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Xbox 360 Red Ringed - What now?

KVWKVW Registered User regular
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I bought a 360 about a month ago, maybe Nov 28th or so, and played it for several hours every day for the most part. On Dec 25th, I go to play some Guitar Hero 3 and the ring of light cuts out and a single red light shows up in the bottom right quadrant of the ring. The only thing that displays is several languages stating to go to the and an error code, E 79.

The 360 is obviously brand new, was well taken care of, had no dust or heating problems and is a new model with the HDMI port. The online sight shows E79 as being something to do with the hard drive or internal cables. As the same error comes up with the harddrive out, it's most likely that the hard drive is fine and something else is broke.

My question is, what do I do now? I bought it from and they told me to fuck off and go talk to Microsoft (well, in the generic sales rep way) and so far, the MS tech monkey has spit back a generic response to my email telling me to try everything I just emailed and told him I tried and to contact them if the problem persists.

I assume when I contact them again, I'll have to send my brand new console off for repairs. Will I have to pay for shipping when I mail it out? Has anyone had experience with this? I've read it can take about a month for it to come back. Also, i'm in Canada if you happen to have experience with it up in the Great White North.

Another question I've been wondering about is my save games, Xbox Live account, etc. Are they going to wipe my HDD or replace it? Is all that stuff basically lost to me now? And they don't send a refurbished Xbox back do they? I'll get mine back or a new one right? The thing is like 4 weeks old and I don't want some year old refurb replacing it.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    ViolyntViolynt regular
    edited December 2007
    You only send the 350 back, you will keep your HDD and everything else.

    Will you get a refurb? I don't know. Probably.

    Violynt on
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    SilvertreeSilvertree Registered User regular
    edited December 2007
    First, don't deal with them via email. It is a waste of your fucking time. But look forward to sitting on hold.

    When you call them, they will walk you through the same trouble shooting procedures you have already tried. Powering the machine down, trying to boot without accessories etc. Once they have determined it is FUBAR, they will send you a box in the mail with a label so you can send it in. Took mine about 2 weeks round trip BOTH times I had to send it in. The first time they did a repair, the second time I got a refurb. You don't send in any of the accessories so no worries on the game saves.

    Good luck.

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