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Now recently I played Counter-Strike:source on the competitive scene and I think its run its course in me and Im in the need for a great mmo. Now I've played EVE before And I thought very highly of it, And I'd Gladly play it again, only one minor problem though. Does EVE have the time cards like WoW and Tabula Rasa? If not, then I guess Im boned. I lack a Paypal/creditcard to pay.

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    I don't know where to find a game time card for eve without paying with a credit card, but the first time I paid for eve was with a check that I mailed to them.

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    EVE has timecards, but they are a very different concept from pre-paid cards. If I were you, I'd just get a debit account/card and use that.

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    Eve time cards are either bought with a credit card from a reputable vendor like Shattered Crystal, or they're bought with in game currency (Isk) at either 200m isk for 1 month, or 400m isk for 3 months. Be Eve-Online's player base is spread out across the world, its not possible to stock and sell real game time cards in stores like some other games might.

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