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Fresh Windows Install.

MuridenMuriden Registered User regular
edited January 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
I currently have Vista Home Premium on my machine and have had a few hiccups that made me decide to reinstall XP. First off this is not a debate for or against Vista trolls on either side stay out. The machine has a single disk and a load of files on it. I could take the time to move all the stuff I want to save over to another machine but it would take a good deal of time, then format the disk and install XP.

tl:dr Is there a way to install XP and remove Vista without nuking the disk?

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  • twmjrtwmjr Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    Probably not. And even if there is, you probably don't want to do it anyway. Performing Windows upgrades can be perilous enough; going from a new operating system to an older one sounds like something of a crapshoot. Be safe and take the time to back up/start from scratch. You'll be happier with the system performance in the long run anyway, at the very least.

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