. After searching for memory card i found 3 different sandisk types

The regular

The ultra

and the extreme

I'm probably going to get at least an ultra since i think the faster card will help with the movies part. but i would like an extreme if i can get it at the right price, but would my camera even benefit from extreme or does it cap out at ultra?

Crovax.436 Steam: Crovaxan
Crovaxan on


  • DeusfauxDeusfaux Registered User regular
    edited December 2007
    faster cards dont REALLY benefit most consumer level cameras

    if the price differences are negligible, sure go for the bigger and faster cards, otherwise save some money and call it a day

    Deusfaux on
  • KerdosKerdos Registered User
    edited December 2007
    Yep, standard cards are fine for point'n'shoots.

    Kerdos on
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