So Dead Rising is a pretty fun game...



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    I'd like to add that I do agree with the points made in CT's OP. Granted, I don't necessarily agree with his...position?...on the game (as of the OP, anyway). These gripes don't seem to ruin the game for all, but for individuals it can sour them on possible future titles in the series and possibly even Capcom itself. It would be nice if QA could be more than simply finding bugs. You know, maybe even listen to the Quality part of the title?

    I would also like to point out that, yes, on SDTVs the text is all but unreadable. However, I hooked up a 360 to my SDTV using component cables and while the text was a bit fuzzy, it wasn't unmanageable. In the long run? It would probably still bite. But, I'll concede that my experience my be dependent on the overall quality of the TV itself. Your mileage may vary, of course.

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    TVs_Frank wrote: »
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    Meh, they could release Super Dead Rising Turbo ZX Tournament Edition Battle Network with the only difference being more stores and stuff to play with in them and I'd probably buy it all over again.
    The only fixes I'd really appreciate are the SD text, and some sort of save for Infinite mode. Even if it was just a temporary save that erased itself the next time you loaded, because damn if I have the time to play Dead Rising for over 14 hours straight (nor do I wish to leave my 360 on that long) to get those last unlockables.

    Infinite mode was disappointing. Food doesn't respawn at all and you can't save. So you eventually die no matter what. What's the point? Oh well, at least you can beat Otis to death with a bat, so its well worth it. :lol:

    Infinite Mode should be thought of as Survival Mode, because that's what it is. You see how long you can last with limited supplies and zombies all around you. Also, being able to kill Otis makes everything worth it. I just wished I could kill him over and over and shove the phone up his arse.
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    Okay, can somebody help me out here?
    With the bomb collecting mission. I manage to get about three of them before that dickhole Carlito runs me over for good. I really can't take losing it again, it's really frustrating. Any ideas?
    Personally, I always chainsaw him with the mini-chainsaws, but a katana will do the job too.

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    I'm gonna bust out some zombie relevant site-whoring here. I'm starting up a community art project called "Joyful" where people can send in anything that makes them gleeful (think PostSecret, but with more fuzzy things and good food). Since it can't all be puppies and rainbows, I solicited help from a gamer pal, so you'll find a Dead Rising tribute among this week's list of things that make people Joyful. We'd relish more submissions involving zombies, pirate-robot-monkeys, Cthulhu, giant spiders wearing hats, etc. to balance out all the babies and unicorns.


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    Home again, home again, jigitty-jig.
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