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My Desktop pc won't start up

ImpersonatorImpersonator Registered User regular
Well, I basically push the button, it turns on but the light indicating that the pc is thinking a lot is always on and stays like that, which makes me think it's crashing right at the start, right before the bios even appears D:

Does anyone know any solution to this?
Why is this ocurring?
This desktop pc was recently formatted and I had installed Windows XP Pro Edition with SP2 and is almost never connected to the internet, lousy wireless signal, you know the drill, so I'm really thinking what the fuck ocurred to this guy..O_o

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  • FatmanGamesFatmanGames Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    Well, I can tell you a quick way to begin testing. Open the case, and one at a time, start disconnecting things, and try to power up again.

    It's the process of elimination to find the broken component / component giving you an issue. Start by disconnecting hard drives, as you just did a format. If you have multiple RAM modules, remove all but one. Try a different RAM module if nothing. If nothing still happens, remove all cards except your video card one by one. If nothing happens, try a different video card (or onboard video if you have that).

    And yes, I've had motherboards go bad... and sometimes, a bad mobo can take out other equipment (cards). Last thing to test is to take your stuff to a different motherboard, and be sure it boots.

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