[WoW] Zul'Aman gear/stats requirements

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Does anyone know of a good place I can go to find some suggestions on each class' minimum requirements to be successful in ZA?




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    For the ZA runs I've been doing, I've told people that they should be pretty well fully Kara & Heroic Badge geared in order to be signing up for them. (Pretty well because everyone has that piece that doesn't seem to drop.) I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "successful" though... we haven't killed Zul'Jin yet, and don't complete the time trial. From what I've heard, if you want to complete the time trial, look to have a group that's more T6 than T4. I haven't seen any listing like you seem to be looking for, though.

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    It's going to varry from crew to crew (as with most things in game; some groups overcome a lack of skill with gear, whereas others overcome a lack of gear with skill), but since the instance is designed to start at high end Karazhan difficulty and ramp up from there (and I'd say it does for the most part). Doing more than 2 or 3 of the bosses for the time trial is hard, and will require very well geared personnel rocking awesome gear and significant experience with working as a team and within the zone.

    So basically Karazhan+ gear to get in, T5/T6 if you want to rock the timed event.

    My crew has only ever gotten 3 bosses in the time limit, though we usually have an alt or two along, a few unguilded members, etc.

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    Please do not make threads with such a limited scope.

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