Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.



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    Dammit, people, stop making me want to play this again. I want go through it as a pure mage, since I never got around to it. I managed a straight warrior once, but somehow every other time I ended up rolling assassin or some variation thereof.

    Dagger Throw: great move or the greatest move? Freeze is also made of brilliance and hilarity.

    I opted to play "evil" in my last run, so that may have limited my skill point count, but I almost had every spell at my disposal. Of course, I maxed the entire mana subtree under the Misc. tab, which helps a lot. I can't remember if it was a skill or a ring I had equipped, but the increased mana recharge is about the best thing ever. After I had that, I think I only ran out of mana once or twice by abusing the inferno spell.

    Oh, and that staff you pick up on the docks just as you're leaving town? Best thing to have when you're fighting a magic user (or a pao kai).
    Sigh. Reinstalled.

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    I mad a straight mage. I used staffs to defend myself. It completely and totally owns in every sense of the word. THe last few stages was basically oh, there's bad guys? Obliterate.
    Has a shakey start though, you need to rely on pickups like scrolls and things.
    Going into the spider places with the fire trap is really really useful and makes them easy.

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