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Please delete or move, thread meant for H/A

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Edit - Wrong forum, my apologies

I'll be in LA (first visit to the US) mid February to visit friends for a couple of days and I was wondering what you guys would recommend as things I should see/do while there. I'll be going to check out things like the Getty centre but aside from that and "checking out Hollywood" I'm sort of free and easy. So - any ideas?

Tourist things I like: Museums, galleries, places with historical/cultural significance, theatre, festivals, food (I have a strong hankering to try almost in Mexico Mexican) and maybe a gun show if I can find one.

Things I am meh about - Amusement parks - I like them but I they would be a lower priority than the above.
Shopping - I might buy a laptop / DS / games but that would be about it. I don't care for wandering around shops unless I'm looking to buy stuff, besides I think 2-3 days of muttering angrily "fuck games are cheap here" would probably pall quickly.

Thanks in advance

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