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Hi, I just started a new comic and it is totally based on reader submissions.

Here is a blurb from the site:
Yes. You can make humor with under 30 seconds. Just get any medium (pencil, video, mspaint, photoshop, chalk, whatev) and don't start drawing or thinking until you really mean it. You only have 30 seconds!

So, I need you to make a comic! I'll accept anything that you've done in under 30 seconds. Any medium will work, just as long as I can show people from the site. I hope someone does a video soon...

Please. You gotta send me your comics. Just make sure you conceive and "draw" them in under 30 seconds, or at least make it close. Or lie. Whatever. Just send me your comics. My email is at the site.


Send me a PM or hit me up on AIM and I'll give you my e-mail, or you can get it from the site.

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    Oops read the rules.

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