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Let's Play! Fantasia Three Kingdoms (Chinese PC RPG) - 2nd Entry: Liu Bei Must Die!

RainbowDespairRainbowDespair Registered User regular
edited January 2008 in Games and Technology
So what with the How to make a Let's Play thread thread and a post asking about RPGs with Asian themes and my own feeling that I ought to be doing something to practice my Chinese, I thought I might make a Let's Play thread covering a Chinese PC RPG. Screenshots and text, no videos.

And the people have spoken and Fantasia 3 Kingdoms it is! Fantasia 3 Kingdoms is a 2003 PC RPG by Taiwan game company, UserJoy. Traditional gameplay plus a story that mixes Romance of the Three Kingdoms with fantasy elements and new characters. I don't know how good it is, but the brief playtest I did a year or two made it seem decent.

So let's get this party started!

First things, first, installation:
I hope you all enjoy the Engrish as much as I do. Please be attention indeed. Note, I switched to the freeware version of Gadwin Printscreen after this so the Unregistered mark would disappear.

Once you start the game and the company logo appears, a short movie plays. In this movie, a sword bearing lad and an enchantress enter a cavern and fight a couple monsters. The movie is, shall we say, less than impressive. What, you want screenshots? Okay, you've been warned...

Next up, the title screen:

or wait, is this the title screen?

A neat thing about the title screen is that there are a couple different versions and it randomly picks one. Don't know of any other games that do that. Also, the title screen music has lyrics. The first verse is peaceful piano music and the second verse adds an electric guitar and turns into a Chinese 80's Power Ballad. :)

And the first gaming entry is up. Check out post #25.

RainbowDespair on


  • LewiePLewieP Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    It's all ching chong wong to me.
    I would be very interested in reading a LP about a Chinese game, as I know next to nothing about Chinese games. Any of those sound great.

    LewieP on
  • themocawthemocaw Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    Fantasia Three Kingdoms, plz. Simply because, you know, it's Three Kingdoms era China, the coolest era in Chinese history.

    themocaw on
  • CherrnCherrn Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    Second Three Kingdoms.

    Cherrn on
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  • RainbowDespairRainbowDespair Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    Looks like Fantasia 3 Kingdoms it is unless I suddenly see a surge of votes for the other stuff! :D

    I'll go ahead and update the first post w/screenshots and the first play period experience sometime tonight or tomorrow.

    RainbowDespair on
  • AroducAroduc regular
    edited January 2008
    I haven't played the Ro3K one, but Wind Fantasia V was a far far better game than LoH VI. Just to throw my $.02 in somewhere.

    Aroduc on
  • PikaPuffPikaPuff Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    DOMO's chinese. >.>

    PikaPuff on
  • AridholAridhol Daddliest Catch Registered User regular
    edited January 2008

    Fantasia Three Kingdoms - A traditional turn based RPG that mixes fantasy elements and new characters into the world of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Again, I've only played for a short time, but it seemed like a fun game with a strong story.

    I vote this.

    Aridhol on
  • piLpiL Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    FTK sounds great, can't wait to see!

    piL on
  • PharezonPharezon Struggle is an illusion. Victory is in the Qun.Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    Three kingdoms please :D

    I feel great spawning a thread

    Pharezon on
  • notagamenotagame Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    I bought a whole lot of Chinese games a few years ago when I went back to visit the family. Sadly most of the sucked, they really have nothing on the Japanese games and western games.

    notagame on
  • Katchem_ashKatchem_ash __BANNED USERS regular
    edited January 2008
    I'm totally down for this. Anyone know where I can aquire said games in this thread?

    Katchem_ash on
  • sonictksonictk Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    Hahahahaha I have never ever played a game in Chinese, or made by Chinese developers that I thought was great.

    An LP of this could have potential for amusement though. Also I could help translate.

    BTW, 3 Kingdoms sucked. Like, really, I'm not kidding.

    sonictk on
  • themocawthemocaw Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    sonictk wrote: »
    Hahahahaha I have never ever played a game in Chinese, or made by Chinese developers that I thought was great.

    An LP of this could have potential for amusement though. Also I could help translate.

    BTW, 3 Kingdoms sucked. Like, really, I'm not kidding.

    No one says a game has to be great to make a great LP. Take the SA LP thread on Super Solvers, for example.

    themocaw on
  • fkn creepfkn creep Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    Don't get lead poisoning!!

    fkn creep on
  • ZeonZeon Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    I'm totally down for this. Anyone know where I can aquire said games in this thread?


    Zeon on
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  • RainbowDespairRainbowDespair Registered User regular
    edited January 2008 has the Chinese versions of Legend of Heroes 6 & Legend of Heroes 6: Second Chapter (Chinese version apparently came out 2 months ago, woohoo!) for around $30 a piece. Other than that, I have no clue where you would find Chinese games outside of Taiwan, Hong Kong, or China.

    RainbowDespair on
  • RainbowDespairRainbowDespair Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    So Fantasia Three Kingdoms won by a landslide vote of something to 0! Go Fantasia Three Kingdoms.

    Anyway, this is a post to let everyone know that I've updated the OP with a bunch of screenshots. Expect the first actual play experience to show up by tomorrow at the latest.

    RainbowDespair on
  • VytaeVytae Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    So is this another take on Rotk? or just the same Era? or they using the same figures (Cao Cao,Liu Bei,Sun family etc) or did they make up their own?

    Vytae on
  • RainbowDespairRainbowDespair Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    Vytae wrote: »
    So is this another take on Rotk? or just the same Era? or they using the same figures (Cao Cao,Liu Bei,Sun family etc) or did they make up their own?

    They used some of the same characters, but the main characters are made up. Liu Bei, CaoCao, and some of the other RotK characters are listed in the manual and it looks like Zhang Fei & GuanYu are playable characters for at least part of the game.

    In short, this looks to be Lord of the Rings: The Third Age for Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Whether or not that's a good thing, we'll find out.

    RainbowDespair on
  • themocawthemocaw Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    Yay! It continues :D Hooray for Engrish!

    themocaw on
  • sonictksonictk Registered User regular
    edited January 2008

    The chinese is in the traditional style; I'm only well versed in the simplified style but hey this looks interesting.

    Is it translated for you already, or do you actually have access to the localized text? It'd be fun to see how much I remember from my heritage.

    The title actually translates more to 'Dreams of the three kingdoms', though. Now, about the characters in the title screen...I hate translating poems and I'm not even sure of some of the characters, but as far as I can tell it's like:

    'Begin a sailing (journey?)
    Of great depth
    It is very certain
    Leaving an adventure'

    Yeah, that's probably bullshit, but I don't even know whether I'm intepreting the characters correctly in the first place.

    EDIT: Also in the spoilered image I have no idea what's on the stone, that is waaaaay too old for me to remember. If I had to guess it'd be 'Old Place of the Mountains'.

    sonictk on
  • RainbowDespairRainbowDespair Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    Actually, that's not a poem, it's the menu: Start Game, Load, System Options, and Quit Game. And I studied traditional Chinese characters for 2 and a half years at college and lived in Taiwan for 3 years so most of the language shouldn't be too problematic as long as it doesn't wax poetic. I won't be translating the entire script, of course, since that would take way too much time, but I'll translate the general plot as I go along.

    Simplified characters on the other hand, I'm not too good at, but since this is a Taiwanese game, I don't have to worry about that.

    EDIT: Your guess of "Place of the Old Mountain" seems good enough to me. I'm guessing it's just a place name, but the first character means secluded or ghostlike and the third character means ancient.

    RainbowDespair on
  • sonictksonictk Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    What the fuck? No wonder it made no sense and I was wondering why it read left to right instead of up to down lol.

    Actually looking at my translation I should have guessed that, lol. Begin, and Leaving. Oh, the third one means options, is it? I'm still not able to translate what the second one is, though, yes I know it is load but I can't recognize how it means that.

    sonictk on
  • RainbowDespairRainbowDespair Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    And the quest begins with the first gaming entry! I've spoilered it since there are a ton of pictures.
    This happy little screen is what you see when you start a new game. It's telling me to pick a difficulty: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Since I've played a ton of Shin Megami Tensei games, we're going Hard all the way!

    And the story begins with YuFeng talking about how she is supposed to go help XiangYu (a woman who took her and her brother in after they lost their parents) pick some herbs.

    Here's the main menu. Messing around with the different options revealed that YuFeng is a mage. She has a sword attack that deals damage to one enemy, a spell that summons a band of goblins to attack all enemies, and a spell that restores HP to all allies.

    Here's XiangYu. She's telling the cute little bird in her hand that she doesn't need to worry about the outside world...

    ...but that's a lie 'cause the outside world comes and attacks! It looks like XiangYu knows the organization that these enemies belong to, the TianRuoGong.

    And YuFeng appears on the scene with a summoned monster!

    Battle ensues! YuFeng explains the battle system a bit and how you can set the system to turn based or use an ATB system similar to the SNES Final Fantasy games. I chose turn based.

    Here's YuFeng using her summon monster attack to attack both enemies at the same time for a decent amount of damage. Note the top right shows enemy and ally positions and HP (the less full the icons, the closer to death).

    The enemies attack YuFeng! It doesn't matter though because this a battle you can't lose: if your HP gets low, YuFeng says, "I can't afford to lose this!" and her HP and MP are restored to max.

    One enemy is dead so YuFeng switches to her sword attack.

    And victory is ours! Note that the game uses an XP and AP system. XP levels up your characters (increased stats) whereas AP points are used to LV-Up your spells and skills as you chose. Not a bad system.

    XiangYu is injured so YuFeng takes her back to the house where they live.

    Inside, YuFeng's younger brother BoYa is reviewing the sayings of Confucius to himself: if one achieves victory over oneself, victory over enemies can be achieved. YuFeng then enters the room and scolds her brother for placing his faith in battle tactics and old scholars instead of magic like she does. The master isn't home so YuFeng & BoYa go off in search of some medicine to heal XiangYu.

    Now BoYa is in your team as well. He has the same sword attack that his sister has and he also has a leadership technique that improves party stats, but he can only use it if you have 3 or more people in your party so it's no good right now. He has a higher attack stat than his sister and slightly higher speed, but his magic oriented stats are weaker.

    Here, BoYa & YuFeng are off searching for some medicine. Along the way, I fought some boars (not very hard) and found some treasure chests with healing potions and anti-poison potions. The medicine that I need for XiangYu was guarded by a spider boss: it had a good deal of life and occasionally used poison attacks. By using BoYa's sword attack and YuFeng's healing magic and items when necessary, it went down without much trouble.

    After defeating the spider, YuFeng wanted to kill it, but BoYa said that all creatures have a spirit and so he spared its life. The spider said thank you and disappeared. On the way back, monsters had respawned (no random encounters in this game). Since I had enough AP from the fights so far, I upgraded BoYa's Sword technique and YuFeng's Summon spell. The upgraded forms were noticeably more powerful (about a +33% damage increase).

    And here we are back at the house using the medicine on XiangYu. Soon after, the master shows up and scolds YuFeng for using magic saying that her summons are "against heaven" and will surely lead to evil. YuFeng argues that since she used it to protect XiangYu, it's okay. The master gives the party some new equipment (which has the same stats as their existing equipment, but has some slots to customize them) and explains how to equip items. BoYa and YuFeng leave XiangYu to heal and go outside to train. The master remarks about the TianRuoGong (the organization that attacked XiangYu) finally finding them after all these years...

    Where will fate lead the idealistic BoYa and pragmatic YuFeng? Be sure to turn in next time for the next exciting edition of Fantasia Three Kingdoms!

    RainbowDespair on
  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
    edited January 2008
    Nice character art.

    cj iwakura on
  • RainbowDespairRainbowDespair Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    Gameplay Segment #2!
    So BoYa and YuFeng are off practicing while letting XiangYu rest. I explore this segment of the forest (okay, exploring is an exaggeration since I'm just going right) and fight a few boars & snakes. After that, I find myself in the area that I started the game at. YuFeng & BoYa notice a rock that looks odd and YuFeng blasts it away with her magic to reveal a small cave.

    Inside the cave, they find a mirror. YuFeng hits it to no avail. BoYa approaches it and a mysterious floating woman appears. She doesn't remember who she is. YuFeng is suspicious, but BoYa agrees to help her. They nickname her BaoJian (Valuable Mirror) and she turns back into a mirror for now for convenient travel. As a mirror she's a useful accessory that raises all stats by a small amount. BoYa & YuFeng return to check on XiangYu.

    When they return to the house, they find a battle in process and if I'm not mistaken that's SiMaYi (renowned tactician of CaoCao and adversary to ZhuGeLiang) who is laying down the smackdown. YuFeng tries to attack him with her magic, but he blocks it and returns fire. BoYa asks why they're being attacked and SiMaYi says that it's because BoYa's parents stole a valuable artifact from them. Things are looking grim for our heroes with everyone severely injured when...

    Your master uses his magic to teleport BoYa, YuFeng, and XiangYu out of the area and then uses his last strength to create an ice barrier blocking exit from the building.

    BoYa and YuFeng are okay, but XiangYu is on death's door. She explains that the master had to keep their parents' theft secret from them and that if they want to find more they should talk to an old man in the neighboring town.

    On the way out of the forest, BoYa and YuFeng are ambushed! They're vastly outnumbered, but they fight valiantly despite the odds. Then when all hope looks lost, a cutscene plays and some government soldiers appear to help even the odds.

    HP & MP is restored and we're back in battle with the same group. The difference is that now, every turn or so, a group of archers appear on our side and deal a good deal of damage to the entire enemy party. With their aid, our heroes focus on staying alive and let the archers deal most of the damage.

    With their enemies defeated, BoYa and YuFeng escape the forest. Here's our first look at the world map.

    They make their way to the closest town. BoYa collapses due to injuries and overexertion. YuFeng carries him to the inn.

    With BoYa unconcious, YuFeng freaks out. If only she had more power, she would have been able to protect her brother and the others. Then a wise man shows up and tells her that her brother's wounds are not serious and that he just needs some rest. Turns out this man is also a summoner and he teaches YuFeng a new spell: a summon that target every enemy in a straight line.

    YuFeng leaves her brother to his rest and explores the town. She finds the old man that XiangYu told them to find, but he is uncooperative. She also finds out that there is going to be a "Meeting of Heroes" to try to attract heroes to help with the current civil war problems. She goes back to see how her brother is.

    Meanwhile, BoYa has a strange dream. In this dream, he kills a strange woman and is in turn killed by a group of archers. He wakes and rejoins with YuFeng and they go to talk to the old man together. With BoYa's eloquence, the old man is slightly more helpful, but he's still not telling them what they need to go. They go and talk to other people in the town to find out more about the situation and then return to him. Now he's helpful and he gives them a cryptic poem and an equipment attachment that adds +100 MaxHP.

    Now BoYa & YuFeng go to attend the meeting of heroes. YuFeng complains that it's just a bunch of punks fighting each other.

    The archer YuZhen is about to finish off her opponent despite the fact that he's already given up...

    BoYa jumps to the man's rescue! YuZhen isn't too hard: she's a little faster than BoYa, but she doesn't deal a ton of damage per hit. With a few healing potions, she went down. The crowd argues that since BoYa defeated her, she should now be his wife. Needless to say, the arrogant YuZhen isn't pleased about this.

    And now BoYa is fighting someone else! Sorry, I'm not exactly sure why, I had to run an errand and the text automatically continues after a short wait. I'm not sure what his second character is so I'm just going to call him JunHao.

    Midway through BoYa's second fight, a group of soldiers sent from LiuBiao show up to break up the assembly. BoYa & YuFeng make their way to a mansion, fighting soldiers along the way. The soldiers aren't too tough, but my characters were low on MP and supplies at this point so I was grateful when I finally made it to the mansion.

    In the mansion, BoYa, JunHao, and the rich man he saved from YuZhen talk and it turns out they have a lot in common. They drink into the night and by the end, they decide to become blood brothers with JunHao being the oldest and BoYa being the youngest. Sound familiar to anyone? Together they will strive to set the world right with JunHao providing the muscle, BoYa providing the learning, and the rich gentleman providing the funding.

    YuZhen shows up again and she's mad at BoYa for defeating her. BoYa, ever the gentleman, asks what he can do to appease her. YuZhen asks them to help her assassinate the evil LiuBei! The others are a little confused since all they've heard about LiuBei suggests that he's a virtuous man, but YuZhen insists that it's just an act and that he's a horrible person. They agree to help her to see for themselves just what kind of man LiuBei is.

    During this, YuFeng exits the building and starts to drink. The rich gentleman follows her. Looks like he has a crush. YuFeng collapses due to too much alchohol.

    Now YuZhen has joined the party. She's a fast character who uses the bow. She starts with a bow skill that hits one enemy and a skill that steals gold and items from enemies.

    JunHao joins as well. He also gives BoYa a new formation: the defense formation. Turns out that the "spell" that BoYa started out with was actually a formation: the serpent formation. The serpent formation increases the attack and defense power or allies in the front while decreasing attack and defense of allies in the back. The defense formation raises everyone's defense while lowering attack and speed. By LVing up BoYa's formation skills, the bonuses are increased and the penalties are decreased.

    The rich guy (I really need to go check what his name is) gives BoYa a little money and tells them to go prepare for the midnight assassination.

    And that's where we'll leave off for now. The story has certainly thickened, hasn't it. :)

    RainbowDespair on
  • themocawthemocaw Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    Evil Liu Bei is always good :D

    And I'm making a little squee at Sima Yi attacking your master.

    Character designs, by the way, are really good. I second that statement. 8-)

    themocaw on
  • l_gl_g Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    That pic with the 3D representation of the girl with blood coming out of her mouth juxtaposed with the 2D version is funny.

    Actually, the 3D version is somewhat creepy, now that I look at it a little more.

    Interesting looking game, though.

    l_g on
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