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  • VicVic Registered User regular
    edited February 2006
    Well, I have little real knowledge, but I'm usually decent at pretending to be knowledgeable about stuff.

    I'm studying for a masters degree in Biochemistry/Biotechnology though, so I know a decent amount about Genetics and chemistry.

  • WyrmkinWyrmkin Registered User regular
    edited February 2006
    Argos wrote:
    I live in North Dakota, so I know a great deal about fictional states and or dimensions.

    Haha, that's great. Love it.

  • #14#14 Registered User
    edited March 2006
    I speak dutch and had a 9.7/10 on my history exam, one of the best scores in the countries. The exam was on the cold war and China. You know, cultural revolution and all. Just high school though.

    apotheos wrote: »
    I hear its opening on like 16 screens total. If you don't live in a gigantic US city you're fucked.

    Well except for the part where you don't have to deal with the soul crushing monotony of living in a gigantic US city.
  • DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
    edited March 2006
    Im a bit of a Theology buff, I consider myself a bit of a religious scholar as a hobby. I am not however religious at all. I love the philosophise but not debate so you can ask me anything. If you have any questions pertaining to anything from zoroastrianism, christianity, to witchcraft im the gal to ask. It all fascinates me and its pretty much my favorite subject.

    I am also pretty passionate about physics, quantum theory specifically but I have a feeling that (furi sp?) has a much better grasp than I, being a biophysicist. Hey dude---I may have some questions about anti-matter containment for something I am writing! I'll PM you about it sometime.

    Other than that I have an excellent grasp of herbs and natural healing methods as well.

    Ciao all! This is a great thread. I really like the idea, its great.

  • DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
    edited April 2006
    I just finished paramdic school so i know about that kind of stuff (sick people and the like) i work with firefighters so i kind of know about that

    I am a civil war buff too.

    So if you ever have a civil war story where someone is wounded, then starts on fire for some reason, i can help

    Oh and i know the chicago streets pretty well

  • Bliss 101Bliss 101 Registered User regular
    edited April 2006
    I'm a postgraduate student in a cancer genetics lab. I can (try to) answer questions about the biology of cancer, treatments, prognosis, etc. as well as about genetics in general and technical details about medical/biological research, chemicals and lab work. My specialty is breast cancer, but I have a working knowledge of other types of cancer as well.

    I can also tell you about Finland, about Interrailing all around Europe, and about being on Atkins diet.

  • Fuzzy Cumulonimbus CloudFuzzy Cumulonimbus Cloud Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes Registered User regular
    edited May 2006
    I speak semi-fluent German.
    Well-Versed in music and the saxophones.
    A modicum of knowledge pertaining to Mythology and C++ programming.
    Been inside a jail.
    Been through America's court system.

  • gredavingredavin Registered User regular
    edited May 2006
    Any Londonites here?

    I need the name of a freeway/highway that leads from Trafalgar Square area into the East End.

    Such a thing exist?

  • Fuzzy Cumulonimbus CloudFuzzy Cumulonimbus Cloud Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes Registered User regular
    edited May 2006
    Try mapquest?
    Dunno if it covers Internationally though

  • DouglasDangerDouglasDanger Registered User regular
    edited May 2006
    http://maps.google.com/ maybe of help. Just type "London" in the search box.

    I play games on ps3 and ps4. My PSN is DouglasDanger.
  • gredavingredavin Registered User regular
    edited May 2006
    Thanks guys, much appreciated.

  • DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
    edited June 2006
    I have a reasonable knowledge of mid-90's to current independent music, a hefty Marvel Comics knowledge. . .

    I guess I'm just a pop-culture guy, if needed.

    Heh. Not nearly as helpful as I was expecting myself to be.

    Regional/background knowledge:
    I grew up in and live in Wyoming and have a pretty decent knowledge of these parts;
    I grew up in a Mormon town, so I know a lot of things about the religion without actually being in it.
    I attended the University of Wyoming.
    I have an encyclopedic knowledge of independent recording, releasing, and press stuffs related to that (specifically self-releasing and tour booking)
    Also: I know how to write 'anyway' without an s attatched to it, if you need to ask me how. Along with that a pretty good knowledge of grammar--I was also an English/creative major. But, again, I don't know how many people in a writers forum are going to need that info. Strunk and White is like an eight buck book, and all writers own it.

    I also know all the good places to go to a show within the Wyoming, Salt Lake City, and Denver/Fort Collins Colorado trifecta.

  • oneeyedjack909oneeyedjack909 Registered User regular
    edited July 2006
    I know this is gonna sound corny but Im a ninja. I practice ninjutsu and although I dont have some massive high rank I do know quite a bit on their development and the lay out of some of their more famous missions. I also inherantly know about almost all their weapons and tools and their uses. I can describe their tactics and operations too as well as their history.

    "A mans first duty is to his conscience and honor"- Mark Twain

    "Those who are willing to give up essential liberties for a little safety diserve neither liberty nor safety"-Benjamin Franklin
  • candanaviancandanavian Registered User
    edited July 2006
    I pretty much know Latin through and through so I could translate or write it for you.

    Actually I studied for four years in high school and then completely stopped for a year, so I'm not really fresh at all. But I have my copy of wheelock's and a dictionary ready since I'm going straight into a 200-level course next semester. Yikes.

    I guess I also know a modicum of Tennessee history. I definately know geography and names of towns and stuff like that.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, I also know EVERYTHING you could ever want to know about water meters. I guess you know, if you're writing about that sort of thing.

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  • ToadTheMushroomToadTheMushroom Registered User
    edited August 2006
    Anything you want to know about films you have two options.

    IMDB or ME.

    Seriously. You are looking at the biggest film nerd in England. Just PM me ANY question and I'll certainly know something about it.

    He seems to project beyond himself, exerting a kind of Reggie Field that dogs and many birds find unpleasant. Hearing a man speak with this much drive and confidence about an imaginary plumber is sort of enthralling.
  • val^2val^2 Registered User
    edited August 2006
    I'm a copy editor at a real estate appraisal firm, and I'm one postal delivery away from getting my license, so I know a bit about real estate markets, trends, and appraising stuff. Also, I have excellent grammar when I so choose, so if you haven't been able to find the answer to your dangling participle question on Google, I can probably assist.

    I've been studying "fairy" myths for a graphic novel my friend and I are writing, but hitting the Wikipedia may be just as helpful. I extensively studied the legends of King Arthur and related medieval counterparts (Tristan and Iseult, Erec and Enid, etc.) in college. I'm also a pretty good font of knowledge on Milton, Blake, various Victorian prose and poetry writers, Shakespeare, T. S. Eliot, etc. ad nauseum. Can you tell that I majored in English?

    I speak "Abuela Spanish," which is to say that I speak it with my grandparents but can't write it very well and tend to conjugate things improperly. I'm better with French, and worse with ancient Greek (which is as different from modern Greek as Middle English is from modern English, in case you were wondering, which you probably weren't).

    I teach SAT prep, but I'm not sure how helpful that is in the realm of creative writing, unless one of your characters is taking the test and you have a burning need to be accurate. I live in Miami, which is also only helpful if you're writing something set in that particular location.

    Last, but certainly not least, I play D&D. Somehow I doubt this is a unique accomplishment on this message board, but figured I'd throw that out there for the sake of being helpful.

    In conclusion, your mom goes to college.

  • edited August 2006
    I'm an Astronomer/Astrophysicist (Well PhD student)

    So if you need help with your Sci-fi/Physics/Science PM away.

    Oh and yes - they were right to demote pluto. But did it for the wrong reasons.

    Scholar and a Gentleman? Critical of bad science and religion? Skeptobot - Is for you!!
  • ShokanshiShokanshi Registered User
    edited August 2006
    Lord knows if anyone will have any use for my insight, but I figured I'd still put this out there for fellow writers.

    I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. I am knowledgable in at least the barebones of most modern Sociological theory. My own personal little field is that of ideology and power in modern society. I have good knowledge of authors such as Max Weber, Emil Durkheim, Louis Althusser, Charles Murray, Talcott ParsonsAntonio Gramsci, Karl Marx, and a good grasp of modern feminism (not extremist man-hating crap) from the likes of Patricia Hill Collins.

    Aside from the theoretical aspects, I know quite a bit about practical aspects of sociological knowledge, such as social work. If you require information about what social work might entail, and many of the harsh realities of it, I can at least give you some pointers.

    Now, besides my academic training, I'm knowledgable in some other areas. I've worked for a year and a half as a Quality Assurance tester for a videogame localisation company. As such I know a lot of inside aspects of how such a company operates, internal lingo, working practices, etcetera.

    Other areas in which I'm knowledgable include Latin American history, particularly late 20th Century Argentine history, with smidges of Uruguay, Chile and Brasil. I'm versed in cultural aspects of those societies (specially Argentina, my home nation), regarding literature, film, television, music, etcetera. Oh yes, and I'm personally interested in both the Shoah (Holocaust) as well as Japanese history and culture (needless to say, I also know quite a bit about Anime and its history and cultural relevance. Recently I've been looking into Japanese live action superhero shows).

    Oh, and I'm also fluent in Spanish, and have recently befriended Spanish people so I have a better idea of what slang they use (which vastly differs from my native one). I have a good grasp of Portuguese, almost fluent Italian, and good but not fluent French.

    I have no idea if ANY of all of this will be of help, but if you see anything here that you think I might help you with, do fire a PM :)

  • SkwirlSkwirl Registered User
    edited September 2006
    Since no one else mentioned it, I have a pretty good grasp on Greek Mythology, and know about as much about hip-hop culture as a white boy who grew up in the suburbs can. I also know quite a bit about Seattle and the surrounding area, and some about the American revolution, though most history buffs with any interest in it probably know more.

    Herby wrote:
    It's hits harder than than Hammer Time
  • ZappanaleZappanale Registered User
    edited September 2006
    I know quite a bit about film. And weird sex. And music from the 60's-70's...

    I hope no one thinks I'm one of those pretentious people now.

    War is the ultimate game because war is at last a forcing of the unity of existence.

    War is God.
    -Blood Meridian, or The Evening Redness in the West, by Cormac McCarthy.
  • SpeedgrapherSpeedgrapher Registered User
    edited September 2006
    I'm an expert on Japanese culture (modern more than ancient, though I'm proficient enough in both), I'm good with movies, anime, manga, basically anything in pop culture or gaming. I'm also a wiz with random knowledge, so if you need to know something you think is out there, I'm worth a try.

    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.
  • OddlucKOddlucK Registered User regular
    edited October 2006
    I know that I don't know much.
    --The paper in my room says I know about four years worth of Physics.
    --The desk at which I sit says I know a fair bit about computers, especially fixing them when they hiccup.
    --I am a PK and, as such, can probably explain more than you'd like about Christianity, the myriad denominations, Baptists in particular, and what it's like growing up as a PK.
    --I am a TK and currently work in a school, so I can speak somewhat intelligently on the private lives of teachers and the general views of such people regarding SOL's, administrations, etc.
    --I can speak with some unearned authority on comics, anime, videogames (especially RPG's), origami, and toenail chewing...well, maybe not that last one.

    I'm also well versed in the finer points of peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches.


    My pen won't write on the screen.
    Writing, Musicing, and Wordifying
  • rchourchou Registered User regular
    edited October 2006
    Does anyone know about the science/psychology behind dreams? Anything that could point me in the right direction would be nice.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Bill the CatBill the Cat Registered User
    edited October 2006
    I am not an expert on anything per-say but i am well versed in several subjects.

    I am an economics major so i am fairly well versed in the subject. I know more about neo-classical economics and the austrian school of economics then i do the institutionalist schools and the berkley school of thought because i personaly find the first schools of thought more viable in aplication then i do the others ( i am always good for a debate if anyone wants to discuss the opposing schools, just keep it civil and please be informed). I recreationaly read civil war history and Anchent south american history (myan, aztec, olmec) and know alot about them. I dont write from this stuff realy, mostly i write whatever comes into my strange little mind. If anyone needs any information on the subjects i mentioned ill be more then glad to help out anyway i can.

    "The best part about living wisely is you get to be smug about it."
    -Hobbes the Tiger
  • virgilsammsvirgilsamms Registered User
    edited October 2006
    I live in New Zealand.

  • Raziel078Raziel078 Registered User
    edited October 2006
    I have a pretty wide range of detailed knowledge on the type of wrong doing that people my age (twenty-somethings) get in to. PM if you have a real question.

    I also know a fair amount about alt communities (at least here in my city).

    and of course general dorkery (comics, video games, calvin and hobbes)
    I'm of middle eastern descent so I think I could offer some differing from the mainstream opinions and observations in that area. oh and job wise I can relate first hand how easy waiting tables is, how soul crushing wal-mart is, and exactly why retail companies put idiots in positions of authority instead of their best and brightest.

    I would like to put something clever and about me but I fear my company will find it
  • illaqueableillaqueable Registered User
    edited November 2006
    i'm a semester from graduation as an English major, creative writing concentration, so i have plenty of literature/craft knowledge to throw around. i have reading proficiency in Ancient Greek for you classicists out there.

    i've also been lead guitarist in a heavy metal band for the last 4 years (playing for 10), actively gigging, recording, etc., and i have been a metal fan for almost 12 years, so i have a pretty comprehensive knowledge of guitar techniques and music historicity concerning metal and its offshoots.

    i'm a huge football (i.e. what the rest of the world calls soccer) fan, specializing in the English Premier League and the Spanish Primera. i have a feeling that won't be very helpful.

    IMO, between the OED online, wikipedia, and google earth, you need very few other resources to write convincing, evocative prose. natural talent and writerly sense help, but those take luck and time, respectively.

    I'm so glad we handled this in a mature manner.
  • OboroOboro __BANNED USERS
    edited November 2006
    I'm just starting my BS in Psychology now, but I spent the last two years of my life on and off the streets because I was kicked out of my house for being a transsexual. I've already done extensive research in gender and sexual studies, and at the least can point those interested to notable research papers or studies.

    Aside from that, uh, my point of expertise is the sexual-gender-deviant underground of New York City.

    Oh, and whatever seven years of therapy and a year in a mental institution can give you.

  • ruzkinruzkin Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    I know basic structural and materials engineering, can speak close on fluent german, and know the history of Parkour inside and out.

  • VixendettaVixendetta Registered User
    edited November 2006
    I know I don't often come here, mostly because my main project is heavy into the editing process, but feel free to shoot me a PM.

    I have a degree in Finance and have lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, Shanghai, Beijing, Peoria, and Urbana-Champaign. I have some familiarity with all these cities and the countries in which they are located.

    I can speak Cantonese and Mandarin as well as a bit of Spanish and am well-versed in Chinese history and tradition.

    I do know, via my education, some useful knowledge on international economics, trade, and finance policies.

    I am also a seasoned traveler, so anything about airports, planes, airlines, visas, and basically anything related to travel, I might be able to help out (or at least point you in the right direction).

    I also know, via personal interest, a great deal of ancient mythology... mostly Greek but I do know some Egyptian and Chinese as well.

    I was also a child counselor in high school and continued volunteer work in college, so any questions about typical child behavior and relationships, I might be able to help.

    [EDIT] Holy shit, every paragraph in this post started with "I"... har har.

  • Ethan SmithEthan Smith Origin name: Beart4to Arlington, VARegistered User regular
    edited December 2006
    I'm acutely aware of how highschoolers think and act.

    Better ask me about shit soon, kiddies, before I delete my vast store of knowledge in that area to fill it with knowledge on how undergrads think/act!

    I also am pretty good at knowing stuff about Medieval Europe, and also I am good at chess.

    If that matters.

    I would be ashamed to admit that I had risen from the ranks. When I rise it will be with the ranks, and not from the ranks..
  • MykonosMykonos Registered User
    edited December 2006
    Economics major here...I guess that explains why I can't spell for crap.

    "I was born; six gun in my hand; behind the gun; I make my final stand"~Bad Company
  • 3lwap03lwap0 Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    I lurk a lot in this sub forum, but if I could be of assistance, i'd be glad to help! Here are my skills:

    1) I have in the past (and part time currently) do Network Administration. Also, Networking Engineering, and IT security, is my current specialty.

    2) Thanks to my hobbies in the SCA, i've quite a bit of knowledge on dark age/pre-renaissance culture and history.

    3) I am trained, and experienced in matters of Industrial security. This means things like counter intelligence, classified information, American foreign policy, Foreign collector methodology (spying), U.S. Export laws, military technology, and my personal favorite, government bureaucracy.

    I think Pringles original intention was to make tennis balls... but on the day the rubber was supposed to show up a truckload of potatoes came. Pringles is a laid-back company, so they just said, "Fuck it, cut em up!".
  • SquashuaSquashua __BANNED USERS regular
    edited February 2007
    Extremely adept programmer. Need to know the right way to do that thing you can't figure out? Call me. Java, PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML and some C/C++.

    Also excellent resource of obscure comic book and role-playing game knowledge.

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  • JDoobsJDoobs Registered User
    edited March 2007
    I, myself, am a professional bullshit artist .... I also happen to be handy at time-waisting.

    -- Rising From The Ashes --
  • Omnicron9999Omnicron9999 Registered User
    edited March 2007
    This I think is the first...I COOK WELL!!!

    Any questions regarding cooking or food...send them my way. I know whats up.

    Also, I majored in Biomolecular Sciences and I now major in Human Phsiology and my Masters of Public Health.

    So ask me about biology, genetics, physiology, or whatever...

    I am also a huge trivia buff...

  • AldoAldo Hippo Hooray the swamp, always the swampRegistered User regular
    edited March 2007
    I speak fluent Dutch and can translate almost everything from Dutch to English and vice versa.

    I'm studying human geography, but you might just want to wait a few years before asking me anything about that.

    Elendil wrote: »
    said Aldo hazily, before clop-clop-clopping out of the room
  • more_cowbellmore_cowbell Registered User
    edited March 2007
    Music. You need it I got it. Need transpositions / chord formats? sure. Don't know much and want a big word? I'll do that too. I'm also fairly knowledgeable in Jazz, blues, swing and such.

  • Folken FanelFolken Fanel J.2C When's KoFRegistered User regular
    edited March 2007
    I am currently a graduate student studying applied mathematics. My focus is mainly probability and statistics. I'm also a teaching assistant, so I'm decent at explaining calculus and helping people solve math problems.

    I've also been playing poker for the last 3 years, and have generally won more than I've lost. I also play basketball, lift weights and play video games in my spare time.

    Twitter: Folken_fgc Steam: folken_ XBL: flashg03 PSN: folken_PA
  • Patrick RothfussPatrick Rothfuss Registered User
    edited April 2007
    I know a lot about folk and faerie tales. Mythology, superstition, and world religions.

    I have an odd collection of esoteric knowlege about the history of magic and the occult.

    In terms of history, I've got a good grip on greek philosophy, feudal Japan, and europe pre-1700's.

    I also know a fair amount about the publishing world.


    "THE NAME OF THE WIND has everything fantasy readers like, magic and mysteries and ancient evil, but it's also humorous and terrifying and completely believable."
    --Tad Williams

    "THE NAME OF THE WIND marks the debut of a writer we would all do well to watch. Patrick Rothfuss has real talent, and his tale of Kvothe is deep and intricate and wondrous."
    --Terry Brooks

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