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RohaqRohaq UKRegistered User regular
...will Tycho or Gabe ever start assigning keywords to their comics so that we can actually search through them?

If they started doing it for new ones, I'd volunteer to fill out a year of their old ones. I'm sure a few other guys would be more than willing too.

Or not, depending on what alpha thinks :)

Rohaq on


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    augustaugust where you come from is gone Registered User regular
    edited November 2005
    I would also appreciate this. I searched for Sega, and got two comics.

    august on
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    The CatThe Cat Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited November 2005
    It's already been done. The new forum design broke it temporarily. This made the front page, IIRC... and there's a subforum for helping fix it somewhere. linked in SE?

    The Cat on
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